The size of the mixer bath: how to determine the parameters when choosing a faucet for the bathroom

Mixer - simply irreplaceable thing in the home. It helps to greatly simplify the use of water for different needs, and choose the most comfortable of its temperature. However, they all have their certain size, so the choice of this unit should be treated with great care. Today we tell about the types of mixers, which are the size they are, and how to determine the parameters when they are selected.

It is interesting! In some countries still using two separate valves for hot and cold water.

Types of Bathroom Faucets

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  • Types of Bathroom Faucets
    • Crane pedestal mixer
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  • Reference measurements of mixers
  • How to determine the parameters when choosing a faucet for the bathroom

Mixer - a plumbing device that mixes hot and cold water, thereby enabling to control the flow and obtain the desired temperature. In addition, they can be sent to the flow of water to the spout or showerhead. Most often, the subject is made of brass plumbing and then applied to the surface plating.

Bathroom Faucets differ from other types in that they have an additional outlet for connecting the shower hose. Also, they are equipped with a mechanism for switching the flow diverter and shower mixer itself.

Crane pedestal mixer

It has a solid body and is equipped with two cranes. Installation is carried out over the bath. The mechanism of switching the water flow can be different. It is on this basis they differ:

  1. With an eccentric mechanism. It is very popular among consumers. The operating principle of this: turning the handle, we operate the stock, which overlaps one of the water inlet openings. Among the advantages is to provide maintainability, among the minuses - rubber gaskets can be easily damaged.
  2. With a cartridge mechanism. Visually, the product resembles a cartridge lever mixer. The principle of operation is the same as his. Among the advantages of long life stands among shortcomings - the cartridge can not be repaired, it is necessary to carry out its complete replacement.
  3. With the ball mechanism. Such a mixer is equipped with a shut-off ball valve, which stands inside the brass ball. After turning the switch ball is one hole, and the water flows through the other. The advantage of a crane that this model is the "long-lived", cons - when failure mechanism is not possible to carry out repairs, it is necessary to change the valve completely.Apparatus axlebox faucet mixer.

Single lever

Housing in such a mechanism is always cast, and the construction itself is very similar to the previous version. Different models of water flow in the shower switching mechanism:

  1. With removable mechanism. The mechanism can be two options: cork and turning. The latter option is more convenient to use. Among the advantages - high maintainability because if the mechanism has broken down, it can simply be removed and replaced. Disadvantages - the design is large, can also become loose all connections.
  2. With built-in cork mechanism. The device is equipped with a rod with rubber stoppers, and thus got its name. To enable flow of water is sufficient to pull the handle up or click on it. Among the advantages include an attractive product appearance, small size. Disadvantages - difficult repair, make it yourself almost impossible.
  3. With built-in cartridge. The most reliable option in this group for bath mixers. Among the benefits highlighted is that it is easy to replace. Cons - in case of breakage of the cartridge can not be repaired, it is necessary to buy a new one.Single lever basin mixer.

Reference measurements of mixers

Virtually any mixer has connecting bath half inch in size. However, in some countries, manufacturing plants make a connecting nut of ¾ inches.

When choosing a hose it is important not to mix sizes. The distance between the axes of the tubes is about 15 cm (plus or minus 1.5 centimeters). These dimensions are always taken into account when laying the pipeline.

Length goose (pipe mixer) may be different. Most often it is between 9 and 19 cm, but there are also longer patterns that are used when the unit serves and the sink and bath (or shower). Also, the length of the product should be selected based on the diameter of the shell, as the gander should not go beyond it.Bath and shower with a long spout single lever with a watering can.

How to determine the parameters when choosing a faucet for the bathroom

When you select a product you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The diameter of the nut. European size nuts equals ¾ inch. Domestic manufacturers mostly produce mixers with a diameter of half an inch. In some countries, it has a diameter of 3/8 inch. Not paying attention to this parameter, you either will not be able to install the faucet or it will simply leak.
  2. Material. Visually, almost all products are made of the same material as they are chromed. However, under this shiny coating can hide or brass or silumin. The first option is more reliable and has a long service life. Products of silumin can deform and flow after 1-2 months of service.
  3. Length. Mixer greater length is more convenient to use. But do not forget that his nose should not extend beyond the shell, if the valve is used for the sanitary ware.
  4. The thickness of the metal walls. If it is small, it is the product quickly come into disrepair.

Guided by the information given in the article, you can select the optimal size of the mixer.

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