How to make a furnace buleryian do-it-yourself: step-by-step instruction

Externally, the furnace Buleryan resembles a stove with a fancy design. But the effectiveness of this device is much higher, and the scope of application is wider.

Models of industrial production are quite popular, but by making a furnace with the hands of the buleryan, you can provide warmth for the garage, ancillary structure, and even a small house.

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  • How does such a furnace
  • How does it work
  • Self-manufacturing process
  • Useful tips for use
  • Useful video on the topic

How does such a furnace

The principle of work of Buleryana is brilliant in its own way. Here combines the features of the operation of a long-burning furnace and convection of air masses through special tubes. These elements allow you to immediately visually distinguish the Buleryan furnace from other devices of this type. The combustion chamber is designed in such a way that the fuel burns slowly.

Usually loading is calculated on 12 hours of continuous work. This allows you to ensure round-the-clock operation of the device with only two loads of fuel: in the morning and in the evening. The highlight of the design - tube for air. They are integrated into the body of the combustion chamber and are part of it. The upper and lower sections of these tubes remain open.

Furnace Buleryan
If desired, the side walls of the furnace case of the Buleryan can be made double, by welding another sheet of metal on top to reduce heat losses.

From the bottom cold air enters the air ducts, which quickly heats up and goes out through the upper openings into the room. Convection is carried out continuously, so gradually all the air in the room is well and quickly warmed to a comfortable level. The use of tubes as a device case has another undoubted advantage: the constant air circulation does not allow the surface to warm up to a dangerous level.

As a result, it is much more difficult to get burned by touching the Buleryan stove than when in contact with the surface of the stove. It is possible to heat in this way not only air, but also water. To do this, it is necessary to connect the Buleryan stove with a heat exchanger through which the water heating circuit will pass.

The principle of operation of the furnace Buleryan
The movement of air masses through air ducts located on the side walls of the body is carried out in a natural way: cold air flows from the bottom, hot air moves up

It is worth noting that in order to ensure the combustion process of the fuel in such a device, first ignition, during which the firewood is enclosed gradually in small portions until the chamber is is full. After that, it remains only to load firewood into the furnace every 12 hours.

In the furnace, the process of slow combustion of wood is carried out, which takes place in two stages, as in other boilers of this type. First, the fuel burns slowly with a small amount of oxygen. As a result of this process a flammable gas is formed. Then it connects with the air. The second stage consists in the combustion of this gas-air mixture, which emits a large amount of thermal energy.

Coppers of long burning are characterized by high efficiency as they allow to receive much more heat, than at usual burning of wood. The efficiency of the Buleryan furnace due to the implementation of this technology is about 80%. The performance of even small models can exceed five cubic meters of warm air per hour, which is quite enough even for spacious rooms.

How does it work

The furnace Buleryan consists of such elements as:

  • furnace chamber formed of bent tubes and strips of metal;
  • secondary combustion chamber;
  • back wall;
  • front wall;
  • fuel loading door;
  • chimney pipe;
  • ashpit;
  • injector;
  • chimney gate;
  • power regulator;
  • blew, etc.

The back wall is made of two sheets of metal, separated by a small space. This protects part of the device body from warming up to high temperatures, and also increases the overall efficiency of the furnace. In the secondary combustion chamber, combustion of combustible gases formed during fuel smoldering in the primary section of the combustion chamber takes place.

Furnace device Buleryan
Before starting work on the manufacture of the furnace Buleryan with your own hands, it is necessary to study in detail its design and principle of operation

In addition to the door, there is a handle on the front wall with which the amount of air entering the chamber is regulated. The chimney gate performs similar functions. You can use only one of these elements to control the combustion process, or use them simultaneously.

Ashpit dimensions, i.e. Ash collection tanks are small, and this is justified. If the furnace Buleryan is correctly started, then in the process of work the firewood will burn almost completely, therefore the ash will be the minimum amount or it will not be at all. In the front door is mounted several important elements. It is collected separately and then hung with welded metal loops.

For the sake of increasing the efficiency of the device, some manufacturers close the Buleryan furnace with a double case. This is not a necessary but desirable element in the design. If enough sheet metal is available, the furnace can be welded at the end of the main assembly. curved elements on top of the tubes that will hide the tubular “ribs” and make the device more safe.

