Smokehouse smoked their own hands: the device home smokehouse and principle of operation

The smell of smoked, lard, fish and sausages... a mind-numbing fragrance from which a start to flow salivating and growling in the stomach. The taste is simply awesome. But the price of these products is also awesome. Not everyone can afford to enjoy every day dishes hot or cold smoked.

Their cost is still not commensurate with the volume of purses of many of our compatriots. But do not give the same from such sweets? Of course not! You just need to do your smokehouse. It is perfect for a private home or country cottage. But how does it build? With this we try to understand.Smoked products.

Features hot-smoked products

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  • What are the smokehouse for home
  • home smokehouse Design and principle of operation
  • How to make a home made of brick smokehouse: drawing and photo
    • The construction of the foundation
    • Erecting base of bricks
    • We do summing smoke
    • first test
  • Other options smokehouses smoked their own hands

And what kind of technology so - smoking? What is its chips?


It is known for this method of cooking more from time immemorial. Smoking relates to heat treated products. At the same time heating of the product is not due to open fire, but due to the smoke. That technology has been followed correctly, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the fact how much smoke available in the smoking chamber, as there is a uniform heating and from all sides whether the product is enveloped smoke.

I smoked a lot of useful properties, due to which it remains one of the favorite ways of cooking. On the positive properties include the following:

  • destroy all pathogenic microbes, are available on food and are able to cause damage to our body;
  • smoking inside the product allows you to save a lot of useful substances, which are destroyed by fire;
  • food which has been subjected to such treatment can be safely stored for a long time - the fact that the smoke acts as a preservative.

Palatability product directly dependent on the chip, more precisely by the sort of wood chips from which it is received. Only at first glance it seems that the tree was just off, in fact, each of its species originally lit and has its own unique flavor. For each dish, you need to pick up their chips:

  • for a variety of meat and plant products suitable alder chips;
  • oak chips goes well with meat of pork or beef, and with all the red meat;
  • for of bear, elk and deer using willow wood chips on it as smoked fish that lives in the marshy waters;
  • smoked on cherry chips and various vegetables, berries and nuts.Smoked fish.

What are the smokehouse for home

There are many different options smokehouses and they all differ in their design features. It all depends on what the needs of the user and how well he is able to build. But the most common are the following three types:

  • smokehouse silo or vertical type;
  • smokehouse tunnel horizontal type;
  • smokehouse chamber type.Smokehouse chamber type.

Vertical smokehouse very simple in terms of construction, and for the installation does not require a lot of space. Outwardly, they look like the classic look hut on the uppermost part of which are suspended and products. There are some in this design weaknesses. The main disadvantage - the inability to smoke fumigation, and the formation of smoke poorly amenable to regulation.Vertical smokehouse.

Horizontal smokehouse will have to build a lot longer, a lot of work with the earth. To establish such a structure, still need to find a convenient place - best suitable slope of the ravine. The furnace is located inside a special camera that has a half-closed type. This allows you to smoke in different weather conditions. By varying the length of the chimney, it is possible to make products hot smoked or cold.

The most simple design at the Chamber smokehouse. But despite this, it has a considerable size. At the height it reaches half a meter and one meter diameter. Home - sustain the correct angle, it can be in the range of ten to thirty degrees.

home smokehouse Design and principle of operation

Whatever the size or shape of any plan to do you a smokehouse, it is in any case must comply with certain parameters:

  • it should be a container or compartment Breading (here laid or hung products);
  • of course, that the products you need something to stack or something to hang, and, therefore, need a grill or even a few, well, or hooks;
  • It is sure to provide a collection of fat, where it will drain from the product - the fat should not fall on the smoldering wood chips;
  • no thermometer can and do, but it makes it easier to control the temperature, so let it be.The device is a home smokehouse.

How does all this work? Those products, which are incorporated in the smoking chamber, with all sides enveloped by smoke. Smoke comes from smoldering wood chips. If we do hot smoking, in addition to smoke and get heat treatment. After the smoke reaches a temperature of one hundred degrees.

reference. Surrounded by smoke, products absorb its components, which gives a unique taste and aroma.

As with any process, smoked has rules that must be followed to obtain a product with excellent taste:

  • smoke should be evenly envelop all of the products;
  • the chamber must be weak smoke which contains a very small amount of harmful substances, this can be achieved by the addition of oxygen;
  • smoke should be well circulated - it affects the speed of cooking and taste of the product.

How to make a home made of brick smokehouse: drawing and photo

The best thing to do initially smokehouse with two cameras. Thus, we can use different types of smoking at the same time. Once it is determined the place where will be located our creation will need to be put in order construction site. After that, the mandatory plan all future work.

Painted in stages all the work of the hand draw drawing on it ticks all the required dimensions. The plan specifies which tools and supplies will be needed for the job. This directly smokehouse elements, brick type and amount, the door and lid lattice of metal. Additionally, specify the requested material to which the clay constituting the foundation.

