Laying technology and soft roofing

Soft roof

Many are interested in the question of how the installation is carried out. soft roof? Note that the soft roof device and laying technology is a simple procedure, so it is quite possible to install a soft roof even on your own.


  • What is a soft roof?
  • Kinds
  • General rules for the construction of the roof
  • Necessary tools
  • Styling technology
  • Rules for laying each type of soft roof
  • Cost
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Repair work

What is a soft roof?

Soft roofing is a modern high-quality roofing material that has numerous advantages. Firstly, this material has enhanced waterproofing characteristics and a presentable appearance. As already noted, laying a soft roof is very simple, so anyone can cope with this matter.

Soft roofing is affordable, which makes it very popular compared to other roofing materials. Soft roofing on the market is presented in the form of high-tech design.

This special fabric is durable, fire resistant and waterproof. In addition, this roofing material has excellent sound and heat insulation characteristics.


There are several types of soft roofs, each of which differs in its features and advantages. As a rule, this roofing material is divided into the following types:

  • shingles;
  • roofs from rolled materials;
  • soft bituminous tile;
  • shingle roof;
  • membrane roofing etc.;

During the manufacture of a particular type of soft roof, fiberglass and bitumen are mainly used. The composition of the material also includes various stabilizers and useful additives. It is these additives and stabilizers that change the technical characteristics of the roof.

One of the most popular types of this roofing material is bitumen shingles. It was developed from a copy of real tiles, however, inferior in weight. This material can be purchased at a very affordable price, which helps to significantly reduce costs during construction. Note that all varieties of soft roofs have a beautiful appearance, which helps to decorate any buildings and give them originality.

Soft roof

General rules for the construction of the roof

Before proceeding with the construction of the roof, you should determine the type of structure. The roof structure may consist of one, two or more inclined planes. As a rule, the angle of inclination of the planes is determined taking into account the climatic features of the region.

But the roofing material is chosen depending on the angle. Note that the roof of any design can be perfectly covered with roofing material, but a soft roof is installed in such cases, if the angle of inclination is not more than 25 degrees.

A soft roof is arranged, in such cases, from a special, stable tile.

Each type of soft roof is constructed by various methods, but they all have the same technological line. Firstly, preparatory work should be carried out, the correct distance between the cuttings under the beams should be chosen, and then proceed to ceiling insulation and to the main installation work.

Necessary tools

Before you start the technology of soft roofing, you need to know what tools will be needed during operation. Always have a gas cylinder, a gas reducer, an oxygen hose, a roofing knife with blades, a tape measure, and special gloves, as well as a screwdriver, hammer drill, metal brushes, paint roller, metal roller, standard hacksaw and etc. If you have all these tools in your arsenal, then you can do the installation work quickly and efficiently.

However, this is not a complete list of all the necessary tools. It is necessary to carefully prepare all the building materials and tools that are needed for a correct and quick laying of the roof.

Soft roof

Styling technology

The life of the roof mainly depends on how competently and efficiently the installation of soft blood is performed. Laying options are many, but all types require a strong and stable base.

Firstly, it should be well analyzed in what conditions it is necessary to install the roof, and then proceed with the preparatory work. Note that during operation, the temperature should not be less than +5 degrees.

This will help to avoid further problems and defects. The fastening of the sheet of the soft roof is carried out using nails and a special self-adhesive layer. This type of installation is the simplest and most affordable of all. It is very reliable, however, this method has its drawbacks. The fact is that the sun's rays can make the roof airtight, since the gluing sheets may not withstand the pressure of the sun's rays.

Laying the roof should be done as carefully as possible, in compliance with all standards and requirements of quality and safety. After all, the roof is one of the most important components of any structure, and should serve more than one year. To lay a soft roof, for example, you can use a kind of teplyak, which is mounted above the target area of ​​the roof.

Rules for laying each type of soft roof

As already noted, the soft roof has its own varieties. Each type of this roofing material has its own laying rules. If you follow a certain algorithm of actions, then there is nothing supernatural in laying the roof.

If you decide to build a bituminous tile, then you need to prepare the roof. It is from the preparatory stage that the main result and the reliability of the entire structure depend. It is necessary to clean the roof and thoroughly dry the surface. After that, we begin to impose the material, while maintaining a slight bias. Shingles can be fixed with mastic or nails. On the surface of the roof you need to put a layer of waterproofing, and then a sheet of soft roof. Note that the procedure must be carried out from the bottom up, and nail the tiles with nails. The joint needs to be greased bituminous mastic.

But, if you need to lay a shingle roof, then you need to lay the material over utility buildings in one layer, and under the housing of the building in two layers. Installation of such a roof should begin from the lower edge of the roof, gradually rising up. Laying should be done along the lines, leaving 10-15 cm overlap.

Roofing sheets should be strengthened with shingle nails. In a word, each type of soft roof has its own laying features, but in general, the laying of a soft roof is characterized by common features.

Soft roof


The cost of laying soft tiles is not as high as it might seem at first glance. Even if you turn to the help of specialists, you will spend a little money. Basically, the price of a soft roof device depends on the configuration of the roof, the area and the complexity of its design. Before you order services and start laying the roof, you can familiarize yourself with the price list of various companies and draw up a preliminary estimate.

In any case, the construction of a soft roof is one of the budget and affordable types of roofing, especially if you need a soft built-in roof. This is a reliable and inexpensive way to cover the roof.

Mistakes to Avoid

The most common mistake, when laying a soft roof, is the installation of mineral wool. This should be avoided since mineral wool is hygroscopic. No need to choose low-quality materials. The choice of poor-quality materials, as well as the wrong laying technology, can also lead to sad results. A soft roof does not need to be subjected to excessive bending.

Installation is prohibited on wet, uneven surfaces. Moisture cannot evaporate after laying the material, which will lead to rotting of the tiles. But the nails should be under the hexagon. These are the main mistakes during installation and laying of a soft roof which should be avoided.

Soft roof

Repair work

During operation, any roof begins to wear out and requires repair work. The initial stage of repair work is a thorough examination of the condition of the entire coating. As a result of such an examination, it is possible to identify the nature of any damage and determine the repair work. The main goal of repair work is to eliminate all problems, as a result of which the roof should become reliable and of high quality. The cause of the repair can be any mechanical damage, cracks, etc.

The roof can also fail under the pressure of atmospheric phenomena. If you can’t repair the soft roof yourself, you should contact a specialist who will help return the roof to its original appearance and properties.

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