How to choose an electric toothbrush: mechanical, sonic or ultrasonic

High-quality brushing will protect your teeth not only from plaque and caries, but also from serious ailments of the oral cavity. An ordinary brush has long proved its low efficiency, which is confirmed by many studies. To replace their "prehistoric" colleagues came electrical devices of varying degrees of "advanced". How to choose an electric toothbrush correctly to use it for a long time, and in which cases it is better to do with a mechanical device?


  1. Types of devices and their features
  2. Electric or ultrasonic brushes
  3. How to choose an electric toothbrush: parameters and criteria
  4. How to choose an electric toothbrush: a practical guide
  5. How to choose an electric toothbrush for a child?
  6. Model Overview
  7. Video Tips for Choosing

Types of devices and their features

Now on the shelves of stores you can find three types of devices for "lazy" brushing your teeth:

  • Mechanical type. The most popular model that has been successfully implemented on the market for many years. A rounded head, several rows of bristles - you probably have come across this device many times. Cleaning occurs due to circular and translational movements;
  • Ultrasound model acts with a generator of the corresponding frequencies. Ultrasound destroys the connecting bonds of microbes with the surface of the teeth, which makes cleaning better and more complete;
  • Sonic toothbrush has a built-in oscillatory sound wave generator. Naturally, enamel cleansing also occurs due to the powerful movements of numerous bristles, but sound waves play the role of “detectors” of microbes.

Electric or ultrasonic brushes

A sonic toothbrush is only gaining popularity, so let's talk about two old-timers - an electric and an ultrasonic brush. If you are considering a more economical option, then the best electric brush in this aspect. Ultrasound is many times more expensive, but at the same time its effectiveness is higher. Due to the generator, the bristles make up to one hundred thousand revolutions per minute, which the electric device can not yet - its performance is from 5 to 30 revolutions. But the electrical equipment has bypassed its ultrasonic counterpart in harmlessness - it has fewer contraindications for use.

Ultrasound has a powerful effect on the surface of the teeth, which sometimes leads to undesirable side effects, such as:

  1. Destruction of crowns / fillings (due to the difference in vibrations of foreign bodies and the teeth themselves arising during the cleaning process);
  2. Destruction of enamel in weakened areas;
  3. Inflammation of the gums and areas near the roots of the teeth.

How to choose an electric toothbrush: parameters and criteria

Before you buy a particular model, you should think about the additional costs - is it convenient for you to purchase batteries monthly. Battery-powered devices require recharging and cost a little more, but they have higher power and efficiency.

Head movement is also an important factor - 3d technology, for example, allows you to clean two teeth at the same time on both sides. The point is in the direction of movement of the rows of bristles - three heads rotating in different directions have the most powerful effect on all sides of the tooth.

Which toothbrush is better? Of course, one in which you can change the mode. In addition to the daily cleaning that any electrical device provides you with, you can use non-standard options (exist on expensive models), such as polishing, massage, etc.

Replaceable nozzles are also a great advantage. Even if your brush is the simplest and most inexpensive, it can perform additional functions. Nozzles, of course, can be purchased, but it’s good when they come bundled with a specific model.

Types of nozzles:

  • Floss asset - used for deep cleansing in between the teeth (like a floss thread);
  • Double brushing - affects not only the surface of the teeth, also affects the gums, tongue;
  • For sensitive teeth - the nozzle has a softer bristle that delicately removes plaque without damaging the structure of the tooth;
  • Whitening - with a rubber head in the center of the cleaning surface.

You do not know which electric toothbrush to choose, but do you have the means for an expensive purchase? Pay attention to intelligent models that allow you to control the force of pressure and regulate the time of exposure to the tooth. Built-in sensors expose each surface to an individual impact, and a convenient display will help you navigate while cleaning.

How to choose an electric toothbrush: a practical guide

What immediately catches your eye when choosing a device? Brand I do not want to trust my health and the beauty of a smile to unverified companies. Yes, Chinese fakes will cost less (about 200-500 rubles), but their service time is limited, and the effectiveness is questionable. Well-established brands are Oral-B, Philips and Panasonic. The last two firms are well known to us for the production of household appliances of all categories, and Oral-B It specializes in the production of electric toothbrushes, although it is a division of the company Braun.

Manufacturers tie consumers to one brand with nozzles that have a limited duration, and are only suitable for brand models.

