Physical concepts and devices

Performing any actions related to the maintenance of the electrical circuit, it is necessary to know the power load on the network. To determine such a macro-parameter of the network, it is necessary to most accurately establish the value of the power consumption of all and specifically each of the electrical devices. This indicator is indicated on the device or in its technical documents.

Electrician's advice

The key to the durability of any engine is the smoothness of its operation. To solve this problem, collector power plants use speed controllers with power maintenance. These devices can be purchased or made with your own hands. The speed controller is a frequency converter, which is based on a powerful transistor. It is necessary for inverting the voltage, as well as for a smooth stop (start) of the electric motor using wide-pulse control of electrical devices or PWM.

Most often, frequency converters are used for an induction motor, but they are also found in household appliances. Despite the prevalence, they have not only advantages, but also disadvantages, which have to be eliminated using additional devices. All converters fulfill an important function, and it is impossible to imagine at least one production without a frequency converter for asynchronous motors.

Frequency converter

Almost everyone who was involved in electrical work had to solve the issue of parallel and series connection of circuit elements. Some solve the problems of parallel and serial connection of conductors using the “poke” method; for many, the “fireproof” garland is an inexplicable but familiar axiom. Nevertheless, all these and many other similar questions are easily solved by the method proposed at the very beginning of the 19th century by the German physicist Georg Om. The laws open to him are still valid today, and almost everyone can understand them.

For a person who is far from electrical engineering, a household device appears to be some kind of black box in which something is spinning. Everyone knows about the electric motor, but how few are connected with the buttons on the panel. Meanwhile, any circuit in which there is an electric motor also contains a device that closes the circuit and connects the motor to the same power button. This device is called a magnetic starter, although its correct name is an electromagnetic starter.

Electricity is used everywhere, and it "has always been" for the vast majority of people. But it is unlikely that many have thought about the nature of this phenomenon. Among the main electrical terms, the most difficult to understand, despite their apparent simplicity, are the "potential difference" and "voltage in the circuit."

Current Limiter (OT) - a device that is used in electrical or electronic circuits to reduce the upper limit of direct (DC) or alternating (AC) current supplied to the load. This ensures timely reliable protection of generation schemes or electronic systems from harmful impacts due to a short circuit in the network or other negative processes leading to a sharp increase AC / DC.

Current limiter

The current strength is the movement of charged particles in a certain direction, in a taken conductor. Many physicists in the past were worried about the question of how current is measured and how to measure what is invisible and intangible. But thanks to a number of discoveries, the situation began to become clearer. In order for the movement of charged particles to appear, an electric field is needed.

Aluminum and its alloys have very good characteristics, such as high thermal and electrical conductivity, ease of processing, low weight, and environmental safety. But this beautiful metal has one very fat minus, it is extremely difficult to solder. A properly selected flux for brazing aluminum helps to solve this serious problem.

Flux for brazing aluminum
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