What to choose: a brazier or tandoor, features both

Camping any dish seems like a very tasty and all good appetite. Preparation of flavored barbecue - it's not just a foretaste of the sweet taste good fried meat, but also a great way to spend time with loved ones.

What you need to get good food? Of course, a good mood, well marinated meat and the device, which will help to prepare your favorite dishes.

Features barbecue

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  • Features barbecue
  • What is the tandoor, what it is
  • Which is better - a brazier or tandoor

Guarantee of excellent barbecue - fresh ingredients, the right recipe for the marinade, hot coals, nice roaster.Skewers on the grill.

The most common design for cooking grilled meat is outdoor grill. It can be made of various materials:

  1. From the gas cylinder. To do this you need an empty bottle out of propane. Of course, the production of such a device takes a lot of time and effort. But the result is worth it. The design turns durable and will last you for years to come.
  2. From the barrel. One of the most popular choices for a barbecue in the garden. It is only necessary to remove an unnecessary portion of the upper container and the lower part of the drill several holes for blowing.
  3. Of bricks. This is a stationary version, which is often installed in suburban areas. It can be very diverse structure: from 4 up to the brick walls with the foundation of the original installation and décor.

Craftsmen accommodate a wide variety of devices for barbecues, for example, the system unit or medical Bix.

And if you do not have time for shopping or independent manufacturing barbecue, you can just dig a shallow hole in the ground, fill the bottom of the coals, and on top place the skewers strung pieces of meat on them.

As you can see, BBQ - unpretentious device and use its result depends on the quality of the ingredients used and the skill of your barbecue.

Barbecue - your choice, if you like:

  • skewers of meat any;
  • kebab;
  • fish on the grill;
  • rolls with various fillings, e.g., pita bread with vegetables and cheese;
  • baked in foil vegetables;
  • mushrooms on the coals;
  • steaks, pork ribs;
  • soups;
  • burgers and other sandwiches are complex;
  • stuffed vegetables;
  • variety of desserts, for example, chocolate cupcake in orange peel.Vegetables on the grill.

Reference. On the Internet you can find recipes of many dishes, sometimes unexpected, which can be prepared using a brazier. Therefore BBQ - is not only a tool for cooking kebabs.

What is the tandoor, what it is

A variety of stoves and braziers surprises. Many of them can be considered a real rarity. One of such devices is tandyr. The name of this structure causes a lot of questions from amateur cooks.

Appeared unusual stove back in the tenth century on the territory of Central Asia. Fuel shortages and severe weather conditions forced people to look for all sorts of options for the preparation of hot meals without using large amounts of fuel. The way out of a difficult situation became tandoor. Unusual oven has several unique characteristics: has a high heat resistance, breathability, strength.Tandoor.

Brazier made of loess. This unusual material of stone dust. Loess has good heat dissipation and heat capacity. Therefore, the device warms quickly and retains heat for a long time.

The tandoor dishes are prepared not roasted over an open fire, and languishing under heat. The principle is similar to the functioning of the Russian stove.

This caveat to consider when choosing between a barbecue and tandyr. When using the barbecue heat is distributed unevenly, so you need to control the whole process personally. In tandyr same heat stored inside the closed space and comes from the furnace walls. Therefore, it is uniformly distributed over the entire structure, which means meals are prepared quickly. They are juicy, fragrant, fully propechonnymi.

Properly tandyr help small instruction:

  1. Be the tandoor on a solid and level ground.
  2. Remove the lid and open the lower part where the ash pit is located.
  3. Load the wood stove or birch coals. You need to fill approximately 65% ​​of the total volume. Then Kindle fuel.
  4. As soon as the wood or coal combustion, soot is formed on the inner walls of the furnace. After a short period of time she osypetsya, and bake again become white. At this time, you must put it in the prepared ingredients.
  5. Close the ash pit and cover the upper part of the product.
  6. When the food is ready, it should get out of the tandoor, the stove and allow to cool naturally.Cooking in the tandoor.

Before purchasing this original stove is necessary to find out which foods can be cooked with its help. The list of dishes is quite extensive. Meat skewers, seafood, game, poultry, baked, stewed vegetables and fruit, pastries and cakes - all prepared products are obtained extraordinarily tasty, fragrant, juicy.

Which is better - a brazier or tandoor

To answer this question, you should first find out what are the differences in cooking:

  1. Tandyr maintains the temperature for a long time. Therefore, it consumes a small amount of fuel. At the same grill coals burn out quite quickly.
  2. During cooking food on the grill the whole process should be monitored. When using a tandoor do not need.
  3. On the grill foods for a long time in contact with an open fire. As a result, they may lose succulence or even burn. The tandoor is excluded.

It seems that the tandoor steadily pulled ahead? But it's not so clear. It should be understood that the Asian grill and oven - a completely different device. Therefore, if you are fond of delicious homemade food and not low on finances, it is desirable to acquire both devices. Or choose a roasting pan on the basis of what kind of food you are cooking more often. If you plan to mostly fry kebabs, steaks and other meat products, get a BBQ.

These devices are not interchangeable. They complement each other. Dishes prepared in such braziers, retain more nutrients than conventional cooking.

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