Important! It should be remembered that the smoker does not fit an ordinary brick masonry. Be sure to purchase a fireproof.

The construction of the smokehouse.

If you strictly adhere to all the technology works, the home smokehouse will be a long time to please appetizing and healthy meals. Producing masonry, her every step sure to check with the building level.

Work is performed in the following order: first of all, of course, make the foundation as a foundation, then select a suitable circuit poryadovkoy and decide how to arrange summing smoke.

The construction of the foundation

It will serve as a foundation cushion of concrete, which are laid inside the reinforcing bars.

the foundation technology for creating simple. We dig a pit, which will be larger than the actual smokehouse. The depth of the hole should be at least forty centimeters. At the bottom fall asleep sand and gravel. On top of them paving the reinforcing mesh.Construction of the foundation.

Before style grid aligned and carefully ramming lower layer. Fills all the concrete solution and wait until freezes. For waterproofing roofing plank.

Erecting base of bricks

our smokehouse - a thing quite thorough, and therefore to the laying of bricks should be treated seriously. It is best to stay at one of the proposed schemes for laying bricks.Masonry.

Once the scheme we will decide the future structure, it's time to start the work: take a trowel and on top of the foundation grounds impose a solution.

Council. Preparing a mixture of sand and cement fines. We start from the fact that the cement we have one part, and four sand. Thoroughly mix things up, we begin to pour water. In this case, do not stop to interfere as long as the mixture does not get thick. On poke brick plot the solution and set it upright on the mixture previously suffered. Then gradually shifted to the joint.


We continue to lay brick, building on the circuit. Excess solution is removed from the bricks with a trowel. Make sure that the bricks that the seams do not coincide with each other. On the seam must lay a brick. So our masonry will be stable and will not fall apart after a short period of time. Builders call this ligation.Laying bricks.

We do summing smoke

It is an indispensable attribute of the smoker, if you plan to do cold smoking.

To do this, first you need to dig a trench. The width of her doing fifty centimeters deep - thirty centimeters and the same in length. Ramming the bottom thoroughly. We place the first row of bricks and sealed them with a solution. Vertical wall in height must be twenty-five centimeters.We do summing smoke.

At the top of the trench we do overlap on house type. Subject congealable solution. When he finally fall asleep, fall asleep trench the ground up to the smokehouse. The height of the earth layer - about fourteen centimeters.

Important. Make sure that the chimney is not included in the smokehouse for more than thirty centimeters.


first test

Before starting the constant exploitation of our facilities, you need to check it. During checkout immediately emerge all the "schools" that can be eliminated.

This is done in a simple way: the right compartment filled with sawdust - it is better to use a cherry or apricot. Kindle the fire. Inside lay the fish or meat. Cover the chimney and some wait until everything inside will not be filled with smoke. We look forward to until the thermometer will reach the mark of sixty degrees, then the open chimney.Smokehouse.

Give thirty minutes to work normally. We are removing our finished product. If the surface is golden and hot, so all we did the right thing. We can praise yourself and start making fragrant hams. Or other products.

Other options smokehouses smoked their own hands

If you engage in a lengthy and tedious construction does not really want it, under the smokehouse can accommodate conventional barrel two hundred liters. The volume can be changed in a large, and in the smaller side, it all depends on your needs:

  1. First, we clean the entire barrel of paint can and a mechanical method to clean, but it is much faster to do it by fire. Can itself barrel thrown into the fire or simply dissolve it in. Let it burns for two hours.
  2. Now, in the walls of bore holes, which are installed grid. You also need to make and install the inner glass.
  3. Diameter barrels cut from sheet iron cover in which a hole is made to install the chimney. The lid tightly closed barrel, you need to come up with weights (for example, a few bricks). To cover better use of steel, but can be quite make it and plywood.

If a barrel of wood, its manufacturing is no different technology, only between the inner metal cup and the outer casing is necessary to lay the material, which is not afraid of fire and protects against heat.

Now you can put the grille, cover chips, put our products. The barrel is heated from below to a fire or by gas burners.

Similarly, you can make a small smokehouse, which the house can be use or take it with you to the cottage.

You can make a balloon and smokehouse, but it is somewhat more troublesome. And all you need to release the gas, the inner cavity thoroughly wash, then it is necessary to make the door. Hacksaw or jigsaw with thick walls not cope, then you will need autogen.

Now you need to put the grille and drip tray inside the balloon. Sam smoke will come from the outer part. We'll have to cut half of its lower base. Sheet metal weld the furnace and fix it under the balloon.

Very often, old refrigerators are some good homemade smokehouse. Of the unit you want to remove anything that resembles plastic. Freezer is also not required. Heat chips can be electric hotplates. It should be put on the bottom, put wood chips and switch.

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