How to install the sink invoice: features overhead shell models

Occupation grandiose updating the bathroom? Decided to completely change the style of the room and set the original invoice sink, but do not know how to properly mount the plumbing?

Together, let us look at all the nuances of the installation, so that all who wish to implement their own association of several subjects of the interior into a single unit, could implement his plan.

Features overhead shell models

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  • Features overhead shell models
  • How to install the sink invoice: step by step guide
  • What you need to consider acquiring invoice sink

Before proceeding to the installation, you need to learn about the features, advantages and disadvantages of overhead models. This will help realize our plans.

The most popular are tops models that come with the bill sink. They additionally equipped with a mirror cabinet and convenient. Also in the upper part of the shelves may be suspended, and in some embodiments, - lamps.Waybill sink with countertop.

However, such products are characterized by cumbersome in size and are available in limited colors. This makes it difficult to install because they do not always manage to enter into the final design of the room. The way out of the situation can be custom sink the required size.

There are two designs of attachment - using parts and on the legs. In the first case, the installation is carried out simultaneously with the installation of the support. Typically such a method is used if the table top is larger than one meter.

The kit may include only feet from the tabletop or the finished building, equipped with legs and side panels.

For the manufacture of the carrier body generally use a metal profile or timber. To design was more reliable, it is further sheathe plasterboard.

Reference. If you yourself are making a stand, you can place the washing machine under the table. This is especially true for small spaces, because they do not always have enough space.

Overhead design stylish, elegant. However, you can not install them in all areas due to lack of space. This is the main drawback of such models of washbasins.

Now look at their positive side:

  1. Space saving. Washbasin set on the countertop. This makes it possible to use the space under the plumbing. You can put a basket for dirty linen, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, locker for bath accessories or household chemicals.
  2. Worktop. Washbasin set on the table, which will never be superfluous, because it can be placed on the liquid soap, paper towels and other items.That can be placed in the top.
  3. Installation. The sink is easy to install. In this case, it can be placed in any convenient location. The main thing is that there should be a table top.
  4. Sealing. This model is easier to achieve sealing. This eliminates the formation of leaks, damp possible.
  5. Design. An attractive appearance makes the room a stylish, gives it personality traits. A wide range allows you to choose the model that will become a harmonious complement to the room, decorated in any style.

Reference. Overhead sinks can be of very different shapes.

How to install the sink invoice: step by step guide

Installation of overhead models little different from the usual mounting washbasins. The only caveat - the tie-in plumbing countertop.

Before embarking on the implementation of the conceived, it is necessary to prepare and choose the right model.

Himself sink can be mounted in several ways: to set on a countertop or "drown" in it. In both cases, the communication system will be located inside tables.Waybill sink on the countertop for a bath.

To carry out installation work, prepare the following tools:

  • screwdriver, an electric drill, a screwdriver;
  • jigsaws;
  • silicone sealant;
  • pliers;
  • building level;
  • pencil or marker;
  • rags;
  • Clamp.

Then you can move on to the plumbing installation. It looks as follows:

  1. Apply markup. To accurately size extinct, turn the sink, put it on the table and carefully draw a loop. If you have purchased sink irregular shape, it is usually with him Comes ready-made template. This will help to cut the necessary holes.
  2. Place the template on the countertop at a distance of 7 cm from the edge. Retreat of 2 cm inward from the edge of the template, and start to cut. Indentation cm 2 required to create a support for ledges washbasin.
  3. To make a neat cut, first using a drill, drill a small hole. Then cut the marked contour jigsaw. The lower part of the countertop must be fixed, otherwise it will fall and damage the structure edge.
  4. Over the entire contour apply silicone sealant. they also need to cover all the technological holes and lower basin.
  5. Set the prepared hole washbasin. So that it lies against the worktop, fix it with clamps that are included.
  6. Take the cloth and carefully remove the residues and excess sealant.
  7. Connecting basin to the water supply and sewerage system. This is the last stage.Installation bill shell.

When self-installing washbasins, consider the 3 small nuance:

  1. Replace all the rubber seals on the silicone sealant. It will provide a better seal. Furthermore, it has a sufficient service life.
  2. If you purchased a shell of stone, produce assembly together. Otherwise the risk to drop or damage the sink.
  3. To secure the countertop, the screws should be tighten with a screwdriver. When using a drill or screwdriver creates excess voltage. This can lead to structural damage.

What you need to consider acquiring invoice sink

Overhead sinks differ in two main parameters that must be considered when choosing:

  1. Material. On it depends the appearance of plumbing. After all, unlike the built-in models have a visible overhead is not only the upper part. Also it depends on the material strength and durability. Usually used for their production sanitary ware and ceramics. These models are the most common, as have an attractive appearance and low cost. But if you're a fan of old, look for models made of brass or copper. It should be remembered that such materials are capricious in care. So you have to use a delicate detergent. Lovers of modern design, such as minimalism or hi-tech, fit original glassware. They have an attractive appearance, reasonable cost, does not require special care. Quite popular sinks of natural or artificial stone. However, in this case it is necessary to select the countertop, which bear considerable weight plumbers. The easiest option is out of acrylic. Such models are inexpensive and do not require special care.
  2. The shape of the shell. The most common options - a rectangle, circle and oval. Choosing the most appropriate form depends on the characteristics of the premises and personal preferences. For example, if you plan to place the structure in the corner of the bathroom, pay attention to the round model - they take up less space and will look better with this arrangement. In other cases, a more harmonious look sinks rectangular or oval. Do you want to make the room an original and memorable? Obtain sink unusual shapes, e.g., a flower or drops.

With its stylish design, functionality, surface sinks are becoming more popular. Possibility to install them anywhere in the room, a variety of shapes and colors, easy installation make them particularly desirable.

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