How to choose a hair straightener? Review of the best models

For a modern woman, looking good is the norm, and hair is an important factor in appearance. Today, fashion trends are such that the naturalness of hairstyles comes first. Owners of smooth and straight hair with a natural and healthy shine are liked by everyone. To create the desired image you need a hair straightener.


  1. Choose a hair straightener
  2. Useful tips and advice on choosing a hair straightener
  3. Video from experts on how to choose the right hair straightener
  4. Overview of popular models of hair straighteners

Choose a hair straightener

Before you get a hair straightener (iron), try to understand the principle of operation of the device. The iron removes excess moisture from the hair, more precisely, from the cortex, the layer responsible for the waviness, and the hairstyle remains straight even in wet weather. In order for the hair to retain its natural appearance, undergoing regular heat treatment, when choosing, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics of the straightener:

  • work surface coating;
  • plate size;
  • the presence of a temperature controller;
  • laser ionization function;
  • choice of manufacturer.

Work surface coating. By acting on the hair with high temperature, we can overdo it and remove not only excess moisture from the hair. To prevent this, pay close attention to the coating of the ironing plates. There are several types of them:

  1. Metal coating plates. A hair straightener option with the only advantage is its value. The metal heats up unevenly and distributes heat, so it is very easy to dry the hair. Frequent use leads to the fact that the hair is split and become brittle. Suitable as an inexpensive option for those who are not going to regularly use it.
  2. Ceramic coating. Ceramics, being a natural protection against high temperatures, are ideally suited for the main ironing working area. Evenly heated ceramic plates easily glide quickly through the hair, minimizing negative moments. In ceramic plates, some manufacturers of straighteners add moisturizers and vitamins that positively affect the health of the hair.
  3. Tourmaline coating. Tourmaline-coated plates emit negative ions that remove static electricity, restore water balance, and prevent split ends.
  4. Teflon plates. Prevent sticking of cosmetics used in hair care.
  5. Diamond and titanium spraying. In household hair straighteners, such a coating is almost never found. The ultra-light glide when straightened gives the hair a wonderful shine.

The size of the heated plates. The plates of irons come in two types: narrow (up to 2 cm) and wide (over 2 cm). If you are the owner of short strands, then you need an iron with narrow plates. Narrow plates allow you to style a short haircut or trim the bangs. But there is a drawback - the size of the plate allows you to capture only a small amount of hair. Owners of long and thick hair should use an iron with wide-size plates, besides all, wide plates accelerate the process of creating a hairstyle.

The presence of a temperature controller. When choosing a hair iron, be sure to consider the structure and condition of the hair. The temperature regime of the rectifiers ranges from 90 to 250 degrees and it is not easy to determine where your place is in this range. Hard and curly hair requires high temperature to work, while thin and brittle hair requires minimal exposure.

Temperature controllers are mechanical and electronic. The mechanical regulator has basically three positions: minimum, average temperature and maximum. The electronic regulator allows you to more accurately adjust and maintain the operating temperature, which is displayed on the display.

Laser ionization The ionization function has appeared in the latest models of hair straighteners. Negative ions emitted from the tourmaline coating hold the necessary moisture in the hair. Hair does not dry out, does not become electrified, remains obedient and healthy.

Manufacturer's choice. You should choose, of course, but I would like to advise you to buy a hair straightener from companies specializing in the production of hair care equipment. But basically keep a reference to well-known brands:

  • Rowenta (Roventa) - equal ratio of "price - quality";
  • Philips (Philips) - a confident location in the middle of the market, thanks to the high quality of products;
  • Vitek (Vitek) and Braun (Brown) - the most affordable devices, but with quality, as lucky. The reputation is a little tarnished, but for occasional use at this price - very good.
  • Remington (Remington) and (Gama) are devices used by professional hairdressers, which already speaks about the quality of the product in a positive way.

Useful tips and advice on choosing a hair straightener

To make your choice easier, listen to the recommendations of professionals.

  1. A liquid crystal display with indicators allows you to more accurately set the operating temperature specifically for your hair. Ease of use affects cost, but if you can, then you should not neglect this function.
  2. The heating rate is an important indicator. Fast heating will save you a lot of time.
  3. Please note if there is an automatic shutdown function. Automation does not allow overheating of the plates and turns off the device an hour after turning it on and protects you from worries about the ironing that is not turned off.
  4. An important role in the process is played by the length of the power cord and a hinge that prevents tangling of wires.
  5. Heat-resistant cover is an important accessory that allows you to pack a rectifier without waiting for it to cool.
  6. A good bonus can be the presence of a variety of additional devices for moisturizing, corrugating, curling, etc., complete with the device.

Video from experts on how to choose the right hair straightener

Overview of popular models of hair straighteners

Reliable CP3LTO (GaMa).

CP3LTO (GaMa).

Buyers respond positively about this ironing: the model is reliable, it quickly heats up, which makes it an indispensable assistant in the morning gatherings. Thanks to the tourmaline coating that generates negative ions, the curls are smoothed out at once, become soft and silky. Only one drawback is the inability to adjust the heating temperature.

Rowenta CF 7150 is one of the most popular budget rectifiers.

Rowenta CF 7150

When heated to 210 degrees, the iron does not harm the hair and is very convenient to use. Clear management like customers. Otherwise, the set of options is universal: ceramic nozzles with ionization function. The rectifier heats up in 1 minute, displaying the heating process on the display.

Philips HP 4686 - Simplicity and a reliable economical option.

Philips HP 4686

Instantly smoothes hair, minimizing the possibility of drying, lightweight, has ceramic plates. The iron is adapted for keratin straightening, as it warms up exactly to a working temperature of 230 degrees.

Oldest Hair Straightener Model - BaByliss 2020CE.

BaByliss 2020CE

Model with a thoughtful design, powerful, quickly heats up. The kit includes a whole set of nozzles, both for straightening and for curling hair, in particular - spiral. For some customers, this model has served for more than seven years.

If you are trying to maintain the health and beauty of your hair, listen to our tips and be beautiful and well-groomed, styling at home, without the need for a hairdresser.

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