Physical concepts and devices

In everyday life, the need often arises for adjusting the power of various electrical appliances: gas stoves, a kettle, a soldering iron, a boiler, various heating elements, etc. The car may need to adjust the engine speed. To do this, you can use a simple design - a voltage regulator on the thyristor. With your own hands, besides, it is not difficult to make it.

Electrical repairs both on high voltage transmission lines and inside the apartment have an increased risk due to a number of factors. The most dangerous and common is the threat of electric shock. Its cause may be induced stress - a phenomenon dangerous to human health due to its hidden nature. To protect against it, it is necessary to understand the essence of this phenomenon.

Any electrical circuit has a resistance in it. Therefore, in radio engineering, the most common element is a resistor. When repairing electrical appliances, it is important to be able to test such parts. You need to know how to check the resistor with a multimeter, without evaporating the element. The part most often fails if the conductive layer burns out or its connection with the clamp is broken.

Long gone are the days when measuring instruments could only be found at school in a physics lesson or from electrical specialists. These were mainly voltmeters - rather bulky units with a large percentage of error. Everything changed when semiconductor radio components were created. The market was filled with different devices, the first multimeters appeared. What functions one of these devices performs is evident from the DT 838 manual.

According to the operation of the apartment’s electric meter, it can be seen that the wounding up of kilowatt hours occurs the faster the greater the load is supplied to the network. One of the ways in which power is measured is based on this. There are several varieties of the indicator, denoted by the first letter of the English watt - W. The amount of energy consumption depends on the parameters of the electrical circuit of the home - it is directly proportional to the power of the connected current collectors.

The movement of positively charged particles moving in a single direction is called current in physics. At its core, it is a physical quantity that demonstrates a charge occurring at a certain time through a special conductor. There are several ways to find the current strength. The first is the calculation of the value according to the derived ready-made formulas in the presence of initial data. The second is the use of special measuring instruments.

Understanding the basic principles of electricians, it is important to understand what constitutes an active and reactive load. The first type of energy is considered useful and goes directly to the needs of the consumer, for example, heating a building, cooking and operating electrical appliances. The second type, reactive, determines that part of the energy that is not used to perform useful work.

Any technical infrastructure wears out over time. At many sites of the old building, it is in poor or unsatisfactory condition. In electrical networks, leakage current can occur, which leads to many problems. When creating high voltage, it can be the cause of death. Therefore, such a physical phenomenon must be immediately eliminated.

Electric energy accompanies us at every step. Without it, the life of any person is unthinkable. Throughout life, we are more or less confronted with manifestations of electricity. This happens more tightly, as a rule, when electrical appliances break down. And in order to understand their device and circuits, it is useful to know that alternating current and direct current are designated as AC and DC current.

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