How to choose a DVD player: device types and specifications

In today's world, there are many DVD players with a wide variety of characteristics for every taste. Not surprisingly, thanks to such devices, it became possible to enjoy high-resolution films without sacrificing anything except buying a player. But how to make the right choice when purchasing a player?


  1. Types of DVD Players
  2. Specifications
  3. Popular models

Types of DVD Players

Before heading to the store for the player, it is worth considering the existing types of devices and determine exactly what there is a need for. This will save money from wasting on unnecessary additional functions. The types of devices directly depend on the needs of the user:

  1. To watch movies and listen to music.

A multifunctional DVD changer is ideal. Changer - switch). The changer is a device that allows you to play not only information from one disc, but two and even more. Thus, if the film is boring or just wanted to listen to music, and only CDs are nearby, then the changer will fully satisfy the needs of its owner.

T. Since a DVD changer can play not only DVDs, but also CDs, there is no point in a separate device for listening to music.

Such a player can switch between DVD and CD discs in a matter of seconds, and in terms of playback quality (music and video equally) is not inferior to analogues.

Dvd player
  1. DVD / VCR

Each of us had a huge collection of standard cassettes for a video player. If you don’t feel like switching to DVD or sorry to say goodbye to your collection, then the DVD / VCR player will fully satisfy even such desires.

Such “two-in-one” players allow you to enjoy both the latest movies on DVDs and nostalgic while watching old good films on cassettes. This is done thanks to two connectors: for discs and standard cassettes.

But what if you want to keep up with technological progress, but old films are our everything? No difficulties will arise, because there is a recording DVD-player, identical to the one described above, but with the function of recording to disk. That is, while playing a movie from a cassette, at the touch of a button, recording of the image on drive (it is advisable to remove the purchased Blue-ray and use an empty drive so as not to overwrite the finished one again).

Thus, you can completely save your favorite movies by simply changing the storage medium from the cassette to reliable DVDs with excellent playback quality. It may seem that this does not make much sense, because all the old films already exist on DVD. And this is true, but if there are over a hundred cassettes, it is much easier to rewrite them personally than to buy from scratch. Or in the case when on tapes some of your personal videos.

Moreover, the cost for 100 DVD-ROM discs with films will be significantly higher than the purchase of a single recordable DVD-player. Even with the need to buy a hundred empty discs.

  1. For high definition TV (HDTV).

It happens that the resolution of the movie on the DVD is 720 p (1,280 x 720 pixels), and the TV supports 1,080 p (1,020 x 1,080 pixels) and higher. For such situations, special DVD players have been created with the ability to convert the frequency of the video signal. This means that the picture is artificially stretched to the maximum possible size, despite the lower resolution of the film itself.

There is only one drawback in this type of player: the image size will increase, but the quality will not. However, when you want to show the video to a large number of people, and the quality will be in second place in the list of priorities - this is a good idea.

However, it is much more profitable to buy a Blue-ray DVD player. This player can play high-resolution movies that will be perfectly broadcast on HDTV without delays or other difficulties.

  1. For traveling.

The solution is a portable DVD player. They are compact, weigh a little and do a wonderful job. Yes, the image quality and resolution will be at the level of a standard TV of the last decade, but on long trips, on vacation and just to brighten up boredom in transport, this is not important will be.

Portable dvd player


Now that we have decided on the necessary type of equipment, we should carefully understand the details of each specific model. What you can expect from a DVD player will directly depend on indicators of different characteristics:

  1. Audio / video formats.

The vast majority of modern players perfectly "understand" the main file formats:

  • mp3;
  • mp4;
  • flac;
  • avi;
  • mov;
  • mpeg;
  • wma etc.

However, you should pay attention to the list of supported formats. If only 4-5 items are listed, it may be more correct to bypass such a device model.

  1. Type of connection.

Knowledgeable users have long known: the best image quality is achieved with a digital connection. Therefore, it is important not to use adapters and to prevent signal conversion, for example, from analog to digital (and vice versa).

If the TV does not support the connector for connecting a DVD player, you can buy a more suitable model or purchase adapters, sold abundantly at every step. However, it must be remembered that from this the signal quality will drop significantly. You may not notice this, but it really will happen. Moreover, the larger the TV screen, the more “clumsiness”, blur, artifacts and interference will be present.

Additionally, we recommend reading an article about how to connect a DVD player to the TV.
  1. Scaling.

Useful feature when watching movies on a DVD player. It allows you to zoom in on the image or a certain part of it in order to examine in more detail some features of the scene. Also, this function is used to remove annoying black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, sacrificing a small loss of image on the right and left.

Remember that scaling increases the resolution of the video, therefore, the quality will become worse (more blurry). However, if the player supports a resolution of 1,080 p, and viewing is carried out at 480 p, then such a film can be zoomed in as much as twice - there will be no loss of quality (due to scaling, the picture is cropped, but the enlarged part is compared with the supported quality).


This is just one additional feature in the player. In most modern models, there are much more of them and the most diverse direction. From reading memory cards to Wi-Fi and even having karaoke. Yes, now you can sing directly to the DVD-player, and he will also appreciate the level of singing.

  1. Scan.

There are two types of sweep:

  • interlaced;
  • progressive.

In the first case, the image is formed in two approaches: each even line, and then each odd line. Another thing, the modern version is a progressive scan that performs the same process of image formation, but only in one pass. Due to this, the player’s reaction to commands (pause, stop, etc.) is increased, video launch is accelerated, and overall the image looks better.

Progressive scan is better than interlaced, but requires twice as much of the available equipment. Therefore, if your TV does not support the conditions for progressive scan (480 p and connection via a component cable), it is better to use an interlaced player.

  1. Remote Control

Comfort when interacting with a DVD player is a key selection criterion. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the remote control:

  • bright buttons (help you find a randomly lost remote and just look beautiful, pleasing the owner’s eye);
  • clear notes above the buttons;
  • small size of the remote control;
  • combination of functions of different buttons in one, etc.

All this is important in order to get maximum pleasure from watching a movie and enjoy the convenience of use.

And a few more useful tips regarding the criteria by which to choose a model for a DVD player are provided in this video.

Popular models

How do users exchange opinions about the work of a particular DVD player? Of course, with the help of reviews, the Player models with the highest rating at the time of 2018, according to positive reviews:

  • DVP-SR760H from Sony (4,000 rubles);
  • MDV-842U from Mystery (2,200 rubles);
  • DVP457SI from BBK (1,100 rubles).

And their characteristics can be denoted as follows:

  • Support for Blue-ray quality, CD, DVD discs;
  • card reader;
  • the ability to use USB drives;
  • The most common video formats, including H.264, AVCHD, MKV;
  • karaoke;
  • 4K resolution support (3,840 x 2,160);
  • Wi-fi and internet.

It may seem strange that each of the presented models has an identical set of characteristics, however, an in-depth study of the operating instructions will show that minor differences still exist.

Yes, for a simple user, they will be exactly “insignificant”, therefore, first of all, you need to look at the main indicators of the device. And the mentioned models provide an impressive set of functions that will fully satisfy even the highest requirements for a DVD player.

If the buyer wants to take an interest in each of the characteristics of the player before purchasing, the seller will provide detailed instructions for each model. The number of pages, which, at times, exceeds a hundred.

Having decided on a set of functions, having studied the characteristics and types of the device, it is important not to forget to combine the capabilities of your TV with the requirements for a DVD player. Then you can safely go, choose your favorite model and enjoy your purchase while watching your favorite movie.

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