How to choose a hair dryer: styling and drying? The best models

To choose a good dryer for drying, it is important to familiarize yourself with the main parameters and technical characteristics of the device. It is equally important to know in advance what functions the device should have, which will help you shorten the selection period and narrow the store assortment.


  1. What parameters to choose a hair dryer
  2. Types of Hair Dryers
  3. Selection tips
  4. Review of the best models
  5. Video Tips

What parameters to choose a hair dryer

The following series of requirements includes the main parameters that can always be found on the technical card or device price tag:

  1. Power. This indicator provides the effect of the device on the hair. Depending on the length and density of your hair, you should choose more or less power. The point here is not only the harm that can be done, but also that an insufficient amount of power will significantly complicate the drying procedure for owners of thick curls.
    1200 W is a rather weak power, which is suitable for short hair or those whose hair is thin. If you do not belong to this category, then it is better to buy a more powerful model, for example, at 1600 watts.
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    If it is planned that people with different hair types will use the hairdryer, then you can choose a model with adjustable power.
  2. Additional functions. This may include the function of supplying cold air or ionization, which is responsible for the health of the hair and the safe use of the hair dryer. Accordingly, the price is formed from the presence of these functions.
  3. Regulatory modes. Classic models can only change one indicator - for example, temperature or power. More advanced and expensive ones have two switches, separately for temperature and separately for power (often these are professional models). If you want to buy a hair dryer for everyday drying and do not need additional functions, then it is quite possible to do with one regulator.
  4. Nozzles. A classic hair dryer for styling should be equipped with 2-3 nozzles, no more. More professional models or options for those who often use a hair dryer to create styling rather than drying, are equipped with a large number of nozzles and are much more convenient to use.

For styling and creating hairstyles, you also need irons, and on how to choose the right hair straightener, read here.

Types of Hair Dryers

Answering the question “what are hair dryers”, there are two classifications. The first of them divides the devices into classes, which are as follows: household, semi-professional and professional. The first two varieties are usually suitable for use at home, the latter - in hairdressing and beauty salons. But the following classification is most popular:

  1. Hubs Such a hair dryer for laying has one slit-shaped nozzle, which directs a single flow of air to only one strand. Using it, you can conveniently prepare thin hair for further styling, but you risk drying out a thick hairstyle.
    In most cases, these models are quite compact and can easily be in a travel bag.
  2. Diffuser. The nozzle of such a hairdryer is made in the form of a large circle with short plastic teeth, which help to maximize the distribution of air through the hair. Thus, you can dry your head in a short period and not cause significant damage to your hair. Read more - how to use a hairdryer diffuser.
  3. Hair dryer-styler or hair dryer for short and long hair. This model is perfect for everyday styling. A kit with such a hairdryer often includes a number of round combs with long and short teeth. Stylers are also usually equipped with several convenient modes that allow you to control styling yourself. The standard set of nozzles includes a comb for twisting, straightening and giving volume. In addition, if you remove the nozzle, the device can be used as a classic hair dryer.

For those who want to learn how to choose a hair dryer, you should also give a classification of varieties of hair dryers. It can be a pen gun, a pen cylinder and a compact version. In the first case, the housing is at an angle with respect to the handle; it can usually be adjusted by customizing it. Cylinders are light weight classic options that are suitable for non-professionals. Compact models weigh several hundred grams and have advantages when traveling and traveling.

Selection tips

So, if you are not sure how to choose the right dryer for drying and which model of the company will be the most suitable, then the following recommendations will help you make the right decision:

  1. Before coming to the store, decide on the purpose of the purchase. Perhaps you need an option with which it will be possible to carry out drying and styling, perhaps a hairdryer for only one of these functions. In addition, if you need professional hair dryers, then you should contact a specialized salon. By the way, there you can buy a good clipper, the main thing to know selection rules.
  2. Clarify what kind of hair you have. The power of the purchased device may depend on this. Often in stores, consultants mistakenly say that the greater the power, the better and better the model, but in reality this is absolutely not so. Therefore, try to give preference to a power of not more than 1200 watts for thin hair and not less than 1500 watts for thick. This will help to reduce the drying time and make it as safe as possible.
  3. Additional functions. If you choose a professional hair dryer for styling, then it is highly likely that it is already equipped with all the functions necessary for this - supply of cold air, ionization and etc. If you choose a model for home use, but also need these or other additional functions, you should inform the seller in advance to the consultant.
  4. Nozzles. It also depends on which hair dryer is right for you. If you are a fan of styling, make them often and change your image with pleasure, then you should choose a wider configuration.
  5. Cord length. Evaluate the room where you usually dry your hair or intend to do it. Thus, you can approximately calculate the length of the hair dryer cord - such a trifle can sometimes cause considerable discomfort when using the device.
  6. Finally, when you are already in the store and considering specific options, be sure to test your model. To do this, take it in your hand, imagine that dry your hair. The ideal option should not only fit comfortably in the hand, but also be as light as possible (especially if you choose a medium or large model).

The most durable and high-quality models can be purchased from hairdryer manufacturers such as Bosch, Philips, Braun, Rowenta and VITEK.

Review of the best models

The options described below and presented in the photo are perfect for home use and will be a good option for both styling and drying:

Braun SPI-C 2000 DF Satin Hair Color

Multifunctional model with several different nozzles for drying and styling. Includes 6 convenient modes and 3 heating powers. A sufficiently powerful 2000 W model is suitable for long and thick hair as the best option. The eyelet for hanging allows you to store the device in any accessible room.
Braun SPI-C 2000 DF Satin Hair Color

Bosch PHD9500

High-quality and concise version with nozzles diffuser and hub. It has an ionization function to maintain healthy hair. The kit includes a convenient comb to create stylish looks. 6 different modes of use + cold air function.
Bosch PHD9500

Philips HP8657

High quality styler with ionization function and ceramic-coated nozzles for safe styling. Convenient power of 1000 watts allow you to create hairstyles without fear of overheating. A set of 5 nozzles is a great opportunity to make salon styling at home. Special heat control technology allows you to evenly distribute it throughout all hair without damaging it.
Philips HP8657

Summing up, it should be said that when thinking about which hair dryer to choose, first of all, It is recommended to pay attention to models that take care of hair, and only then - to all the others specifications.

Video Tips

If you still have questions, then in the next video a professional hairdresser will explain in more detail how to choose the perfect hairdryer.

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