How to calculate the cost of plastic windows?

Plastic windows - This is an excellent solution for both a private house and an apartment. They will not only help you keep warm in the house when it is cold outside, but also provide a stream of fresh air on a hot summer or spring day.

Plastic window in the house


  • Kinds
  • What determines their cost?
  • Dimensions and type of profile
  • Type of double-glazed window
  • What measurements need to be made?
  • How to calculate the cost?

Now, wooden ones are being replaced by just such. They are easy to maintain and care for them is no more difficult than for their predecessors.


Types of plastic windows

PVC products can be divided into several types and subspecies, according to a variety of characteristics. If you are going to install them, you should understand their types, because this way you can more easily determine which ones are right for you and know which ones to order if it becomes necessary to replace them or recovery.

Taking into account the number of wings, the windows are divided into:

  • tricuspid;
  • bicuspid;
  • tricuspid;

The way of opening also has an effect on their appearance.

Among them are the following:

  • deaf product;
  • with rotary opening;
  • folding;
  • with combined door opening;

Depending on the number of chambers, such window structures are distinguished:

  • three-chamber;
  • two-chamber;
  • single chamber;

According to the shape of the design, these types are distinguished:

  • arched;
  • rectangular;
  • triangular;
  • trapezoidal;

What determines their cost?

A girl stands at the windowPlease note that the price of plastic products can be based on several factors.

Often, it is affected by the following:

  1. The size. You should measure your products in height and width, and also determine the height from the upper slope to the windowsill. Numbers need to be written in millimeters.
  2. Standard. If you want to order rectangular products, they will cost slightly less than arched or trapezoidal ones.
  3. The number of flaps. It is determined by the width of your window opening. If you are going to replace old designs with new ones, you need to leave the same number of wings as was in the old design.
  4. Features of the opening of the wings. Sashes can be deaf, have a swing or folding mechanism. Do not forget that blind flaps will cost less, since they do not have an opening mechanism.
  5. Window profile. This is the base of plastic, from which frames and window sashes are made. Each such profile has its own characteristics. The more famous the manufacturer, the more expensive they will cost.
  6. Double-glazed window. In other words, it is a transparent part that has different characteristics. In one double-glazed window there can be 2 or 3 glasses. Also, shockproof glass can take place in it.
  7. Low tides and window sills. Since they are selected according to the size of the structure, they can affect the total cost. Wooden products have a higher price than white plastic.
  8. Finishing slopes. This is the installation of a new design, thanks to which the design takes on a finished look.
  9. Stained-glass windows and lamination. If the white window does not fit your interior, you can choose a film of the laminated type, which will make it more suitable for the interior.
  10. Installation of products. The installation itself is also a paid service. Its price depends on the complexity of the installed structure and its size.

Dimensions and type of profile

Standard PVC Window Sizes
Standard PVC Window Sizes

Optimum window block sizes and openings are those defined by GOST standards. A three-leaved window can be 2070 mm high - while GOST allows such values.

The standards indicate standard window sizes for dormer-type windows, as well as for balcony doors. As for the windows for Khrushchev, they also have their own norm indicators.

They can have a wide windowsill and be bivalve, that is, have dimensions of 1450 × 1500. Tricuspid standard designs have such indicators - 2040 × 1500.

Profiles for plastic products can be single-chamber, two-chamber or three-chamber. When choosing a profile, you should rely on the number of cameras that it contains, the quality of the glass and its width.

It is also important to pay attention to such features as:

  1. The number of cameras in the profile.
  2. its thickness.
  3. Glass unit thickness.
  4. Class and brand profile.

Type of double-glazed window

Double-glazed windows for plastic windows

Double-glazed window - This is a multilayer structure, which consists of several elements arranged in a specific order. The structure includes an air chamber and glass. Technical characteristics of the structure can be improved due to good sound insulation, tightness and thermal insulation.

Glasses can be fastened with a plastic or metal frame around the perimeter. Between the glass is usually argon or air.

There are also types of double-glazed windows that have a general construction purpose. They have thermophysical and noise insulation properties. They also have aesthetic and protective characteristics.

Double-glazed windows can be of complex configuration, namely:

  • round;
  • triangular;
  • arched;
  • trapezoidal;

What measurements need to be made?

Thus, window measurements are taken
Thus, window measurements are taken

When taking measurements of windows, you need to take into account many nuances. No need to resize the window opening yourself, otherwise when window installation difficulties may arise that entail additional costs.

You should measure:

  1. The geometric characteristic, and also take into account the possibility of placing materials for thermal insulation.
  2. The location of the window structure in the opening, taking into account the width of the material and the walls.
  3. A double-glazed window can have a different number of cameras, and their width is determined by the size of your window.
  4. It is necessary to determine the number of wings.
  5. Make accurate measurements of the ebbs, windowsill, bay windows and visor.

In order not to get into an unpleasant situation and make inaccurate measurements, contact the company where you intend to order and install such products. A master will arrive at your address, who will not only record all the values ​​accurately, but also determine the amount of materials, as well as the cost of the work.

How to calculate the cost?

Plastic windowIn order to calculate the cost of the window, you need to pay attention to such features as the size of the glass and the number of cameras in it; the shape of the window and its design; accessories and installation of windows.

Each company has its own price list for window installation services. If you choose a well-known company, get ready to pay more money both for materials and for the work of installers. However, often, contacting a reputable company is a guarantee of high quality.

In order to make it easier for you to understand what plastic window products are, we will provide you with the following information:

  1. Blind plastic windows that do not have an opening structure. They are the cheapest and ideal for both offices and houses and apartments.
  2. Rotary products are the most popular in our time. They can have several flaps, which often open horizontally.
  3. Composite window - This is a design that combines several ways of opening. Opening mode changes according to the rotation of the handle. Often, they cost a little more than other designs, however, they are quite convenient and functional, since you can independently adjust the air direction.

Installation may have different costs. First of all, it depends on the prestige of the company in which you order window products. If it works only recently, then to attract customers there will not be too high prices.

If she has already managed to prove herself to be of impeccable quality and excellent service, then the installation cost here will be higher.

Now you have the opportunity to calculate the cost online. You can do this directly on the website of the company that installs windows. To do this, you need to choose the type of window, its size and other special features. Having looked at the amount on the Internet, you can count on how much it will cost you to install one product.

You can also use the calculator, which is located at the link .

Many people think that installing windows is not difficult, so they take it on their own. However, they are very much mistaken. During installation, you may miss a part or accidentally damage the window. Therefore, self-installation can cost you a pretty penny.

Collect the necessary amount of money so as not to get into an unpleasant situation when you will call the masters to your home.

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