How to choose a hob: gas, electric and induction? Which is better?

To understand which hobs are better to analyze a fairly large amount of information, because in the market today there is a wide range of products. First of all, you need to decide on the power source. And here the question arises: gas or electric hob and which one is better to choose?


  1. Determined with a gas hob
  2. How to choose a hob electric panel
  3. How to choose an induction hob?
  4. How to choose a hob and oven?
  5. Rating of the best models of cooking surfaces

Determined with a gas hob

Do you have continuous and uninterrupted access to the gas pipeline? That, no doubt, should be installed gas hob, the choice of which must be made according to the following criteria:

  • design;
  • material;
  • burners.

First, you need to focus on the design. The question will be whether to choose whether it is dependent or independent. The fact is that dependent cooktops are installed only together with the oven, on which all the control buttons are located. For a gas surface of such a plan, you will have to purchase an oven of a similar company, which means not only their joint installation, but also installation near each other. This arrangement is not always convenient, so the advantages of an independent model in this case are undeniable.

Now we determine how to choose the hob according to its surface characteristics:

  • Glass ceramic panels stand out with a decent heating area, stylish design and ease of maintenance for a smooth surface. However, they also have such disadvantages: sensitivity to sugar-containing products, mechanical shock and damage to heavy objects. Abrasive materials should be discarded to clean such surfaces.
  • Strained glass for a gas hob - a new fad, however, unlike glass ceramics, tempered glass is stronger material that is not afraid of mechanical shocks and is resistant to temperature changes due to the presence of protective hardened glasses. Therefore, which surface is better you guessed. However, it is still possible to damage it with a metal object, especially when chips appear along the edges.

Attention! When choosing glass-ceramic panels or tempered glass panels, attention should be paid to the grill, the edges of which should be protected by rubber tips. This will prevent scratches on such sensitive surfaces.

  • Budget option in stainless alloys steel makes it possible to choose an enameled coating of any color and design. Such a gas hob is not afraid of damage or temperature changes, but is sensitive to scratches. Therefore, during operation it quickly loses its original appearance and luster. A good alternative is to choose a matte or polished finish.

To understand which hob is better, pay attention to the type and size of the hobs:

  • Grill rings in the form of a lattice, under which a heat source is located and used for frying vegetables and meat without adding oil;
  • Burner crowns with flame dividers, more practical and make it possible to cope with good amounts of food in a short time;
  • Coup de feu burners for professional cuisine. This is a cast iron surface, heating from below.

Be sure to look at the grilles. The most practical and reliable option compared to the stainless steel lattice made of cast iron. Ask your consultant for the dimensions or look at the product data sheet so that your gas hob fits into the countertop.

No less useful in the gas hob additional features such as:

  1. a main switch that stops gas from accessing all burners at once;
  2. rotary switches, which make it possible to adjust the height of the flame;
  3. burner timer function;
  4. gas blocking in the absence of ignition of burners.

To determine which gas surface to choose, you need to pay attention to the panels where various burners that differ from each other in their functionality: multi-level, ultra-fast, powerful and standard.

Therefore, carefully choose which gas hob can satisfy all your requirements and requests!

How to choose a hob electric panel

If you do not have the opportunity to connect to the gas pipeline, then you will have no problem choosing an electric or gas hob. Despite the fact that the gas hob will cost you to operate much more economically, with safety points - gas or electric, the choice will be in favor of the latter due to the absence of leaks gas.

To understand how to choose an electric surface, pay attention to the following points.

Hob surface: glass-ceramic, enameled or stainless steel.

The first two options have already been discussed in this article a little higher. Therefore, it is better to stay on a stainless steel, which is in no way inferior to an enameled coating. Rather, on the contrary, such a surface is simpler and more practical because caring for it is much easier.

The only drawback of such a coating is that there is no freedom to choose a color scheme, but in principle this option is considered universal. We hope that now you know the answer to the question of how to choose a hob depending on its coating.

How to choose an electric surface depending on the type of heating element: it can be cast iron, rapid and induction.

The last classification involves the use of different types of heating rings: induction or traditional heating. Recently, many buyers have a question of choice: electric or induction. However, it is only the buyer who can familiarize himself with the features of the work of the latter will be able to clearly answer the question which electric hobs are better.

How to choose an induction hob?

Kitchen appliances are constantly evolving and today we have already become aware of induction hobs, which:

  1. due to the lack of intermediate heating, they quickly heat up and hold heat for a long time;
  2. economical use of a heating surface;
  3. durability due to the use of glass-ceramic coating, the problems of which we have already become familiar with;
  4. ease and simplicity of cleaning.

It should be noted the safety of such burners due to their heating method, which consists in magnetizing and, accordingly, heating only the bottom of the dishes used.

Nevertheless, an induction or conventional electric burner is your choice.

How to choose a hob and oven?

We hope that you can choose a gas or electric hob, following our simple tips. However, what to look for when choosing an oven, we will tell you a little more. To do this, we will listen to expert advice on this matter and get acquainted with some models that they will advise us.

Pay attention to the type of oven - dependent or independent. This criterion will allow you to specifically determine which model to choose so that its characteristics and qualities match your needs.

The oven at your discretion can be selected with or without convection simple static, with the function of a double boiler or microwave and many other programs. And pyrolytic cleaning generally works wonders - now you just have to brush away the ashes with a rag.

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Rating of the best models of cooking surfaces

A fairly wide range of possibilities when choosing hobs makes the buyer think about the questions: Which hob to buy, and which hob would be better? To unravel this tangle a bit, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating models of cooking surfaces for 2016:

Electrolux EHF 56547 FK


The model, which stands out with a powerful panel with 14 operating modes, a perfect display, the ability to set the cooking time and the ability to turn off automatically. There is a backlight, child protection mode and quick heating. The originality of the design is expressed in black glass ceramic.

Zanussi ZEV 6340 XBA


The undisputed market leader in kitchen appliances. This model boasts an unusually smooth surface, thought-out control system using a modern digital display. Reliability glass-ceramic coating gives a metal frame along its contour.

Zanussi has distinguished itself by yet another model. ZEI 5680 FB.

ZEI 5680 FB

It should also be noted such models of other leading manufacturers Hotpoint-Ariston KRM 641 DX, Gorenje GW 65 CLI and G6 SYW, Gunter & Hauer GH 41 C, Hansa BHGW 63111035. However, in your rating there may be other brands to which you give your preference. Good choice and successful shopping!

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