Do-it-yourself foundation for the fence from corrugated board

Foundation for fence from corrugated board

What is a fence from corrugated board?

The fence from corrugated board is primarily a design that will protect you from prying eyes, annoying neighbors and other fuss. In addition, a metal fence will give you confidence that you are protected to some extent from robbers and other unfriendly persons.


  • What can be said about the material itself?
  • And what is this protection from a robber?
  • Why is it worth buying painted sheets?
  • What foundation is suitable for such a fence?
  • Pillar fill
  • Monolithic fill
  • Masonry
  • Strip foundation
  • Necessary tools and materials
  • Preparatory work
  • The technology of laying the foundation for the fence from corrugated board
  • Detailed step by step instructions
  • Final work
  • Cost

At the moment, this type of fencing is very popular and in the future there is a tendency to increase in popularity, since such the fence performs its functions perfectly and at the same time has a good ratio of durability and reliability in relation to price.

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What can be said about the material itself?

Decking is a steel profiled sheet. Decking itself is of two types:

  • wall;
  • roofing.

The difference between the types is in the degree of rigidity, which means that for the construction of the fence it is necessary to purchase more rigid material - wall. The mistake encountered is when inexperienced builders buy roofing sheeting in order to save finances.

But even with an increase in the number of supports, the result will be significantly worse, since the roofing corrugated board, under the weight of a person, can simply bend.

And what is this protection from a robber?

Quite a few want to save money by purchasing materials, but there is nothing to think about choosing a corrugated board. You need a wall sheeting with double-sided painting.

Why is it worth buying painted sheets?

Firstly, you yourself will not be able to paint so high quality. Secondly, the purchase of paint and self-coloring will turn out not cheaper, but maybe even more expensive. Thirdly, painting the fence will take you a very large amount of time.

To build a fence, you need to buy corrugated board of the following brands:

  • C8;
  • MP20;
  • C20.

Buying other brands is a fatal mistake.

Foundation for fence from corrugated board

What foundation is suitable for such a fence?

The corrugated board itself is not rigid enough to be a fence. Therefore, speaking of a fence of metal sheets, we are talking about a harmonious connection of the concrete foundation, steel racks and only then the profiled sheets themselves. We can say that the foundation is the third part of the fence, but in importance and complexity, it comes first.

There are the following types of foundations for mounting a fence from corrugated board:

  • pillar fill;
  • monolithic casting;
  • masonry;
  • strip foundation.

Next, consider all the positive and negative points, as well as masonry errors each kind of foundation.

Pillar fill

So, pillar filling is a way of erecting a fence, which is known for its simplicity. This method is chosen by many amateurs in the construction business, mistakenly considering it the most simple and economical. Why? In order to get the answer to this question, let's analyze the method itself foundation fill. It all starts with digging holes, according to the instructions, at a distance of 1 to 5 meters.

Many immediately decide to save by digging strictly at a distance of 5, or even 6 meters, not taking into account the sailing fastening of profiled sheets. The result of this error is an unpleasant sound with small gusts of wind. With large gusts of wind, your fence can simply fly away, and you will not see it again! Pits dig to a depth of 1.5 meters. But even here there is a common mistake.

It is best to dig a hole to a depth of 1.5, not less. Why? Again, the windage of the fence can easily tear up racks from the ground. Therefore, as a result, if you build a reliable fence in this way, then it will not work out cheaper and easier. The main advantage of this foundation is a small amount of concrete mortar, which makes it a bit easier and cheaper.

Monolithic fill

The second method of mounting the fence is based on a monolithic foundation pouring. This method is relevant if you live in regions with soft breed or marshy soil. This foundation is the most durable and very appreciated, as it is durable. Such a foundation is little afraid of soil subsidence, but it is worth noting that a strong soil subsidence can break concrete layers, if during the laying process you did not make wooden bids between sections.

Soft soils tend to a strong and uneven subsidence, in connection with this, many mistakenly do monolithic foundation truly monoliths, as a result of which it is susceptible to corrosion and fracture. It is quite difficult to build such a foundation and it will take a lot of physical strength and time.


