Physical concepts and devices

Dinistor is an important radioelement in electrical circuits. It is intended for circuits with automatic switching devices, pulse generators, high-frequency signal converters. Due to its low cost and simple design, such a radio component is considered ideal for use in power regulators.

Eddy currents, or Foucault currents - induction volumetric electric currents formed in conductors due to the time variation of the magnetic field flux acting on them. Since the resistance of large conductors is small, the Foucault current can be quite large. The movement of current in a conductor, according to Lenz's rule, is carried out along the path of greatest resistance to the forces that caused it.

In the 19th century, a special electrical measuring device was invented, which serves to record the strength of alternating and direct current in the network. The currently improved device for measuring current strength is called an ammeter. The device is connected to the circuit according to a strict sequential scheme.

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In electrical engineering, active and reactive resistance is usually called the value that characterizes the reaction force section of the electric circuit directed (ordered) movement of particles or quasiparticles - carriers of the electric charge. This opposition is formed by converting electricity into other forms of energy. In the event of an irreversible change in the electrical energy of a chain link into other types of energy, the reaction will be active.

The power factor of a motor, which is referred to as "cos phi", is usually tried to do as much as possible. The lower the value, the greater the current must have in order to allocate the required power in the circuit. If you make a mistake in the calculations, then electricity consumption will inevitably increase, and the efficiency will, on the contrary, decrease.

With the advent of microprocessor technology, it became necessary to deal with the soldering of BGA microcircuits during repairs, which is either extremely difficult to do with the usual methods, or, more often, is impossible. Even a hairdryer will not always help to cope with the task at hand. That is why making an infrared soldering station with your own hands will be the best alternative and sometimes the only relevant solution.

Some people mistakenly think that the term "controller" comes from the word "control" and implies checking or accounting for something. In fact, this concept came to us from the English language and in translation means "management". Based on this, it becomes clear that programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are commonly used to control automated electrical equipment.

In the natural environment, electricity reveals itself as lightning strikes, which sometimes lead to human injury. The reason is the standing position on two legs: a potential difference arises between the points of support, varying over a wide range. You can avoid electric shock if you know the rules for moving in the step voltage zone (SHN). An electrified zone is detected only by indirect signs: the estimated distance to the epicenter of the source.

When choosing any electrical equipment, one of the important parameters to which attention is drawn is the power of the product. This parameter is inextricably linked with current and voltage. To calculate the current, voltage or power in an electrical circuit, simple formulas are used. But in order to meaningfully carry out such calculations, it is desirable to understand the physical nature of the occurrence of these quantities.

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