Linocrom - pluses, types, price and styling

Despite the massive spread of metal-based roofing, bitumen materials are still relevant.

Bitumen - A rather old technology for laying the roof, but during its existence it managed to gain popularity and find its application. The most common material is linocrom.


  • Description and scope
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Types and brands
  • Characteristics and cost
  • Stacking
  • Tips

Advanced manufacturing technology makes soft roof high-quality and resistant to moisture. Linocrom is used both for repairing old roofs, and for creating new structures. The durability and practicality depends on the number of layers.

A huge assortment of various modifications of roll roofing is presented on the building materials market. Each species has its own purpose and excludes the possibility of use in other conditions.

It is necessary to pay attention to the marking, the basis of the material and other important characteristics. Also, it is worth understanding the intricacies of installation in order to know how crucial and important this is. The durability of the roofing coating depends on all the nuances.

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Description and scope

Linocrom in applicationLinocrome - roll type bituminous material, which is used for roof repair. It is relevant for roofs with a slope level of not more than 10 degrees. The linocrom laying base must be solid and thoroughly cleaned. Also, this material acts as a waterproofing agent.

Available with various coatings:

  1. Polyester.
  2. Fiberglass.
  3. Fiberglass.

The material is coated with a special polymer coating on top.

Linocrom consists of five layers:

  1. bottom layer consists of a film that is easy to melt when exposed to a direct flame. It is this factor that determines the installation method.
  2. Astringent bitumen-polymer substance Covers the base on both sides. These layers help protect the material from decay.
  3. Glassholes are the basist, polyester and fiberglass.
  4. The top layer defines the product brand and its purpose. It also has a protective function and has a coarse-grained structure.

Application area:

  1. Roofing.
  2. Creating the foundation.
  3. Floor protection from moisture.
  4. As a waterproofing of pools.
  5. For wall insulation basements.
  6. Protects from water metal pipelines.

Linocrom can be used in any climatic conditions.

Linocrom is produced by the method of double-sided spraying of a binder on a fiberglass or polyester base. The binder is made from high quality bitumen and a special filler. A protective layer is applied to the surface, which is asbogal or slate. All technology is implemented in rolling mills.

Advantages and disadvantages

LinocromeThe main advantages of a soft roofing are:

  1. Long life - 8-10 years.
  2. Water resistant.
  3. Made of high quality and durable raw materials.
  4. It has a low cost.
  5. Superior heat resistant qualities.
  6. Ease of installation.
  7. Can fit even at subzero temperatures.
  8. Good noise insulation performance.

Linocrom is used for restoration of roofs of any complexity. The main thing is that the surface is relatively flat. The material will protect the attic from moisture.

It can serve as an external base for a heat-insulating cake. Due to its strong synthetic qualities, roofing material It does not break or break during mechanical impact and maintenance. To get a good result, you must follow the basic rules of installation.

In addition to the advantages, linocrom has its drawbacks:

  1. At temperatures below -15 degrees, the material begins to crack and deform.
  2. If you do not protect the coating from direct sunlightth, over the years, the service life is significantly reduced. The protective layer begins to melt and expose the binder material.

Types and brands

Linocrom characteristics

Depending on the brand of linocrom, two main types are distinguished:

  1. Lining material.
  2. Roofing material.

Two types are used in tandem in the case of laying a new roof. In other situations, the option that is most suitable for certain conditions is selected.

The linocrom brand is determined by the type of top protective coating.


  1. KS brand - the front and bottom sides of linocrom are created from a special polymer film with a coarse-grained powder.
  2. PS brand - a film with fine-grained powder is used for both sides. It is used for the lower part of the roofing sheet or acts as a waterproofing in the creation of building structures.

