Physical concepts and devices

Repair and diagnostics of malfunctions of electronic devices occurs by finding failed elements with their subsequent replacement. It is often not possible to visually determine which radio component is malfunctioning, therefore measuring instruments - testers are used to detect breakdowns. Using them to check the varistor is usually not difficult.

If it is necessary to choose a circuit breaker for the electrical panel, first you need to study its characteristics. It is important to know what kind of load will fall on it. The most basic characteristic that you are guided when buying this device is the rated current. It is she who is indicated on the case of the circuit breaker in large numbers and letters.

The problem of converting units of measurement of certain physical quantities into a convenient format arises in most people who are actively using electronic equipment at work and at home. Most devices work at the expense of electricity, which must be connected to the device with certain parameters, in the right amount to ensure operability in safe mode. Therefore, the issue of converting mA or μA to amperes is of practical importance.

Currently, among professionals and lovers of radio electronics, they have become in great demand point soldering irons, with the help of which electronic and industrial products are repaired values. In connection with the minimization of radio components, it is necessary to comply with technical standards and regulations for the installation of electronic components that are vulnerable to overheating. Small-sized soldering irons for soldering microcircuits are especially popular.

At the household level, every person is faced with electricity every day. How dangerous it is, everyone knows. Every contact with him requires the adoption of measures that protect us from its impact. All work must be carried out on de-energized electrical equipment. To verify this condition, you need to know how to use the indicator screwdriver to check for lack of voltage.

Indicator screwdriver

The development of human civilization, the desire and need of a person to transform the environment make him constantly compare, measure, weigh or count. To facilitate and carry out regularly occurring similar tasks, they began to develop instrumentation, or instrumentation. At first, these devices were simple, made from improvised means, but over time they turned into complex structural and electronic mechanisms.

When assembling power supply, control, and control circuits, confusion may arise in the field of power switching devices. The difficulty is the choice between contactors and magnetic starters. A similar purpose, principle of operation and design have led to the fact that not everyone can tell how the contactor differs from the starter. Small differences in the structure and characteristics of the main components determine the devices belonging to a particular group of devices.

Contactor mechanism

An electric field is called matter, which ensures the interaction of electric charges in it. It can be generated by both an electric charge and a changing magnetic flux. In the first case, it is called electrostatic, in the second - vortex. Without this field, an electric current cannot occur, but in order to know how it arises, you should familiarize yourself with the basic characteristics of the electric field.

Power is an important factor in evaluating the performance of electrical equipment in a power grid. The use of its limit values ​​can lead to network congestion, emergency situations and equipment failure. In order to protect yourself from these negative consequences, you need to understand what active reactive and full power is.

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