Sliding gate foundation

Nowadays, many types of gates are produced, but the most popular sliding gates. This design is very easy to use, the gate works according to the following principle: 2 support rollers are placed on the foundation, the lower part of the gate is a beam that acts as a guide.

The supports take the load from the weight of the gate and allow their leaves to move. The supports are fixed using embedded bolts. You can use this design without restrictions throughout the year.


  • Site selection
  • Preparation
  • Foundation process
  • Embedded element
  • Foundation on piles
  • Gate installation
  • Installation of catchers
  • Installation of automatic devices

The main part of any sliding gates is trolleys with rollers that allow the door leaf to move, they rest on a reinforced foundation, poured below the depth of soil freezing. The foundation for such a structure is made special, for this reason, first of all, you need to calculate the dimensions of the pit, mark and dig it.

Next, install the mortgage so that one side of the channel fits snugly against the support post. When all the calculations are done and the mortgage is correctly placed in the pit, concrete is poured and

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install the gate.

They can be opened and closed either manually or using automatic devices. The most important thing for such a design is the strength of the installation. Mounting the base and frame made with errors will certainly lead to malfunctions in the automatic system. For this reason, sliding gates are installed only on a special foundation.

Sliding gates

Site selection

Preparation begins with the selection of a suitable site for placing the foundation. Considering that when opening the sash of the structure, any side will move, the foundation must be continued from the same side of the gate opening. It is poured along the fence, from the inside of the territory.

Having decided in which direction the gate will move, they prepare a site for a trench. Shrubs and trees should not grow on it - the roots will probably damage the concrete monolith after a while.


For sliding gates, an unusual foundation is made, and first of all it is necessary to calculate the dimensions and choose a suitable site for digging a trench. After calculating the dimensions and strength of the foundation, a trench is prepared, it should be 30 cm deeper than the level of freezing of the soil. After that, they are made from channels and the mortgage is mounted.

The channel is welded into a U-shaped structure. After the installation of the embedded structure, it is necessary to place reinforcement rods in the trench to increase the strength and reliability of the structure. The installation is carried out so that the side parts of the channel are as close as possible to the support post. After correct installation of the mortgage, you can start concreting the foundation.

During the execution of all work, you must use a previously prepared design drawing. This will prevent errors in calculations on the ground. The immediate function of the foundation is to hold the cantilever blocks on which the entire structure rests. The foundation must be longer than the width of the gate.

Sliding gates

Foundation process

In the dug trench, it is necessary to make a reinforcing cage. The armature is connected by welding or knitted with wire, the main thing is that the skeleton of the foundation is securely fixed.

Embedded element

Sliding gates

This part of the structure is made of a channel with a width of 20 cm, a length equal to the trench for the foundation, and use reinforcement with a cross section of 12 mm to combine parts of the structure and also to create reinforcement frame. To the prepared channel vertically using electric welding fix the pieces of reinforcement about 1 m long.

The assembled structure is lowered into the trench, directing it downward with reinforcement, making sure that the side of the channel is adjacent to the support post and is located horizontally. It is important to correctly set the upper edge of the channel, this affects the presence and size of the gap between the road and the bottom of the gate. If it is necessary to install additional pillars, then they are dug into the ground and attached to the embedded element.

The trench is filled with concrete mortar so that the upper part of the channel remains clean. Usually, depending on the weather, the solution sets within 6-7 days. The reinforcement cage in the trench is placed strictly horizontally.

Its upper part must be located 11-12 cm below the soil surface. It is not difficult to prepare a concrete solution for the foundation, the ratio of the components: 6 measures of sand to 2 measures of cement, it is necessary to mix the solution until the consistency of sour cream.

To strengthen the entire structure, you can use a concrete solution add rubble. In this case, the proportions of the solution are the same, but 2 measures of crushed stone are added to it. The concrete must be poured carefully, making sure that the reinforcing cage does not move. The solution must be poured into the trench in one step for 1/2 of the hole. This method of concreting will provide reliable fixation of the reinforcement.

After that, the transverse channels are fastened, 3 of them should be in the reinforcing cage. It is imperative that the channel be aligned vertically and horizontally. After that, it is welded to the reinforcement and poured with mortar, as a result of the work done, you will receive a foundation reinforced for stability with 3 channels located across the trench.

The level of the carriageway must be 7 cm higher than the concreted channel. We must not forget that during the pouring of the foundation it is convenient to lay an electric cable for connecting automatic devices.

Foundation on piles

If the soil on the site can sink, it is swampy or clayey, then it is better to make pile foundation. Such a basis is:

  1. Screw.
  2. Monolithic.

Screw metal piles are the best option in terms of labor and money costs. In order for this structure to be used as long as possible, it is protected with anti-corrosion agents or poured with concrete.

While creating monolithic foundation reinforced pillars are immersed from the piles into the soil, which are necessary as a support for the channel. Separate piles are fastened together with a reinforced concrete belt.

If the fence posts are not capable of replacing the supports for the gate, then a pit is prepared in which the post is installed.

Sliding gates

Gate installation

Installation of the door leaf is carried out in stages:

  1. Marking the required space for moving the sliding sash.
  2. Roller carts manufacturing.
  3. Calculation of the limits of movement of the rollers.
  4. Assembly.
  5. Adjusting the door leaf and checking the operation of the roller supports.
  6. End roller attachment.
  7. Installing the guide bracket.
  8. Counter support device.
  9. Sheathing of the gate frame.
  10. Fastening safety devices and necessary automation.

In the manufacture of sliding gates, the place for movement and their installation are calculated. During the assembly of the structure, they are installed in the profile and slightly moved towards the center of the mortgage, the door leaf is installed on them strictly vertically.

The counter post is necessary for attaching catchers, and at the same time makes it possible to cover the resulting technological gap. They mount it close to each other and fix it, fixing it to the fence post opposite the embedded element.

The door leaf can be sheathed using various materials, for example, corrugated board or wood. The plating method is chosen taking into account the design of the structure and material.

Sliding gates

Installation of catchers

One of the stages of finishing work on the installation of sliding gates is the installation of special catchers. One of these elements, located in the lower part of the gate, makes it possible, when the gate is closed, to somewhat reduce the load transferred from the roller supports. To calculate its location, it is necessary to completely close the leaf of the sliding gate and connect it to the end roller.

The trap located in the upper part of the structure makes it possible to prevent the gate from swinging during strong winds. Its installation is carried out at the height of the protective corners, and keep in mind that the corners with the gate closed must be in contact with the brackets of the trap located in the upper part of the gate.

Installation of automatic devices

The installation of the automatics is carried out last, the movement of the sash is carried out by means of toothed racks. They are sold in parts of 1 m, complete with a special mount, the slats are attached to the bearing profile. When self-installing automation on sliding gates, you need to know that their operation will require not only toothed racks, but also a special key, beacon, remote control and an electric drive with a gear.

Installation of these elements is carried out, focusing on the instructions attached to the equipment. If it is difficult to do this work on your own, then it is better to invite an experienced electrician.

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