Garden Pegs from China


Recently, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict the weather for the next two weeks. We do not trust meteorologists, but unfortunately there are no other landmarks for the beginning of the planting season.

Sudden frosts can easily destroy dreams about the future harvest, so experienced gardeners know several proven methods. For example, the use of additional cover materials.

Plants under agrovoloknom "survive" any frost. Summer residents who do not want to organize separate mini-greenhouses with spunbond, usually just lay the material over the bed. In this case, the agglomerates are fixed with special plastic pegs.

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With the help of such "carnations" it is very easy to make a hole, but agrovolokno or film will not break further. Pegs are usually sold in packages - at least 10 pieces. Internet shops in Russia and Ukraine also feature pegs equipped with additional locks and rope rings.
The material from which are made, "carnations" assumes year-round use and an unlimited shelf life. Unlike metal, plastic does not rust, nor does it crumble like a tree. Special notches allow you to poke the peg at the required depth. Packing in domestic stores will cost about 150 rubles.

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A similar product is on the AliExpress website. Sellers from China also offer plastic pegs for fixing the agricultural fiber at a relatively low price. Externally, the products are almost identical, the only difference is the absence of a ring to bind the rope. Length - 1, see
Six "burrs" on each stud provide a secure anchorage - the material will be literally chained to the ground, and even the strongest gust of wind will not leave your plants without shelter. A set of 10 products will cost a little more - 190 rubles (including paid delivery of 45 rubles).

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According to the reviews, the declared quality of the peg is fully consistent with reality. Rarely there are problems with delivery, because sharp edges can tear packages, and the parcel comes in terrible form. In general, buyers recommend the goods, but given the price and paid delivery, you can save at least 50 rubles when ordering in a Russian online store.

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