How to use a diffuser on a hairdryer correctly: instructions, styling, video

Hair styling with a diffuser (nozzles for a hairdryer) - takes a minimum of time and experience in working with hair. As a result, you can get light careless waves or elastic curls. Not many people know, but you can even straighten your hair with a diffuser. How to use such a nozzle, you can find out more.


  1. Diffuser - what is it?
  2. How to style short hair with a diffuser?
  3. How to style medium length hair?
  4. How to style long hair?
  5. How to straighten hair with a diffuser?
  6. How to put curly hair in curls?

Diffuser - what is it?

The diffuser is a round nozzle with “spikes”, the size of which determines not only ease of use, but also the final styling result. In addition to the size of the "spikes", diffusers also differ in the diameter of the disk. Choosing such a nozzle, you should focus on the length of your hair:

  • Wide disc with short spikes - Suitable for hair shoulder length and shorter.
  • Small or medium diameter nozzle with long spikes - Suitable for styling hair below the shoulder blades.
Nozzle diffuser

The "spikes" of plastic diffusers may have special holes at the ends. With their help, the air flow is more extensive than that of hollow spikes. As a result, the hair dries faster, and the probability of burning the roots from an overheated diffuser is eliminated. When using a diffuser with hollow spikes, the strands fly apart less from the air stream and the hairstyle looks more accurate.

There is also a nozzle with soft spikes, mainly made of silicone. Its focus is the same, except that soft is a little easier to use due to the mobility of the spikes. Many people appreciate the use of a diffuser due to its function such as head massage. Using soft "spikes" to massage the head during styling is much more pleasant.

When using a diffuser, do not use the hot air flow mode. The strands and scalp overheat faster than the hair is dried, and take the form of a wave.

How to style short hair with a diffuser?

Getting a sloppy hairstyle and more volume on short hair with a diffuser is a snap:

  1. Wash your hair and let it dry until it is slightly damp.
  2. Treat them with mousse or other styling products.
  3. Insert the diffuser and turn on the hairdryer in minimum mode. The air flow should be warm and non-intense.
  4. If you dry your hair by lightly massaging the roots with a nozzle, you can get an airy volume hairstyle as a result. If you rotate the nozzle during drying, the locks will take the form of a light wave.
  5. After drying your hair, put the strands in the desired hairstyle with your hands or a comb.
  6. Fix the result with a tool, such as varnish.

How to achieve volume for short hair with a diffuser can be seen in the video:

How to style medium length hair?

The hair to the shoulders is the most convenient length for laying with such a nozzle. Following the instructions below, you will get volume and romantic waves:

  1. Divide the entire head of hair into zones: the occipital, 2 temporal, crown and the remaining parietal. Pin them for convenience with clamps or “crabs”.
  2. You can “comb” a strand with your fingers, in a pinch - with a comb with long sparse teeth.
  3. It is right to start from the back of the head, so it is her first to be treated with a tool. Rub the mass for styling a little in the palms and apply it on the hair with a light driving motion.
  4. For convenience, tilt your head to the side. Attach the disconnected hair dryer with the nozzle to the tips. By rotating movements, as if winding hair on "spikes", lay the entire strand in the nozzle.
  5. Turn on the hairdryer in minimum mode. The air should be warm. Dry your hair for a couple of minutes, sometimes massaging the roots. Thus, the volume is attached to the hairstyle.
  6. Lay the temporal zones and the crown in the same way.
  7. Having reached the anterior (parietal) zone, decide on a parting, treat the hair with a product and dry it by tilting your head to that side in which direction the parting will be.
  8. Lightly beat the hair with your hands. If necessary, once again go through the hair diffuser and varnish.

Using a diffuser nozzle to style your hair and create a magnificent hairstyle, an art stylist will show in the following video:

How to style long hair?

Long thin hair can be turned into lush light waves with this nozzle. In this case, it will take much less than laying by other methods.

  1. Divide almost dry clean hair into zones: back, 2 temporal and parietal.
  2. Start styling from the back of the head. After processing the strand with mousse, carefully fold it onto the nozzle, spinning it on the "spikes".
  3. Dry for several minutes with a warm stream of air.
  4. Spray the finished strand with a fixing spray and repeat the procedure if necessary.
  5. Lay the temporal and parietal zones in the same way.
  6. Lay the strands in the right hairstyle, whisking with your fingers and fixing with the product.

Long curls

If the desired result is soft, decorated curls, each strand, before drying, should be treated with a styling agent and combed. Then:

  1. Divide the hair into zones, as in the previous method of styling.
  2. Twist the hair in strands into tight braids along the entire length and blow dry with a hairdryer, laying them in a nozzle in a circular motion.
  3. During operation, the hair dryer should sometimes be moved in a circular motion so that the air stream thoroughly penetrates the twisted strands and dries them.
  4. After the entire zone becomes dry, do not immediately separate the “harnesses”, let them cool, and at this time proceed to the next zones.
Curl Long Hair Diffuser

When all the hair is dried in this way, you can proceed to styling:

  1. Using your fingers, carefully separate each strand into strands. It is acceptable to use a comb with three long teeth.
  2. Give styling a shape, define a parting.
  3. Fix with varnish.

Small curls

Wanting to get small curls, you need to follow the previous method of styling, but at the same time you need to use a diffuser with soft long spikes, which will help create smaller elastic curls.

With thick hair from long and straight hair, it will be quite difficult to get elastic curls with a diffuser. It is better to use another technique, for example, a cone-shaped curling iron (see – how to choose a hair curler).

How to straighten hair with a diffuser?

Straightening the hair with a diffuser will bring a slightly different result than using a special ironing. So, if the result from the ironing is smooth shiny hair, then with the help of a hairdryer and a diffuser there will be a bulk mop of straight hair.

The laying method in this case also changes slightly:

  1. Treat wet hair with a straightener.
  2. Divide the hair into zones, as described in the examples above. If the hair is thick, you can divide the zone into several strands.
  3. Comb the strand and gently pull it down by the ends of the hair. With your other hand, blow dry your hair, as if combing it with the "spikes" of the diffuser. Movements should be directed from top to bottom. Thus, you need to dry all the zones in order.
  4. When all the strands are ready, the ends of the hair can be treated with special wax. So the styling will look more designed and neat. To do this, rub a little wax on the fingers and apply it to the ends along a small strand, slightly twisting them inward.

How to put curly hair in curls?

If your hair is naturally curly, then it will be even easier to make a hairstyle. To do this, apply mousse to clean, damp hair, tilting your head down. The product should be applied by hand, collecting and fixing the lock for a couple of seconds in a fist. Next, with the help of a nozzle with "spikes" we dry the hair in parts, as if twisting them on a diffuser.

Hair styling with a diffuser

Raise your head, distribute all the strands in the desired styling. Take a hairdryer again, without tilting your head. Beat the hair with your hands and sprinkle with varnish.

Choosing hair dryer, pay attention to whether the nozzle-diffuser is included in the kit, because thanks to it, you can create a hairstyle with a “wet effect” in a matter of minutes or put your hair in natural vortices.

If your hairdryer does not have a diffuser, it can be purchased separately. When choosing, focus on the diameter of the ring of equipment from which the air flow originates. Do not forget about styling products.

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