Other varieties:

  1. Linocrom ECP - This is a bituminous rolled material that is laid by welding. The basis of the material is polyester. The protective layer consists of high quality bitumen, which protects the material from the influence of ultraviolet rays. It is flexible and very flexible flooring. It can be stacked as the top layer of the roof. It withstands loads and has a long service life.
  2. Linocrom EPP - waterproofing material, which is based on a polyester fabric. Bitumen with additional additives acts as an astringent. A polymer film is fixed on top. Suitable for waterproofing building structures and the bottom of the roofing.
  3. Linocrom TKP - roofing material that has light weight and high strength. This is achieved thanks to the basis of fiberglass. When stretched and torn, it shows good results. The upper protective layer consists of mineral sprinkles. It is used as the top layer of the roof and waterproofing of building structures.
  4. Linocrom CCI - roofing material based on fiberglass with bitumen impregnation. It has high strength, very hard to break. Good heat resistant qualities. When exposed to high temperature, it does not deform and does not change its performance.
  5. Linocrom HKP - roof covering, which is used for the device of the upper layer. It is made of fiberglass and impregnated with coarse powder. It withstands severe climatic pressures and is the best representative of this group.
  6. Linocrom HPP - bitumen roofing material with a fiberglass backing. It is used for the lower layer of the roof and as a waterproofing pipes, and in the construction of floors. It has the lowest price, but somewhat heavier than similar counterparts.

Characteristics and cost

LinocromeLinocrom is supplied in rolls of 10 and 15 meters long and 1 meter wide. The material is able to withstand the temperature range up to 80 degrees.

It is better to store rolls away from heating appliances without direct sunlight, observing the vertical position.


  1. Breaking strength - 60-80 kgf.
  2. Absolute water absorption.
  3. Fragility of the material rises at a temperature of 15 to 40 degrees.
  4. Can withstand temperature stress at 80-100 degrees for two hours.
  5. Service life depends on labeling., method and operating conditions: the upper roofing material lasts no more than 10 years, the lower - about 20.
  6. Weight 1 sq.m about 3.6 - 4.6 kg.

Material prices range from 60 to 150 rubles per roll. The most expensive is the EPP brand coating, the basis of which is polyester. The cheapest is the CCI linocrom with a fiberglass base. The cost depends on the protective layer, the thickness of the material and the base used.


Linocrom layingBefore laying the roofing, it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory work:

  1. Topical application of soft roofingwill be in case the roof has a slight angle of inclination.
  2. For the best deposition, the roof surface is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, foreign objects and leaves.
  3. The base is treated with bitumen primer, which closes small cracks, seams and fractures. This is a primer of viscous consistency, which, falling into voids, binds dust and provides better adhesion. Apply the primer with a roller or brush.

Necessary tools:

  • linocrom;
  • gas-burner;
  • tool for unwinding a roll - hook;


  1. Step one. In order to qualitatively lay the material, use a gas burner. It helps to efficiently heat the base and the web itself. Before heating, the canvas is aligned along the length of the roof perpendicular to the parapet or cornice. Correct alignment helps determine the exact joint line. After fitting, the roll rolls again, which must be done with extreme caution. Note that a shift of 1 cm at the very beginning will turn into 10 cm at the end of deposition. Before installing the roof, the surface is carefully warmed up to avoid the likelihood of air gaps.
  2. Second step. The beginning of the roll is heated and rolled by a roller. The fusion of the material occurs on the principle of unwinding, moving back to back. After heating, linocrom is pressed to the roof and joints are warmed up to create the necessary tightness. An overlap is made in 8-10 cm.
  3. Third step. All rolls must be routed continuously to avoid further leakage problems.


Linocrom in rolls
  1. To linocrom as much as possible showed its performanceIt should only be used on a hard surface.
  2. As a roofing material no need to buy linocrom, created on the basis of polyester. Due to the low elasticity and possible oxidation of bitumen, the roof can collapse in a short time.
  3. In order to save, it is better to combine the brands CCI and HKP, as a result, the strength of the roof will be increased.
  4. When laying two layers of material, it is impossible that the seams match.
  5. Protruding reliefs glued by hand.
  6. Do not step on molten material only.
  7. In the case of the old roofBefore linocromium fusion, it is necessary to restore the former coating.
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