What is sip panels: advantages and reviews of owners

Now in the construction market a huge amount of materials that can be successfully used for the construction of buildings. However, not all of them are considered really high-quality. And those that undoubtedly outperform all others in quality, as a rule, have a considerable price that not everyone can afford.

Sip panels


  • Production technology
  • Composition, characteristics and properties
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Construction technology
  • Cost and reviews

That is why sip panels, which can also be called sandwich panels can be noted separately.

They have a very interesting structure:

  1. Two layers of iron.
  2. Insulation located between them.

Bonding of parts, as a rule, occurs in two ways of pressing:

  1. Hot.
  2. Cold.

There is still much debate about what kind of pressing should be used in a particular case. They can be used both for the construction of full-fledged houses, and for cottages and garages. That is why it is customary to divide this material by type of end use.

However, the main criterion for separation will be the very arrangement of the sandwich panels:

  1. Roofing
  2. Wall.

They are great for those types of buildings that need to be quick-assembled, but not as durable as possible. However, the durability of the house from sip panels can still be improved if you use certain technologies that are aimed at this.

With their help, it is possible to build commercial buildings, and more precisely, for this purpose they were invented.

Production technology

Press for the manufacture of sip panels

Panels may have a different composition, but the initial concept is always the same. In order to produce them, certain raw materials, such as chipboard and polyurethane glue, are needed. Without these components, the production of sip panels is impossible.

The production process itself is quite simple. However, violation of one of the paragraphs can lead to damage to the material.

The assembly of sheets implies several points:

  1. Cleaning the platform of the machine and laying a sheet on it.
  2. Glue application.
  3. Laying the chip layer.
  4. In parallel with the third paragraph, glue is applied.
  5. Spraying water over glue.
  6. Covering the second sheet.

Further, the panels are glued using a press. This process lasts about fifteen or twenty minutes.

After that, the sheets are already sent directly to the warehouse and pass quality control.

Composition, characteristics and properties

Sip panel

The composition is always the same. It includes sheathing and insulation. Differences can only be in the thickness of the constant components. It is best to use the standard sizes of these materials in order to accurately be sure of their quality and reliability.

The skin thickness of at least 12 mm is the best option, which is suitable for both home and any commercial premises.

Sip panels can have different sizes. And this is due to the place of their production. We can distinguish European and American standards, which are somewhat different from each other.

European sizes:

  1. Width 1.25-1.2 m.
  2. Length 2.5-2.8 m (rarely - 3-6 m).

US sizes: 2.44 × 1.22 m.

The thickness is not separated, that is, it is equal to the entire thickness of the construction of the sip panel, including facing and filling.

The weight of the panels can also be different and it depends mainly on which building they are needed for. There is a whole table of standard weight for sip panels and it is not difficult to find it on the Internet. Often it can be seen at the place where the sip panels are sold.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of sip panels for building a house

Each construction technology and materials that are used for this have their own disadvantages and advantages, which it should always be taken into account, since it is precisely this in the future that can greatly affect the quality of the obtained object and its durability.


  1. High heat capacity. Everyone knows that sip-type panels are very energy-efficient. Moreover, this has long been proven in practice.
  2. Strength. As a result of the installation, a very strong frame is obtained, which can easily withstand the most difficult loads.
  3. The ease of the construction. Due to the fact that this material is very light, in order to assemble sip panels, you do not need to use any difficult-to-access equipment.
  4. Simplicity. Assembling a house is quite simple, for this you need to know only the very basics of assembly.
  5. Large area of ​​the room. The walls of sip panels are thinner than the walls of bricks, but the result is the same.


  1. High percentage of fire. Of course, there can be a fire in any house, however, the percentage of house fires precisely from sip panels is somewhat higher.
  2. Ecological hazard. Buildings are considered quite harmful to the ecological environment due to the large amount of impurities that are used for their manufacture.
  3. The need for ventilation. This drawback is very doubtful, since ventilation is still needed for any home. However, if for brick houses the simplest ventilation pipe is quite suitable, then for sip ventilation panels should be larger and more complex so that people feel comfortable in such houses.

Construction technology

Vulture HouseThe construction itself can be divided into several stages, which should be carried out strictly and then the work will turn out at the highest level:

  1. Delivery of panels.
  2. Installation of the foundation.
  3. Laying basement panels.
  4. Layer coating bituminous mastic.
  5. Connection of sip panels using a tongue-and-groove device.
  6. Installation of binding boards (usually a special template is used for accuracy).
  7. Installation of wall panels.
  8. Checking the vertical position using the level.
  9. Installation of roofing panels.
  10. Sealing seams of roofing panels.

After that, you can already begin the general installation of the house.

If you decide to build a house precisely from sip panels, then it is better to use materials that have a filling exclusively of polystyrene foam. They are considered truly high quality and durable.

Cost and reviews

House made of vulture panels

The main criterion will, of course, be the producing country. If you buy Russian sip panels, they will cost slightly less than European and American. The Chinese are considered to be the cheapest, but they are of poor quality and are unlikely to be able to stand for really long and at the same time look presentable.

But nevertheless, sip panels have an average price, which usually ranges from 1,500 rubles. per square meter.

It’s better not to skimp on the price of material for construction, as in the end you will also spend a lot of money, and the result will not please you at all.

If you are offered panels at a price of 1000 rubles. per square meter or even lower - this is a great reason to think about the quality of the offered goods, since it is unlikely to be high for such a suspiciously low price.

That is why it is better to purchase materials for building a house from trusted suppliers and only from well-known brands.

Quality guarantees not only the safety of the resulting structure, but also its heat resistance and durability, and all this is very important, because it is better to immediately choose the best materials that do not cause suspicion and ultimately enjoy the received object.

Sip panels have very positive reviews and for the most part people are satisfied with the received houses with the help of this material.

Many say they are very happy about how quickly they were able to build their home using these panels. Especially quite residents of the colder corners of the world, since it is houses from sip panels that can significantly save on heating, as they are very heat-resistant.

Also, the owners are pleased with their price. You can easily notice that building a house out of brick will be much more expensive than using sip panels. In addition, the ease of assembly is very pleasing.

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