Physical concepts and devices

Currently, the plumbing market has provided a lot of materials for laying water pipes. Each of them is distinguished by its operational features, quality and price. One of the best options is copper. Often, plumbing services are expensive, so many home craftsmen want to solder copper pipes with a gas burner on their own.

For many metal surfaces, the method of temperature exposure has been used for many years. When exposed to high temperature on the metal, it becomes plastic and can go into a liquid state. Many chips and boards are made using this technique. If you need to repair household appliances or any electronics, then first you need to deal with the features of soldering.

The effect of an electric current on the human body is peculiar and versatile. Passing through the human body, an electric current produces a thermal, electrolytic, mechanical and biological effect.

The occurrence of current in the conductor is due to the potential difference at its ends. Stray currents occur when the earth becomes a conductive medium. This phenomenon has a destructive effect on metal objects located in the ground or having points of contact with it.

An electric current is called charge transfer or the movement of charged particles between points with different electrical potentials. Ion, protons and / or electrons can carry an electric charge. In everyday life, the movement of electrons through conductors is used almost everywhere. Usually there are two types of electricity - alternating and constant. It is important to know how direct current differs from alternating current.

Soldering and welding are common methods of joining metal products together. The final result of this process is influenced by the tool used in the work, preliminary preparation of surfaces and the quality of auxiliary materials. In order to understand why a flux is needed when soldering, you need to understand the process of such work.

Soldering is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to connect metal materials, wires and parts. Although soldering work is considered uncomplicated, you will need certain knowledge and skills. The most common type of soldering is work done by a soldering iron. To know how to solder a soldering iron with rosin or other types of fluxes, you need to delve a little into the topic.

How to solder correctly

When you need to quickly solder something, but do not want to wait until the tip is warm, an impulse soldering iron will come to your aid. Its main advantage is a set of working temperature in 1−2 seconds. Of course, such a soldering iron can be bought at the store, but it would be much cheaper and more pleasant to assemble it yourself, especially if you have unwanted radio parts lying around.

Induction Pulse Soldering Iron

Many home masters have already thoroughly studied how to make a soldering iron with your own hands and how to use it correctly. There are many options for manufacturing the tool, even improvised tools can be used to assemble them. The main thing is to know how the device is arranged and to understand why it will be needed.

Making a soldering iron

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