How to choose a toaster for the house correctly? Review of the best models

If you choose a toaster without thinking about the scenarios of its use, it is easy to remain disappointed. For example, choosing a too small toaster for a large family, you will have to spend a lot of effort on sequential loading and unloading of toasts. If you take a toaster to have breakfast with fragrant toasted bread in the morning, rushing to work, then a device with too little power will disappoint you. A cheap toaster from a little-known manufacturer can burn you or cause a fire. Therefore, the process of choosing a toaster should be taken responsibly.

This article describes the main criteria by which a toaster for the home is selected.


  1. Types of Toasters
  2. Main settings
  3. Toaster Materials
  4. Additional functions
  5. Popular models
  6. Video Tips for Choosing

Types of Toasters

Modern toasters, as a rule, are available with three cooking control options: automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

  • Manual control, in which you must yourself monitor the degree of readiness of the toast, is now practically not encountered due to the inconvenience of use. In this mode, it is impossible to set the cooking time, as a result of which you have to constantly be nearby and manually interrupt the process of making toasts.
  • With fully automatic control, the toaster is able to turn itself off, remove the toasts and notify the end of the cooking process. This mode is the most convenient.
  • With a semi-automatic control method, the toaster only notifies the end of the set cooking time. This is necessary when cooking baked goods with filling, where it is important to control the degree of cooking.

The bread can be loaded into the toaster both horizontally and vertically.

  • Top-loading machines are used exclusively for toasting bread, in some cases they can be used to heat buns and croissants. To do this, you need a special grill on top of the toaster.
  • Horizontal toasters are capable of not only toasting bread, but also making pastries, meat rolls and pies. It is very convenient to use such toasters for making delicious hot sandwiches. These toasters are called “Sandwich Toasters.”
Horizontal Load Toasters

Main settings

Number of branches in a toaster - an important parameter that must be considered when choosing a device. If you plan to cook only for yourself, then a toaster with two compartments is suitable for you. If the toaster is planned for use in a large family, then you will need either a toaster with two large compartments, in each of which you can place two slices of bread, or a toaster with four branches. Another option is a horizontal toaster with two cameras. In each such chamber, three to four pieces can be placed.

When choosing a toaster, you should think about which slices of bread are preferable for you - thin or thick. For lovers of thin pieces inappropriate models with a significant width of the compartment. On the contrary, if you prefer massive, thick slices of bread as toast, then you can’t do a compact compartment. In especially advanced models, the function of self-changing the size of the compartment is provided, depending on the thickness of the toasts planned for preparation.

When choosing a toaster, you should pay attention to such a parameter as power. The greater the power consumption, the less time will be spent on the cooking process. However, the resulting toast may be overcooked or even charred. Therefore, it is imperative that the power of the toaster is controlled by a thermostat. Modern models of toasters provide a choice from six to eleven degrees of frying.

The initial levels are used to heat ready-made toasts, while the higher ones are used directly for toasting bread. The thermostat allows everyone to choose exactly the degree of toasting that he loves. There are models with smooth adjustment of the degree of cooking.

Toaster Materials

The case used in the toaster can be either metal or plastic.

Advantages of the metal case:

  • Solid appearance.
  • Reliability.

The disadvantages of the metal case:

  • High price.
  • Increased grade of metal.
Metal case

Advantages of the plastic case:

  • Low price.
  • A variety of body colors.

Disadvantages of the plastic case:

  • Cheap view.
  • Case heating.
Plastic case

You should pay attention not only to the material of the casing, but also to the material of the heating chamber. It is better to choose a model with a camera coated with a non-stick coating - this will help greatly facilitate the washing process of the toaster.

For many years, nichrome threads have been used as a heating element in toasters. However, some modern models are equipped with quartz heaters, which allow you to smoothly control the temperature and heating power.

Additional functions

Additional features can make daily use of the toaster much more enjoyable.

One such point is the method of extracting bread crumbs. Methods for extracting crumbs in toasters are divided into three main types:

  • Turn the toaster over and shake the crumbs out.
  • Thanks to the trellised bottom, the crumbs are on the table under the toaster.
  • Removable palleton which the crumbs remain. In this case, after the cooking process, simply pull out the tray and clean it of crumbs.

To prevent the toasts from being overcooked on the one hand and undercooked on the other, a function for toast control. It allows you to center the toast in the roasting compartment.

If the toaster will be used to prepare canapes or crackers in soup, then there are models with the function high rise bread.

Function pre-defrost may help if bread is stored in the freezer.

Button presence "Stop" allows, if necessary, to interrupt the cooking procedure if, in your opinion, the toasts have already reached the optimum degree of roasting.

Compartment for the cord refers to that little thing, the presence of which may be completely unimportant for some and critical for others. If you do not want to see another extra cord in the kitchen, then you should pay attention to this parameter. Models with a short cord may not be suitable for installation in a convenient location. Therefore, good toaster models have a long cord with a storage compartment.

If you want additional security for your device (this is true if the house has pets or small children), then it is better to choose a model with shutdown of heating when falling toasters.

Another interesting feature might be "Frying" images on baked toasts. These models use plugs on the heating elements in the form of various interesting drawings, due to which the picture on the toast is provided. If you have a small child in your family, then such toasts can amuse him.

Popular models


The BORK T810 model has a stylish heat-insulated housing and high (2000 W) power. In this case, a special feature of the device is the presence of two autonomous frying zones, each of which is regulated separately. Naturally, there is the possibility of defrosting and heating. In addition, there is the possibility of roasting toasts on the one hand, adjusting the length of the cord (up to 1 meter). The disadvantages of the device include, perhaps, the lack of automatic lifting of cooked toasts and dimensions (29 * 34 cm), which, however, are due to the number of compartments.


Moulinex LT 260A Subito III

High-quality toaster in the middle price category - Moulinex LT 260A Subito III. The power of the toaster is 850 watts. This model is mechanical, with two compartments and a tray for crumbs. The model is equipped with smooth power control and automatic centering of toasts. There is also a heating function. Unfortunately, there is no grill for heating buns.

Moulinex LT 260A Subito III

Scarlett SC-119

In the budget category, it is worth taking a closer look at the Scarlett SC-119 model. This device is made in a thermally insulated plastic case in compliance with all safety requirements, in addition, there is a function of pulling out small pieces of bread. Functions for heating and defrosting are also present.

Scarlett SC-119

Bosch TAT 3A011 / 3A014

Another quality budget toaster. Very compact (19 * 16 cm), stand for heating buns. The frying is very uniform, with the ability to adjust (6 power levels). In addition, the toaster has a low price and high build quality. The only drawback is the not-so-pleasant sound at the end of cooking.

Bosch TAT 3A011 / 3A014

Video Tips for Choosing

Thus, when choosing a toaster, you should pay attention to the following key parameters:

  1. Automatic or semi-automatic model.
  2. The number of toasts held by the device.
  3. The power of the device, which determines the speed of making toasts.
  4. Materials and case design.
  5. Additional parameters of the toaster: the presence of a tray for crumbs and a heating function.

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