How to loosen the jammed disc grinders without a key

Quite often it happens that the disk gets jammed and the correct position is not reached, even for experienced users. In this situation, there is a lot of advice, but in practice, as a rule, none of them does not help.

Some sources recommend simply click on the clip as much as possible. He is always located behind the gear. After that there is a shaft fixation, well, and then you just need to take the key and unscrew the nut. However, in case the nut clamped thoroughly, perform this procedure is not possible. With all of this similar problem is encountered in virtually every user. If serious efforts, the retainer is simply broken.

What is recommended to do in such a situation?

Even if you set the disc correctly, remove it is sometimes not possible. There are some pretty effective way to solve this problem.

  1. First of all, you can do quite barbaric, but a very effective way. Securely clamp the lock, and then accurate punches through extensions to try to untwist the nut. However, in this case, you should understan
    d that use this method is possible only if the lock is fully functional. Although even a fully serviceable lock when too much shock may simply break down. For this reason, this method does not solve the problem is considered the most secure, although quite effective.
  2. The following method is a little safer, and its effectiveness is very high. You need to look for the gear shaft with turned chamfers. Actually it is put on them and the very support washer. In this case, unfortunately, not be able to use a normal wrench, because the distance is too small. Despite this, you can take a wrench type and grind it on both sides. Such a key is easy enough to be able to enter between the gap and the locks on the chamfers. After this procedure, loosen the nut will not be difficult, and absolutely any key.
  3. There is one more radical way to solve, but it should be used as a last resort and the bay. You will need to simply cut the nut.

If you really desire to get high quality results, it is best to use the second method, which is considered the most appropriate.

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