Why is the microwave sparking inside and what to do? DIY repair

Not many people know what to do if the microwave sparks. But, as with other equipment, problems also periodically occur with it, and sparks in the chamber are perhaps the most common. If arcing became noticeable during operation of the device, you must immediately turn it off, and then find out why the microwave sparks. Failure to do so could result in serious damage.


  1. Incorrect operation of the device
  2. Mica plate replacement required
  3. Damage to the coating inside the chamber

Incorrect operation of the device

Instructions for any microwave oven, as a rule, contain information about which dishes are suitable for use inside the appliance. Failure to follow these recommendations can also lead to the microwave sparking and cracking during operation.


Important! Do not use the device when it has been noticed that the microwave is firing or sparking. Further operation can lead not only to a complete failure of the equipment, but also to irradiation of those who come into contact with it.

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Cookware that is prohibited for use includes metal products and plates or mugs with any metallic border or pattern with golden and silver splashes. Sparking can be short-lived, but its frequent repetition can lead to failure of the magnetron and costly repairs.

When choosing plastic and other utensils for a microwave, you need to be guided by the signs on the products. The drawn waves indicate that such dishes will not harm the device and will not deteriorate from exposure to microwaves. What kind of microwave cookware can I use and how to understand the marking: you will find the answer here.

If the spark appeared due to the use of improper utensils or the fact that cutlery accidentally got into the camera, then it is easy to eliminate it. You just need to stop the microwave and remove the dishes. But if the microwave sparkles even after all objects with signs of metal are removed, then this is a sure sign that it has broken.

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Mica plate replacement required

The most common reason that sparks appear inside a microwave is the burning of a mica plate, which is a diffuser of microwaves. With insufficient care for the microwave, fat and burnt food debris accumulate on the plate. This leads to overheating of the plate and its destruction. In case of untimely replacement of mica, magnetron damage can occur, and this is the main element of the device and costs almost like a microwave itself.

To understand whether the cause of sparking in the diffuser plate is really necessary, it is necessary to take a closer look at which side the sparks are. If sparks are only from the mica side and at the same time a burning smell is felt in the chamber, this indicates that a plate replacement is required. Using a microwave with a defective plate is not safe for the appliance.

Replacing the mica plate from those types of repairs that you can do yourself. First you need to make sure that it is in the diffuser of the microwaves and check for burned spots. Before installing a new plate, the camera must be thoroughly cleaned of grease.

Camera plate

You can buy a new mica plate in a hardware store or in the online store of the manufacturer of a specific microwave oven. The first option is likely to be cheaper, but the size of the plate may not match the one that was installed and will have to be cut. To do this, apply the old mica on top of a new one and cut off the excess with a sharp knife, and all uneven edges are processed with sandpaper so as not to scratch the camera coating during installation. New holes for fastenings can be made using a hammer drill.

More detailed instructions on how to replace the mica plate yourself can be obtained from the video clip:

After installing the plate, the microwave must be checked and make sure that the sparks inside have disappeared. With this check, the oven with an empty chamber must not be turned on.

Damage to the coating inside the chamber

Another common reason that the microwave is cracking and sparkling may be damage to the inside of the appliance. The chamber where food is cooked and heated is covered with special enamel. Burnt food and scratches from dishes over time lead to the appearance of various damage on the walls.

Coating inside the camera

To restore the coating, only special enamel is suitable. Plain paint does not have the desired properties. Of course, this repair is best entrusted to specialists. The procedure is not so expensive, and you have to tinker with the search for coverage. But if there is free time, then you can do everything yourself.

Before restoring the coating, all contaminants must be removed from the walls of the chamber. In those places where the old enamel leaves, it must be removed. Blow out damaged areas with the purchased product and leave for some time. Then check the performance of the device. If sparks did not appear when turned on, then all the manipulations were carried out correctly and gave a positive result.

To prevent fat and food from accumulating on the walls of the chamber, you should regularly clean it. Grease and carbon deposits are more easily removed if the microwave is heated at low power before washing the chamber for 10-15 minutes with water inside. Then wipe the walls of the chamber with a soft sponge dipped in a non-abrasive detergent with a fat-splitting effect.

Too bulky dishes placed in the microwave can also cause damage to the enamel. Even if the plate placed in the chamber does not touch the walls, then when the tray rotates, it may move out a little. With constant friction of the dishes on the walls, enamel will thin out, which will lead to deep damage.

Careful maintenance of kitchen appliances for a long time extends the life of appliances, reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs. For a microwave oven, it is important to clean the chamber on time and use only the dishes intended for it.

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