How to choose an oven: electric or gas? Which company is better?

Before you start choosing an oven, decide where to install it. Ovens have different dimensions, so make all the necessary measurements (especially if you are going to purchase built-in appliances) and only then look at other characteristics of the equipment.

The standard width of the oven is 60 cm. Height and depth are about the same, but there are exceptions. You can find narrow models for small kitchens (45 cm) and wide cabinets (90 cm).


  1. Types of Ovens
  2. Culinary features
  3. Cleaning technology
  4. The best models
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The chamber volume varies between 60-70 liters, however, models with 85 liters can also be found. In a narrow oven, the volume does not exceed 45 liters, but it is enough for cooking dishes for 2-3 people.

Types of Ovens

For the right choice, you need to understand what types of ovens generally exist. You can give a bunch of classifications, but we will focus on two main parameters - the method of heating and the dependence on the cooking surface.

Gas or electric

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On the one hand, the choice between gas or electricity is subjective - the buyer stops at what he is used to. However, there are objective differences that must be considered in order to be satisfied with the purchase:

  • The electric oven operates in the range of 30-300 degrees, which gives more opportunities for cooking than when using gas heating.
  • Electric ovens allow you to monitor the temperature with an accuracy of 5 degrees; gas cabinets cannot boast such accuracy.
  • Electric ovens have a large number of different modes. In particular, even inexpensive models have the option of convection heating (blowing with hot air), perfect for baking.

It is not surprising that a gas oven is becoming less and less popular among buyers. Its only advantage, which the electric oven cannot yet interrupt, is a small saving in operation. However, the debate about which cabinet is better, gas or electric, is gradually disappearing and seems to end in a complete victory for the electric ovens.

Dependent and independent

The second important parameter is the relationship with the hob. There are two options:

  • Dependent built-in oven.
  • Independent oven.

How they differ is not difficult to understand: the dependent oven acts exclusively in tandem with the hob, so you need to place them in one place. Usually a set of models of one brand is selected - this way you can achieve maximum compatibility, besides, designing becomes much easier.

Independent oven It is a separate unit of kitchen equipment, which does not require any additional equipment for operation.Independent oven

Accordingly, all installation restrictions are removed: such an oven can be mounted anywhere. Plus, you avoid the danger of the inability to use one device when another is broken. Another undoubted advantage of a separate free-standing oven is its variability in selecting a hob. If the dependent cabinet requires a kit that still needs to be picked up, then there are no conditions here: you can buy any hob with any design and number of burners.

Culinary features

All modern ovens are distinguished by their versatility and are equipped with several modes of operation, allowing you to not just simply banal chicken, but to create a work of culinary art, fine-tuning the mode cooking.

Important: choose an oven with the functions that you will really use.

If you do not like to be in the kitchen for a long time, then it is better to opt for an electric built-in oven with cooking programs. Such equipment works as follows:

  1. You indicate the type of product and the recipe.
  2. Enter the weight.
  3. Wait for the dish to cook.

The program takes into account the data you entered about the product and independently selects the cooking mode. This is a real salvation for inexperienced chefs and an excellent help for busy people.

In electric ovens, it is possible to install a double boiler and a microwave module. Using steam, when combined with other modes, you can cook even more dishes, while microwave helps to reduce the time taken to cook.


Look at the grill variability - In some models, you can adjust its area. A rotisserie is perfect for festive dishes, however, if the cabinet supports convection mode, then you can to do without additional devices: products blown by heated air even fry on the grill evenly.Thermal probe

Another useful feature is the thermal probe. It is inserted into the cooked product and measures the temperature. This is especially useful when baking a piece of meat - the temperature probe gives a signal or automatically turns off the oven when the temperature inside the product reaches a certain value.

Extra options:

  • Touch control.
  • Hinged or retractable lockable doors on which to place trays and racks.
  • A cooling system that prevents objects near the oven from heating.
  • Telescopic guides or levels for baking sheets.
  • Number and types of baking sheets, etc.

These are just some of the features that you need to look at when purchasing an oven. New opportunities are constantly appearing in new models, so here everything depends on your needs.

Cleaning technology

When thinking about which oven is better to choose, do not forget that you will have to clean it periodically. The moment is unpleasant, but you will have to face it, so it’s better to immediately figure out which wall covering will help you get rid of fat and soot faster.

  • The walls of the camera in budget models are covered with ordinary enamel, the cleaning of which requires some physical effort. If you start this process and do not clean the inside of the oven for a long time, then it will be very difficult to return it to its normal state.
  • In ovens of the class above, the coating is made of catalytic enamel. When cooking, the fat breaks down, so after cooling the chamber you only need to walk along the walls with a damp cloth.
  • In the premium class, the pyrolytic cleaning method is used: the oven heats up to 500 degrees, and the fat burns out. You just have to collect the soot residues after cooling the chamber.

Be sure to check when buying what the walls of the chamber are covered with, so that it is easier to maintain the perfect order inside the oven.

The best models

Now you know how to choose the right oven, however, this information still needs to be put into practice. To make it easier for you, below are a number of models that can be called the best among ovens.

Hotpoint-Ariston FH 51 BK

The budget segment is represented by an Indesit oven. The Hotpoint-Ariston brand enjoys well-deserved popularity among consumers due to its high quality and affordable price, so it is not surprising that the FH 51 BK received a lot of accolades reviews.Hotpoint-Ariston FH 51 BK

The owners of this electric independent oven note a large number of cooking modes, the presence of convection and convenient control. The main disadvantage is the lack of automatic shutdown by timer, otherwise there are no complaints about the work.

Dishes do not stick, there is a function of bringing to readiness. It is convenient to get a baking sheet thanks to a special sliding system. The oven is closed with double-layer glass, which provides an increased level of security. The ventilation system lowers the temperature of the door and walls, preventing excessive heating of the surface.

Bosch HGN22F350

In the middle price range, we note a Bosch independent gas oven with a working chamber volume of 60 liters. It features small size, stylish design and a variety of modes (including convection, grill and pizza mode).Bosch HGN22F350

According to the reviews of the owners, biscuits and pies are baked perfectly, in the grill mode it pleases with a wonderful kebab. It is easy to clean, there is a self-cleaning system, the gas control function allows you not to worry about leaks. Suitable for defrosting foods and heating ready-made meals.

Among gas ovens, you can also pay attention to the following models:

  • Korting OGG 1052 CRI (with grill).
  • Zanussi ZOG 51411 XK (convection mode).
  • Korting OGG 5409 CSX PRO (high volume).

Among low-cost models, Hotpoint Ariston FHR G (OW) and Zanussi ZOG 21411 BK ovens stand out.


If you prefer to interact with intelligent appliances even in the kitchen, choose the SMEG SFP140 electric oven model. The smart system independently determines the type and weight of food, offering you the right recipes.


The SMEG SFP140 oven has several cooking modes that can be combined. At the same time, you can use 5 levels, which allows, for example, cooking dinner and baking pies. In the oven’s memory, 10 favorite recipes are stored, so the cooking process as a result is reduced to a few button presses.

Video Tips

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