Physical concepts and devices

The definition of current strength is as follows: these are charged particles (electric charges) that move in a certain direction and are called electrons.

Imagine that a certain amount of electricity passes through a section of a circuit, for example, one pendant.

It can pass in one second, or maybe in an hour. Therefore, its strength is determined precisely by the amount of electricity that passes through the conductor for a specific unit of time - a second.

Current unit

A person can get an electric shock when exposed to natural phenomena or household electricity. The consequences can be different depending on the discharge passing through the body. Often a person’s life depends on how soon first aid is provided for an electric shock. We must act quickly and correctly. For such situations, an algorithm for first aid has been developed.

Electric shock

Probably, every person from childhood learned that electric current is something that almost all devices in the house work from. For many, electricity is associated with a bright lightning in the sky, while for others it is associated with an electrical outlet and a naive childish desire to put a finger there.

Constant and variable

Three-phase power supply system adopted as a standard in most countries of the world, Russia is no exception. Each house in the country is connected precisely to such a network, but, as a rule, one phase wire enters a separate apartment. If desired, you can carry out two more phases, which is often done in areas intended for individual housing construction. They are needed for the operation of equipment containing an electric motor. When connected to a three-phase circuit, questions often arise related to concepts such as phase and line current, as well as with the corresponding voltage indicators.

The operation of electrical devices connected to a 220 volt network is designed for this voltage with a tolerance of no more than ten percent. For electrical appliances, both low and high voltage are dangerous.

The tester is a multifunctional device designed to measure all kinds of radio and electrical quantities. Its other name is a multimeter. The word multimeter comes from the English multimeter (functional meter) and is a complex electrical metering device.

Digital multimeter

The Zener diode (Zener diode) in appearance resembles a diode. However, its functions differ from the diode in the current-voltage characteristic (CVC). The Zener diode has a high resistance, but when exposed to a certain voltage, a breakdown occurs. Because of this, the current flowing through it increases. In breakdown mode, the voltage at the zener diode with a wide range of currents is maintained with the specified accuracy.

To measure any electrical quantities - such a need sometimes arises in any modern person. Do not call the master every time or turn to friends when a simple malfunction occurs in everyday life? Any motorist is constantly faced with situations where it is necessary to check the battery voltage or check the integrity of the electrical fuses under the hood of the car. The acquisition of the device, the name of which is a multimeter, and working with it will allow you to come closer to solving the problem.

The composition of any car includes an electromechanical device called a generator. In case of problems with it, car owners purchase a new device. At the same time, it is possible to repair the device yourself, which will save money.

An important part of the generator is its rectifier bridge. To carry out repairs or its diagnostics, you will need to remove the generator from the car. It is easier to check the diode bridge using a multimeter.

How to check the diode bridge
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