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Quite often during the plumbing or repairs have to deal with rusty bolts or other fasteners. Unfortunately, any attempt to use a conventional screwdriver will not give the desired result and does not help to remove the screws.

Moreover, in some cases, can disrupt the slot, damage the tool or to get injured. Particularly problems arise with aluminum fastening as corrosion acts almost as welding in such a compound (a strong liking elements one to one). In such cases, the aid comes a special tool - the impact screwdriver.

How does the impact screwdriver

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Impact screwdriver differs from the standard in that it is equipped with a special reinforced hull. It is made of durable material and is able to withstand high impact loads. It includes an extensive set of bits - of all sizes and types. They are installed on the rod in the same way as a standard screwdriver with removable heads.

In addition to enhanced body such instrument has control torsion.

Many experts call this reversible screwdriver. This tool is very popular in the days of the USSR.

However, if the design has been monolithic and more simple. Over the years, the tool was modified and he was given a hexagon, which is fixed near the tip or near the handle.

Old screwdrivers can be loosened or tighten fasteners only two of us: one holds the other strikes. Modern tool - this improved device. With the updated impact screwdriver is now possible to use one.Screwdriver shock-turning.

The new models, which are now available on the market, the shock-rotating mechanism located in the handle, and the sting is placed on the gear. The rotation starts at strikes a heavy object on the handle.

Attention! Strokes do not need to be applied with full force, but only by half. Too much pressure can damage the handle and shock-turning mechanism.

During strikes clip rotates by sliding fasteners. It's enough. After that you can unscrew the screw with an ordinary screwdriver.

If you need to tighten a bolt, it is done almost the same operation. She will be only one difference - the fastener is twisted not to stop, because it can damage the element, which is screwed fasteners.

How to use the impact screwdriver

To work on loosening was the most rapid and simple, just need to follow a few simple rules and do not make mistakes. Some of these rules include:

  1. Fasteners must be prepared to loosen. Before applying the blows it is necessary to put WD-40 liquid. It will clear the rust. You can also use kerosene or brake fluid. After this fixture is wiped with a cloth.
  2. In the next step you need to lock the stinger into the slot perpendicular to the location of the head fixing.
  3. Clumping metal object at its end the tool handle. Remember that you need to do a blow with an average effort.
  4. Strokes should be repeated as long as the fixture head is slightly displaced to the side. After each stroke to check the progress of the screw.
  5. Completing loosening screw should be using a standard screwdriver.How to use the impact screwdriver.

It is recommended that after the mounting head a little shifted to the side, put the reverse and reapply a few punches. Then again put the screwdriver in the loosening and make a few strokes. Repeat this cycle you need 3-4 times. This allows you to unscrew the fastener is much easier and faster, as well as to preserve its integrity.

If the fastener still will not give in, you need to apply a small amount of WD-40 and leave for half an hour. Then repeat the unscrewing manipulation.

If there is a reverse function, then a screwdriver can also be used to tighten the fasteners. It also repeated shocks several times, but, as mentioned above, avoid full twist.

This tool has a number of advantages. These include:

  • effective use of impact energy;
  • sufficiently small effort to loosen a screw or other fastener;
  • the possibility of loosening of rusty joints.How does the impact screwdriver.

However, it should be taken into account and some minuses. These include the risk of breaking the shock-rotary mechanism and its wear.

Safety at work

In order to avoid various troubles during the operation, it is necessary to observe safety precautions:

  • First of all, put your hands on thick work gloves. They completely eliminate slip grip when attacking her.
  • When strikes do not need to apply too much force. Also, you do not need to use too big a hammer. You can do the standard, the weight of which does not exceed 500 grams.
  • During unscrewing the hammer to keep straight. It prohibited any deviation to the side, since the striker may slip with a screwdriver. This may entail various problems: injured hand tool breakage, etc...

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