What kind of electric toothbrush is suitable for inveterate travelers, and those who do not always have a socket at hand? Battery-powered models are cheaper and good for their mobility. But for the house, we advise you to choose battery devices - you do not need to buy batteries every month, just connect it to the network for a couple of hours, and the device is operational for a week.

Two or three moving nozzles are preferred - most often manufacturers call this option 2- or 3d cleaning technology. Undoubtedly, the impact will be versatile, which will allow getting rid of plaque more efficiently, therefore, the chance of developing caries in hard-to-reach places will be less.

The size of the brush head should be optimal. Many dentists assure that the smaller the head, the better, but this opinion is debatable, because a small tip will cope with cleaning much longer than its slightly oblong "Associates." The ideal size is 1.5 centimeters. It is this distance that is enough to cover the surface of two teeth at once. So, the duration of the procedure will take about two minutes. But do not focus on too large heads - they are ineffective in dealing with food debris in the interdental space.

Electric Toothbrush: How to choose a bristle? Dentists recommend using a medium stiff bristle - it copes well with plaque, but does not damage the enamel and does not lead to destruction. This rule applies to both conventional and electrical appliances. But for people with sensitive teeth (damaged enamel), only soft bristles are suitable. The same applies to children's toothbrushes - baby teeth are still quite soft, and any damage can lead to an involuntary visit to the dentist, which is undesirable. The length of the bristles should not be the same - on the upper head “hairs” should protrude, which allows you to clean the distant teeth.

The handle should be ergonomic and comfortable so that you can rotate the device in your mouth in any direction. It is also worth paying attention to the angle of inclination - 30-45 ̊ relative to the bristles is the most optimal.

How to choose an electric toothbrush for a child?

For most children, such devices are simply necessary in order to become accustomed to the daily hygiene procedure. He put the equipment to the tooth - and it cleaned everything itself, no need to strain and drive the brush in different directions. It’s bad, of course, that the cleaning algorithm is not developed, so we recommend using the appliance no more than 1-2 times a week.

But this is great entertainment that causes positive emotions in children. Carefully monitor the correct use of the brush and explain why you need to direct it in one direction or another. Remember that this equipment can only be used from the age of three. For children, electric brushes with soft rounded bristles are suitable - it will not damage the structure of soft teeth.

It is advisable for a child to choose a device with several modes so that it can work delicately. At a young age, it is better to use a battery-powered device, as most likely, it will be used irregularly, and you won’t have to recharge it again. When the child is more conscious, you can buy him a more expensive model with various capabilities - this will interest the child in taking care of himself. Explain that a beautiful smile is daily work, but control the use of nozzles for polishing and whitening to prevent damage to the enamel.

Model Overview

One of the best representatives of Oral-B is the professional dental center OXYJET, which includes a brush with 3 operating modes, an irrigator, 9 nozzles. Charging is enough for 50 minutes of work.


PRO EXPERT is a more economical battery powered option. Simple toothbrush with one speed of work. Suitable for business trips and travel.


The average price level of this company ranges from 6 to 13 thousand rubles, depending on the number of nozzles. All these brushes are equipped with a battery and are charged from the mains. Usage time from 25 to 40 minutes.

Panasonic introduced the compact model EW-DS90, which looks neat, has a lid for transportation and, most likely, most girls will like it very much. There are three color variations.


For detailed care, a slightly more expensive Panasonic EW-DL82 model is suitable. Battery, indicator and timer are included. Specifications at a fairly high level - 31,000 movements per minute, non-stop operation 90 minutes, 2 modes of operation.

Panasonic EW-DL82

Philips is also not inferior to competitors and creates several product lines. For example, Sonicare is an expensive but effective sonic electric brush with a variety of options for the care and treatment of teeth. Reducing bleeding, delicate handling of sensitive teeth, penetration into the most inaccessible spaces are the distinctive qualities of these devices. And, of course, a bright and unusual appearance in the hi-tech style. DiamondClean is a true decoration of the bathroom.


Budget option with a modest feature set HX 6511/02. But it is well suited for daily care:

HX 6511/02

Video Tips for Choosing

In more detail and clearly about the choice of a toothbrush, see the following video:

You will learn the smallest subtleties of choice with justification from dentists, hear the recommendations of specialists and an overview of popular models.

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