As a school chalk helps in the household

All the usual white or colored chalk is most often associated with school life or with children's drawings on the pavement. But when the children grow up, they cease to use the multi-colored cubes. And a good thing without the need to first lay in the closet, and then moved to the trash. However Chalk has long been a great help any owner, and the owner will come in handy.

Why school chalk is needed in the household

The chalk is useful for clothing and footwear

The content of the article

  • The chalk is useful for clothing and footwear
    • Atonement for collars and cuffs
    • Removing oil stains
    • cleaning suede
  • Repair and restoration using chalk
  • Other uses of chalk
    • It helps women
    • handy man

White piece is quite able to lead a wardrobe in order.

Atonement for collars and cuffs

He will cope with the dirt on the collar and cuffs, where the accumulated sweat and oily secretions. Yellow-gray hopelessly spoiled clothes. Wash out these stains are very difficult because fat reliably protects dirt from washing powders.

Council. It is recommended to rub the dirty place with chalk. It is excellent oil will remove streaks and open access to dirt, which will be able to clean.

Removing oil stains

removing fatty stains

Help school bar cope with grease spots on clothing. Simply rub the place of falling oil sandwich trousers, skirt or shirt.

Council. You can put shredded pieces on the stain and wait until they absorb excess fat and liquid.

After that things need to be washed in a normal mode and boldly wear again.

cleaning suede

Chalk and cope with cleaning suede. In order to make things suede original appearance, it is necessary Apply crushed pieces in suede and leave for several hours or overnight.

In the morning you just have to remove pieces of material and clean suede brush.

Repair and restoration using chalk

Help white bars and during repairs.

  • They can be repaired minor damage on the whitewashed ceiling.
  • They cope with cracks in the paint. Only need to buy a bar in the color finishing. Of course, this measure is temporary, but it is quite effective.
  • It becomes easier to plan the placement of furniture in room. Simply apply a small line in the field of the future location of furniture items and evaluate the resulting composition. If necessary, the line can be quickly and painlessly erase and draw again, without time-consuming movement of cabinets and sofas.
  • Same lines on the walls can be to plan the deployment of new interior itemsSo it was not difficult to push what is impossible.

Other uses of chalk

Box attribute to the school should be all the time at hand. You can use it very often.

It helps women

  • Very often used chalk when cutting tissue. It is desirable to make thin lines so that you can easily remove the markings.
  • Well, he will help cleaning silver jewelry. Very often, this metal during prolonged storage fades and darkens, so you have to give the product in the shop. Avoid unnecessary expenses can ordinary school supplies.

Council. Enough to cover the silver thin layer of chalk dust. It perfectly absorbs excess moisture and keep a beautiful appearance jewelry.

Before you put on, you can simply rinse or wipe jewelry with a soft cloth to restore the delicate shine.

  • Chalk and useful school for all other metalsProne to darkening. You just need to put a piece in a box with ornaments and beautiful appearance will be at the jewelry for a long time. Objects do not darken or change color.
  • Some housewives go further and put the bar in a box rarely used cutlery. Through this simple action of forks, knives and spoons look beautiful and elegant without much effort, even if only accrue to the New Year holidays.
  • succeed restore gloss door handles made of metal or brass. And special efforts such work is not required. You just have to crush a piece, apply the resulting dust on the cloth and wipe any dirt. Subject to quickly restore its former appeal.
  • Mel successfully blocked the way ants. These insects can not stand these tracks. Whether they disrupted the ability to communicate with each other, or for some other reason, but the ants try not to cross. So we can safely draw a line on the ground, shielding picnic place, or about doorways and window sills, protecting your home from unwanted invasion.
  • copes chalk with the smell of mustiness. Therefore, very often it is put in the shoe wedges or wardrobe cabinets.

Reference. Mel absorbs moisture. This eliminates the smell of mold and starting to reduce the humidity to preserve the fresh flavor.

  • Similarly destroyed the smell in the basket with dirty laundryThat awaits their turn to wash.
  • And he give white nails. For this purpose it is applied to an old toothbrush and treated nails inside, under the tips of the nails.

handy man

Grate hat screw chalk
  • Zealous owner often leaves a piece of chalk in the tool box. It helps to protect them from moisture and rust. Especially if the tools are stored somewhere in a garage or an unheated room. And in the summer time, this procedure is unnecessary.
  • Use white brusochek to perfect grind almost any surface.
  • If the screwdriver scrolls or slides, Be able to help all the same piece of chalk. Just put a little bit on the tool, and the problem nezavinchivayuschihsya screws can be considered solved. Similarly, you can rub a propeller hat.
  • You can use the student attribute, and the repair of locks. You just need to rub the seized key piece of chalk and a few times to insert and to get out of the castle, to lubricate the entire mechanism. And not have to buy expensive WD-40, especially as school supplies has virtually no expiration date.
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