Physical concepts and devices

A multimeter is a device for measuring various electrical parameters. It allows you to measure direct and alternating voltage, current, resistance, as well as many specific parameters, such as the performance of diodes, transistors, signal frequency. In order to know how to measure the current strength with a multimeter, you need to understand the basic principles of this device.

Ordinary soldering iron is a very simple tool for simple repair of household appliances, soldering wiring and other operations. Damage to various devices is a fairly common occurrence, and you can not do without replacing circuit elements. In this case, it is possible to use an ordinary soldering iron for repair, however, if the part cannot be overheated, soldering stations come to the rescue.

There are various ways to protect electrical appliances when the parameters of the electric line deviate from the nominal. A sinusoidal signal with a magnitude of 220 volts is transmitted through the network line, deviations of this value are permissible within 15 percent and are normally perceived by household appliances. To maintain a voltage value that does not go beyond this limit, it is easiest to use a voltage stabilizer.

It is necessary to carefully understand how to choose a voltage regulator 220 V for the house, since not in all settlements the mains voltage has a normal value (220-230 volts). Outside the big cities, in summer cottages and cottage villages, as well as in small towns with old substations, differences are often observed. In some cases, the voltage can periodically fall and rise, and in others it can be constantly lower or higher than normal.

The resistor voltage divider is one of the fundamental designs in electronics, without which no device can do. The selection of resistances sets the desired operating modes. Typically, this design contains two resistors. One is placed between the input and output of the circuit. The second resistor is connected to the common wire at one end, and the second to the circuit output, thereby shunting it. It also plays the role of load source connected to the input.

Design in electronics

In order to prevent equipment damage, manufacturers produce special voltage stabilizers for gas boilers, which guarantee the proper operation of the equipment. These are small devices that smooth the peaks and dips of the output voltage, aligning the indicators of the central power supply network. It is worth learning more about how to choose the right stabilizer model and what parameters you need to pay attention to.

Voltage regulator

When designing the circuits of various devices, the ham radio must make accurate calculations using measuring instruments and formulas. In electrical engineering, formulas are used to calculate the magnitude of electricity (formulas of voltage, resistance, current, and so on).

Electricity plays a huge role in the life of modern man. However, not everyone understands the principles and value of this phenomenon. The main characteristics of electricity are two values ​​that depend on each other: voltage and current strength. In order to know how they differ from each other, you need to understand their nature. Both that, and another can have both constant, and variable character.

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