Self-manufacturing process

Given the not the simplest design of the device, it makes sense to make a drawing of the furnace Buleryan in advance or to find a finished project, for example, on the Internet. We will have to cut and cook a lot of sheet metal, which requires a welding machine and skills to work with such equipment. For successful cutting of metal, experts recommend using patterns.

Cutting metal parts
For cutting sheet metal parts, it is recommended to use cardboard templates to precisely maintain the dimensions and configuration of the elements.

The main material for the manufacture of the Buleryan stove is sheet metal 5-6 mm thick and metal pipes with approximately the same wall thickness and an outer diameter of 50-60 mm. It will be necessary to use a pipe bender to give the tubular elements the desired configuration. To check the position of the individual elements relative to each other, use the construction of the hydraulic level.

For the normal course of the workflow will need a number of tools and materials. For example, you need a sufficient number of electrodes to the welding machine, pipe cutter, tape measure, marker, clamps, square, ruler, grinder, etc. They usually start with cutting metal and cutting pipes. Then the remnants of the metal are removed, and the individual elements are welded together, gradually collecting the furnace.

The easiest way to start is with pipes, you need to cut the required number of tubes (for example, eight pieces, depending on the project features) with a length of 120 cm. Using a bender, they are bent to a radius of 225 mm. Elements of the back and front wall, the door, regulators and strips for the body are cut out successively from the sheet of metal.

Tubes for the furnace Buleryan
Tubes for the side walls of the furnace Buleryan need to lay on a flat surface and fix their position using wooden beams

The remaining metal is used for the manufacture of elements of the door, ashpit, branch pipes, etc. Separately make blanks for a V-shaped chamber. The metal bands for the body are cut a little wider than the outer diameter of the tubes. Oval cuts are made at the ends so that they can be welded close to the tubes.

Build the furnace body Buleryan
The side air ducts are joined at the points of contact by welding, then inside I install a V-shaped pan to separate the secondary combustion chamber

The inlet and outlet connections can also be made from sheet metal strips, bending them into a ring. Alternatively, simply cut pieces of suitable length from the metal pipe. But its diameter should be larger than the design, which is used for the device body.

The assembly of the device start with the tubes. Properly bent elements must be laid in a staggered pattern so that the back side of the structure is on the bottom and the front side is on top. To keep the pipes in the correct position, wooden bars with a thickness equal to the external diameter of the metal elements are used.

The furnace case Buleryan do it yourself
The bent strips of metal are applied to the side tubes and are first grasped by welding in some places, and then a solid weld seam is performed.

If the pipes are cut and bent correctly, it will be possible to lay out such a “pyramid” on an even basis without any special problems. After that, the pipes should be welded to each other at the points of contact.

The resulting structure can now be flipped over and welded in the space between the “ribs” V-shaped pan. It will separate the primary combustion chamber from the secondary one. In one of the tubes of the front wall should be an injector for supplying air to the secondary combustion chamber.

Injector for furnace Buleryan
A hole is made in the side tube, into which a narrow injector is welded to ensure air flow into the second section of the combustion chamber.

After that, you can continue to form the body of the stove, welding the previously cut strips of metal to the edges. The best option is when about two-thirds of the pipe diameter is sunk into the body, and a third of these elements remains outside. With the manufacture of the front wall of the stove will have to tinker.

The front wall of the furnace Buleryan
In the front wall of the furnace Buleryan make quite a spacious hole under the loading door, which is welded to a small side

In the blank for the door first make a hole for the blower. A branch pipe is welded to it, in which a damper will be installed, which regulates the flow of air entering the primary combustion chamber. For the flap you need to cut a round part, the diameter of which exactly corresponds to the dimensions of the nozzle. The valve is welded to the valve. After that, an opening is made in the socket along the axis, into which this pin is inserted.

Ready furnace body Buleryan
If the elements of the furnace Buleryan cut and laid correctly, the finished body will look neat. During assembly, the position of each part must be monitored using a building level.

In the blank for the front wall make a hole under the door. A narrow strip of metal is welded to it around the circumference. Two such strips of metal should be welded to the door itself, one along the very edge, the other should be inside at some distance from the first. If everything is done in accordance with the drawings, then the “collar” on the front wall will accurately enter the gap between the edges of the door.

