How to choose a roster? Tips for choosing a mini oven for the kitchen

Roasters are attractive for their compactness and versatility. Such devices allow you to cook various foods and have a number of additional features. There are several important criteria for choosing such a technique that you should consider when buying.


  1. What is a roster?
  2. Device and principle of operation
  3. What can be cooked in a roaster?
  4. Instrument Functions
  5. Types of mini ovens
  6. General recommendations for choosing a roster
  7. TOP best models of roasters
  8. Mini oven care

What is a roster?

Roasters are also called mini ovens or mini ovens. Translated from English, the name of the device means a roasting pan. These devices are compact in size. The appearance of such equipment resembles microwave ovens, and the set of functions is ovens.


The roaster usually has a rectangular shape. The door of the device is glass, which allows you to see what is happening inside the metamorphosis with the products. Usually the door opens downward, as with standard ovens.

Roasters are attractive for their compactness. This allows you to replace a conventional oven with such a device, which is especially important in small kitchens, where every square centimeter counts.

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A good roaster is able to replace several pieces of equipment at once: an oven, a microwave, a toaster.

Device and principle of operation

The operation of the device is provided by quartz tena. In most roasters there are two of them - one is located below, the other from above. These tena heat up, transferring the temperature to the products inside the appliance.

For uniform cooking, you must include all the tena installed in it. If you need to cook food on the grill, then include only the upper heating. To warm up dishes, only the lower ten is required.

Most mini-ovens have a thermostat to maintain the required temperature inside the unit. The temperature can be set different. Usually a limit of 60-300 ° C is provided. High temperature is used for baking, low - for heating food.

The rosters have a timer. It allows you to set the required cooking time, after which the appliance turns off (if such an option is provided).

What can be cooked in a roaster?

Roasters are multifunctional. In this device, you can cook various dishes:

  • pastries;
  • sandwiches;
  • toasts;
  • meat;
  • a bird;
  • fish.

A skewer can be provided with a mini-oven. It is used for cooking products on the grill.

The possibilities of cooking in a roaster directly depend on its functionality. If you have a grill, you can get a beautiful and crisp. If the complete set has a skewer, then in the mini-stove you can cook a barbecue, ham or a whole bird.

Some appliances include a built-in fan. Such a device allows the use of a roaster as a convection oven.

Roster in the kitchen

The mini oven may have a cold door. This term implies the presence of a special thermally insulating gasket. Thanks to it, the appliance door practically does not heat up, therefore there is no risk of accidentally getting burned.

Instrument Functions

The main purpose of the roaster is to cook and heat food. Typically, the unit has 2-3 modes: oven, grill and light (delicate), used to heat or maintain temperature.

Additionally, the device may have a function defrosting. This supplement is very attractive and allows you to replace the microwave. With a built-in fan, the product is thawed evenly, which a standard microwave cannot provide.

If there is a built-in fan in the device, it must be provided convection mode. Usually it is used for baking. In this mode, thanks to the fan, air flows through the chamber, evenly affecting the dish from all sides.

Additionally may be provided booster option. It is used to warm up or quickly cook a small volume of products. This function allows you to get a crust on a dish.

Most devices have mechanical control, but there are electronic options. They provide more features. Electronic roster allows you to use automatic programs or save previously set parameters. This feature is attractive when you often have to cook the same dish.

Some mini ovens include self cleaning function. It is pyrolytic, hydrolytic and catalytic. The first option involves cleaning at high temperature, the second - by heating water in a baking sheet. Catalytic purification is similar to pyrolytic, but is carried out immediately at the time of cooking. Due to the fat-absorbing substances (catalysts) on the walls of the device, fat breaks down into water, carbon and organic substances.

Types of mini ovens

Mini-ovens are electric, gas and induction. A roaster is usually understood as an electric appliance, gas and induction mini-ovens mean compact ovens.

There are mini-ovens according to the principle of operation - due to heating elements or convection. Most devices combine both options. In this case, the device provides for the separate inclusion of electric heating elements and collaboration with the convector.

Mini oven

Mini ovens vary significantly in volume. There are appliances that resemble microwaves in size. Large units with dimensions close to the oven.

Distinguish this technique also in power. It is directly related to the capabilities of the device. If grill and convection are provided in it, then the power should be maximum.

In mini-ovens, guides of baking sheets are distinguished. They are telescopic and trellised. The first option means that when you open the appliance door, the pan will extend automatically. The second option is more common and cheaper, but increases the risk of burns.

Roasters are called not only mini-ovens, but also devices for roasting coffee. Such devices are domestic and professional.

General recommendations for choosing a roster

The choice of any household appliances should be approached carefully to choose the best option with all the necessary parameters and functions. When buying a roaster, it is important to consider the following criteria:

  • Power. This is one of the most important parameters, choosing which you need to focus on how the roster will be used. If the device is necessary for the full preparation of various dishes, then it is worth choosing equipment with a power of 2.5-3 kW. If the roaster is needed only for heating and making sandwiches, then enough power up to 700-900 watts.
  • Chamber volume. The volume of products that can be prepared in a roaster depends on this indicator. The minimum volume is 5-6 liters. Such devices are very compact, but you can cook in them a dish for only 1-2 people. For a family of 3-4 people, a mini-oven for 15-25 liters is suitable. The volume of the roaster can reach 40 liters. In large units, you can bake a large number of products, the whole bird. The size of the device directly depends on the volume of the camera.
  • Camera coating. The chamber inside may be metal, enameled or ceramic. The first option is cheaper, but faster loses its original form. When choosing a metal coating should stay on stainless steel - it is safe and reliable.
  • Timer. It is important to pay attention to the maximum time that can be set using the timer. For simple models, this figure is minimal - up to 20-30 minutes. More functional options are designed for a cooking time of up to 120 minutes.
Mini oven in the kitchen

These are the basic parameters that must be taken into account when choosing a roster. You should also pay attention to additional features of the equipment that will ensure its more comfortable use:

  • automatic shutdown;
  • sound notification;
  • self-cleaning;
  • child protection;
  • cold door;
  • removable heating elements (convenient to wash);
  • crumb tray;
  • additional accessories (skewer, baking tray, wire rack, molds).

