Physical concepts and devices

The fundamental position describing the dependence of current, resistance and voltage from each other is Ohm's law for an alternating current circuit. Its main difference from the position of the same name for a section of the circuit is to take into account the impedance. This value depends on the active and reactive components of the line, that is, it takes into account the capacitance and inductance. Therefore, it will be more difficult to calculate the parameters for the complete chain in comparison with the section.

Thyristors are used to control power. They are used in dimmers or to control the speed of engines. During the repair process, it is not difficult to identify the malfunction of such a radio component using a multimeter. All thyristors are tested in the same way. Knowing how to check BTB16-700BW, it will be possible to determine the operability of other elements of the thyristor family.

Residual current device or residual current circuit breaker is an electromechanical device, carrying out automatic shutdown of electricity in the network when the differential current reaches a certain value. In circuits with a voltage of 380 V, a 3-phase RCD is installed. This device differs in the presence of 3 or 4 poles for connecting to an electrical network.

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For the design of electronic devices, various parameters should be calculated, one of which is the electrical conductivity or the resistance of the conductor. For circuits powered by direct current, it is easy to calculate. But in alternating current (AC) circuits, there are completely different ratios. To calculate the active resistance, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic formulas, as well as alternative methods for calculating it.

When carrying out electrical work, it is required to measure technical parameters. Craftsmen need to know the magnitude of the current, voltage level and resistance. To make an accurate measurement, you need a special tester. It is necessary for a home craftsman, car mechanic, professional. The choice of a multimeter is carried out taking into account the basic parameters. This device must meet the stated requirements.

The capacitor has a certain resistance to alternating current and does not conduct direct current at all. This property finds application in various fields of electronics and electrical engineering. Capacitive resistance in an alternating current circuit depends on the frequency of the latter and the capacitance of the capacitor.

Any substance, being in various states, has a certain resistance. In some cases, it becomes necessary to calculate the impedance of a circuit or a specific section. In such a situation, you should use the formulas. In addition, you need to understand the basic meaning of resistance and electrical conductivity, as well as the dependence of these concepts on certain quantities.

Devices that operate on the consumption of electric current can be adjusted without problems. Of course, taking into account, if the device already has such an opportunity. But even if it is not there, then you can do it yourself by installing a thyristor or triac power regulator. The most common voltage regulation switching circuit is the bt136 600e.

Power is a physical indicator. It identifies the work done over time to help measure energy change. Thanks to the unit of measurement of current power, it is easy to determine the high-speed energy flow of energy in any spatial interval.

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