Preparation of a door of the furnace Buleryan
Two sides are made on the round door, between which the side should be accurately welded to the front wall of the furnace Buleryan

It is recommended that an asbestos rope be laid in this space to ensure maximum tightness when closing the door. Now we need to weld the inside of the door, as well as hinges on one side and the eccentric latch on the other. The eccentric lock provides a tight fit of the door to the front wall of the furnace for maximum tightness, which is important in the process of long-burning wood.

Shutter for furnace Buleryan
The gate with a damper on the door of the furnace Buleryan allows you to adjust the amount of air entering inside to establish the optimum mode of operation of the device

Inexperienced master better order this item from a professional turner. The hinges and a metal pin for the latch are also mounted on the body of the furnace. Now welded double rear wall with a hole under the pipe for the chimney. This element is first applied to the finished structure to make sure that its contours exactly coincide with the outlines of the pipes fastened together.

Door manufacturing
It is recommended that the dimensions of the door correspond exactly to the parameters of the opening on the front wall first weld all the necessary elements of the door and “try on” the dimensions of the boot side holes

At this stage, you can cut off unnecessary without any problems. This also applies to other elements - before welding, they are checked for coincidence and corrected if necessary. Now the oven is almost ready. It is necessary to weld four legs to the body. They can be made from bent segments of thick wire.

Latch oven Buleryan
Making an eccentric latch for the furnace door Buleryan requires great precision, it is better to order this item from a good master

The legs are welded to the front and back of the case. The finished device is installed on an even and strong base, covered with fire-resistant materials: asbestos, flat slate, ceramic tiles, etc. The walls around the stove also does not hurt to protect from the effects of high temperatures.

Kiln legs Buleryan
The legs for the body of the furnace Buleryan can be made of very thick wire or bent thin tubes. It is important to give the device stability and proper position.

Now, a pipe is attached to the chimney pipe and secured with a sleeve coupling. In this case, the pipes are installed in a position against the direction of movement of the gases, although the manufacturer recommends that they do otherwise. It is recommended to heat the chimney, for example, using mineral wool.

Door hinges
Metal hinges for the oven door Buleryan is not difficult to make yourself from improvised means and weld in the right place

Useful tips for use

The “wrong” installation of chimney pipes is due to the need to protect the structure from the resin that is formed as a result of the combustion of wood. If this moment is not foreseen, the tar will flow out of the stove, and with such an installation, it will remain in the chimney and gradually burn.

Chimney for furnace Buleryan
At the end of the assembly, the Buleryan furnace is installed on a flat and fire-resistant base and connected to the chimney. At the same time, compliance with fire safety regulations is necessary.

Contamination with tar for the Buleryan furnace is almost inevitable. Over time, the resinous layers accumulate and clog up the device. This is reflected in a noticeable reduction in the efficiency of its work, reduction of thrust, problems with the free movement of the gate. So it's time to clean up the stove.

A lightweight version of this cleaning consists in heating the device with aspen wood. Unfortunately, the practical use of such a measure is small and short-lived. The best way to eliminate tar pollution is burning. To do this, the furnace is strongly melted when the ash pan is open, actually burning all the channels. As a result, tar deposits burn out.

Some craftsmen use oxygen to burn the furnace, bringing the nozzle of the cylinder to the hole of the ash pan. This is an extremely dangerous operation that violates the rules of fire safety. Careless handling of an oxygen balloon near an open flame can cause an explosion.

The fuel for the furnace Buleryan can be used not only firewood, but also waste wood production (chips) or special briquettes. An important condition is low fuel moisture. The less moisture, the less resin is formed inside the stove, and the less will have to clean it.

During operation of the furnace, it is necessary to choose such an operating mode in order to obtain maximum heat with minimum formation of the resin. If the best option is found, cleaning will need to be performed only a couple of times during the heating season.

Useful video on the topic

The real experience of making the furnace Buleryan from scrap materials can be found here:

Independent manufacture of such a device - not the easiest task. But the result is a high-performance and convenient heating device. Experts note that with proper installation and compliance with operating conditions, the service life of the furnace Buleryan is almost unlimited.

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