Physical concepts and devices

The physical phenomenon of parallel resonance is widely used in electronics. To build oscillatory circuits consisting of active and reactive resistances, a circuit of resistance, capacitance, and inductance should be assembled. To do this, you need to understand the purpose of the resonance, finding the resistance of the radio components, its main application in radio engineering, as well as the condition of its occurrence.

To understand the origin of the field and its characteristics, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​many natural phenomena. In simple terms, this phenomenon is a special form of matter created by magnets. Moreover, the sources of the magnetic field can be relays, current generators, electric motors, etc.

It is scientifically proven that certain lighting parameters in a room affect its perception by a person. Therefore, the right choice and location of light sources is very important in interior design. But sometimes buyers do not understand what the difference is in lamps, for example, 2500 and 4000 kelvin. What color these temperatures and their role in creating the mood can be understood by reading the tables on the Internet or by studying the issue in more detail yourself.

By electromagnetic induction is meant a phenomenon when an electric current, field or polarization occurs. In this case, a change in the time interval for the magnetic field or the movement of the material medium inside the latter occurs. The founder of electromagnetic induction is Michael Faraday. He conducted numerous studies to determine which current is called induction current.

When carrying out projects of energy supply systems for various buildings, much attention is paid to safety. Everyone uses electrical appliances and knows what danger a bare wire carries, what is insulation, grounding. And with such a concept as equalization and equalization of potentials, and what their difference is not familiar to everyone. You need to have at least an elementary idea of ​​this in order to preserve your life and safety.

Each substance is able to conduct current to varying degrees, this value is affected by the resistance of the material. The resistivity of copper, aluminum, steel and any other element is indicated by the letter of the Greek alphabet ρ. This value does not depend on such characteristics of the conductor as dimensions, shape and physical condition, while the usual electrical resistance takes these parameters into account. The resistivity is measured in Ohms, multiplied by mm² and divided by meter.

Operation of the electrical network is not possible without the use of cables. The wires used are characterized by various parameters, one of which is insulation. Over time, this parameter worsens due to the influence of the external environment and heating when current flows. Therefore, in order to avoid breakdown, it is periodically necessary to carry out, according to regulatory documents, measurements of insulation resistance.

The trouble-free operation of the device depends on the compliance of the technical characteristics of the device with the norms of the mains. Knowing the voltage, resistance and current strength in the circuit, an electrician will understand how to find power. The formula for calculating an important parameter depends on the properties of the network into which the consumer is connected.

A simple way to visualize the difference between direct and alternating currents is to build graphs of their direction versus time. The first will look like a straight line, and the second as a wavy line. One cycle of this curve is the graphic basis for how alternating current is indicated on the circuits and pictograms (~), and the acronym AC (Alternating Current) has been established as a generally recognized term in texts.

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