The third method is masonry. This method is considered the most aesthetic, since the foundation looks rich and elegant. In addition, in some regions where there are quarries, this masonry can come out several times cheaper than the concrete foundation.

But for the installation of such a foundation, experience in stone laying is needed, because not every lover of construction can lay a stone aesthetically so that the foundation has the necessary strength. In addition, if you bought the wrong type of corrugated board indicated above, then forget about this method in general, since this method has the least reliability and strength of all the types of foundations given.

Strip foundation

And finally, the strip foundation. This is the option that is most suitable for amateurs and inexperienced builders, since it is quite difficult to make a mistake when laying this foundation. This foundation is a concrete trench filled with concrete along the perimeter of which fastening fittings protrude, onto which the corrugated board itself is attached.

This method is not the cheapest, since you need to spend a lot of concrete, but at the same time the fence will be strong and reliable, even if it was made by an amateur.

Necessary tools and materials

To build a fence from corrugated board you will need a certain set of tools, some of which are indispensable. You will need:

  • shovel;
  • scrap;
  • sledgehammer;
  • electric drill and drill;
  • welding machine and electrodes;
  • extension;
  • concrete mixer.

The list of tools is not so large, but it is worth noting that it can change. For example, you can perform a fence without using a welding unit, but in this case, construction work will take a longer period of time, and the design itself will turn out to be less reliable.

As for the materials, then you will definitely need screenings. Some make a mistake and buy large screening fractions. To build a foundation for a metal fence, you will need a small or medium screening fraction, in diameter of no more than 15 mm. In this case, the foundation will be strong and not subject to corrosion shedding.

You will also need clean sand and cement. As for corrugated board fastenings, you can choose between a bolted connection and a welding one. Combination fastening is quite common when the sheet is bolted from below and above, and In the middle, stiffeners are welded, which fasten the corrugated board and at the same time make the structure more durable.

Foundation for fence from corrugated board

Preparatory work

The preparatory work includes the following processes:

  • foundation marking;
  • digging ditches;
  • fastening of pillars and other fittings.

These 3 processes do not contain much complexity, but sometimes making small mistakes in the markup, the fence turns out to be uneven and zigzag. The ditch is dug for different types of foundations of different depths, but definitely not less than 0.8 meters in depth.

The fastening of the pillars is perhaps the most difficult stage from the technical side. If your foundation is made only 0.5-0.8 meters deep, it makes sense when pouring the pillars to weld a perpendicular corner to their lower part, which will give stability to the structure.

The technology of laying the foundation for the fence from corrugated board

The technology of laying the foundation, to a large extent, includes the technology of production of cement mortar. The strength of the foundation largely depends on this, since an incorrect ratio of ingredients in the finished solution can lead to the fact that the foundation will crumble or burst over time.

The correct ratio of elements for casting the foundation:

  • 10 kg of cement;
  • 10 kg of sand;
  • 15 kg screenings;
  • 0.1 liter liquid glass;
  • 15 liters of water.

Detailed step by step instructions

The foundation is cast according to the following algorithm:

  • markup;
  • digging trenches;
  • formwork;
  • installation of pipes and fittings;
  • preparing all the ingredients for the solution;
  • filling them into a concrete mixer and monitoring the quality of mixing;
  • casting the solution into the formwork cavity;
  • smoothing with an ironing board;
  • in hot weather, to avoid the appearance of cracks and uneven drying, periodically water the foundation with water.

Violation of this algorithm of actions is not allowed and leads to serious errors, so everything must be done in accordance with the above procedure.

Foundation for fence from corrugated board

Final work

The final work consists in coloring the main pillars, if they were not previously painted. Also, at the end, the welds are cleaned and covered with paint to prevent corrosion.

The land within the foundation is leveled and compacted to avoid the accumulation of rainwater near the foundation. Also, at the end, an entrance gate is installed on pre-welded hinges, as well as locks and other security systems.


The pricing policy for building materials is constantly changing, so it’s difficult to talk about specific numbers. In general, speaking about the cost of the fence from corrugated board, we can talk about low cost and a good ratio of price to quality.

Taking into account the average prices for construction materials, the CIS countries will get an amount in the range of 600-800 rubles per 1 meter of fence.

Foundation for fence from corrugated board

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