It is worth exploring all the features of the selected device and deciding on the necessary options. The cost of equipment also changes depending on the number of functions, so you should not overpay for unnecessary additions.

TOP best models of roasters

There are many models of mini-stoves on the market. Outwardly, they look about the same, but differ in functionality and additional features. A large selection of modifications and manufacturers provides a wide range of prices. In stores, you can purchase such equipment from 2,000 to 26,000 rubles.

When buying, you need to focus on individual needs, but if making the final choice is difficult, our TOP of the best models will help.

Bork w500

This model is designed for a volume of 22 liters. The power of the device is 2.4 kW. The door opens down. The inner coating and body are made of stainless steel.

This roster features electronic control and a digital display. The temperature can be set independently up to 230 ° C.

Bork w500

The device has 9 modes to choose from, including oven, grill, temperature, pre-defrost. Convection is provided. This choice of modes is provided by the presence of five heating elements. The grill is quartz.

There are several indicators - inclusion, operating mode, selected temperature, time to finish cooking. The shutdown is automatic, an audible signal is provided.

The package includes two baking sheets, a metal grill, and a pizza stand.

The average cost of the device is 26,000 rubles.

Steba KB 23 Eco

This roster is designed for a volume of 23 liters. The power of the device is 1.4 kW.

The door of the mini-stove opens down, the glass is two-layer. The inner coating of the chamber is enamel. The body of the device is made of stainless steel.

Steba KB 23 Eco

Two heating elements are provided. Separate inclusion of the top ten involves working with a skewer or skewer and convection. The lower ten can be included separately. During the operation of both heating elements, you can simultaneously select the convection or convection and skewer mode.

Mechanical control. There are three rotary switches. One allows you to set the required temperature up to 230 ° C. Another switch allows you to choose a program - oven, grill, temperature, pre-defrost. Convection is provided. It is possible to set up to 90 minutes. The device turns off automatically, there is a sound alert.

In the kit there is a frying pan, a handle for it, a grill, a spit, a tray for crumbs.

The average cost of a roaster is 11,500 rubles.

De Longhi EO 20792

This model is designed for a volume of 20 liters. Power is 1.3 kW.

The appliance door opens down, the glass is double. The camera has a non-stick coating.

De Longhi EO 20792

The roster has mechanical control. There are three rotary switches. One involves setting the temperature in the range of 80-240 ° C. Another switch is used to select the cooking mode (total 6) - bottom heating, grilling, convection, pre-defrosting, heating. The third switch allows you to set the operating time of the device up to 120 minutes. Disabling is automatic.

There is an oven backlight, a power indicator, an audible signal to complete the work.

A skewer with a handle, a baking sheet and a wire rack are included in the package.

The average cost of the device is 10,000 rubles.

Rolsen KW2626

This model is designed for a volume of 20 liters. Power 1,5 kW. The door opens down, the glass is tempered. The inner coating is metal.

Rolsen KW2626

The device provides three rotary switches, mechanical control. One switch allows you to set the temperature in the range of 100-250 ° C. The second switch is designed to select the operating mode. Two heating elements allow you to choose the lower or upper heating, simultaneous operation, additional inclusion of convection and skewer. The third switch provides a time setting of up to 60 minutes. The shutdown is automatic, a beep sounds.

Standard equipment is provided: a baking sheet, wire rack, skewer, handle holders.

The average cost of a roaster is 5,000 rubles.

Panasonic NT-GT1WTQ

This mini-stove is attractive due to its compactness. The volume of the chamber is 9 liters. The appliance door opens down, the glass is single-layered.

This model has mechanical control. There are two rotary switches. One allows you to set the temperature - 4 modes with a range of 65-205 ° C (3 speeds, one mode for toasts). The second switch allows you to set the cooking time, calculated up to 15 minutes.

The body is made of metal. The set includes a deep baking sheet, a metal grill and a removable crumb tray. The roster works in one mode. Power consumption - 1.3 kW.

Panasonic NT-GT1WTQ

This model has a minimal set of functions. The price corresponds to such minimalism - an average of 2500 rubles.

Mini oven care

Mini-ovens are attractive because they can be installed in any corner of the kitchen with access to an electric network. Install the device according to the rules. This involves adjusting the legs, maintaining the distance to the wall and other devices.

In operation, the roasters are quite simple, but require some care, since fat and other particles of the cooked food invariably get on the walls of the device. When caring for the equipment, it is important to observe the following rules:

  • when cleaning the roster, be sure to disconnect it from the electrical network and wait until the device has completely cooled down;
  • do not use abrasive compounds to clean both the inner and outer surfaces of the device;
  • all removable parts can be washed with running water, after which they must be dried;
  • the inner surface should be cleaned with neutral agents, as their residues may fall into the cooked dish.

Roasters are quite versatile and compact. They work from electricity, because this technique is suitable for both home and cottage. A large assortment and a wide range of prices make it possible to find a suitable option for any consumer. When choosing an aggregate, it is important to consider the basic parameters and additional functions.

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