How to choose a bread machine for home? Top Models + Video

The aroma of fresh pastries is loved by many, and now imagine that this aroma will wake you in the morning instead alarm clock, you will enjoy fresh, crisp bread at breakfast, but what about breakfast, in any you time. All this will become available to you if you purchase a bread machine. The market has a wide selection of different models, how to choose the right one for you and not regret your choice in the future, you will learn from this article.


  1. External parameters of the bread maker
  2. Basic and additional characteristics of the breadmaker
  3. Video tip
  4. Popular models

External parameters of the bread maker

Choose body material

Most models have a plastic case, it is light in weight, economical and resistance to the formation of spots from drops of water or fingerprints, which can not be said about metal case. But metal is a stronger material, resistant to damage. Stainless steel cases have models of a higher price category, they have a more presentable appearance.

Before buying a bread machine, make sure that there is enough space in your kitchen, since most models are large in size, comparable to the size of a microwave oven.

Bread machine control panel

The control panel can be touch or button, plus the first is that such a panel is easier to clean from flour and other contaminants that may clog between the buttons. The larger the panel, the more informative it is. This can be a panel on which all information is highlighted or a light indicator highlighting the selected mode.

Some models have a viewing window through which you can observe the progress of kneading dough or baking bread.

Basic and additional characteristics of the breadmaker

The main characteristics that must be considered when choosing a bread machine include:

  • Finished product output, that is, the weight that baked bread will have. This is one of the most important points that you need to pay attention to when buying a bread machine. Keep homemade cakes as long as the store fails, in a day the bread will begin to get stale. Therefore, choose a model with either the optimum volume of the bowl for you, or with the ability to adjust the weight of the finished product.
  • Power - This is an indicator on which the speed of making bread depends, as well as the amount of energy consumed. There are models with power from 450 to 1650 watts. This indicator is especially important if you want to cook rye bread, as the technology of preparation implies a baking mode, immediately at high temperature.
  • Memory reserve It is simply necessary in those cases when frequent power surges occur in the house. The machine remembers all the settings and the moment at which it stopped, and when the electricity is turned on again, the process will continue from the same place. This is a very convenient feature if you urgently need to free the outlet or rearrange the breadmaker. In some models, settings are saved for 30 seconds, while in others - 40 minutes.
  • At least three are stored in the memory of the breadmaker programs: kneading dough, the main mode of baking and accelerated mode. The more programs in the device’s memory, the larger the dimensions of the bread machine itself. Modern models have several modes of kneading dough and baking, which allow you to experiment and get not only bread, but also muffins, cakes, gluten-free pastries and even jams. But for such a multifunctional bread machine you will need to pay a considerable amount.
  • Dimensions and weight depend not only on the number of built-in functions, but also on the material of the breadmaker itself. Most models are large in size and weight, which can be either four kilograms or seven and a half. If you will constantly rearrange the oven, then choose the model with the smallest weight so that you do not have to endure such a burden every time or call someone for help.
  • Security a very important indicator, especially if you have children. Opening the lid during baking can not only disrupt the cooking technology, but also cause a burn. Therefore, choose models that lock the lid until the entire process is complete. Also a useful feature is automatic shutdown to prevent overheating of the breadmaker.

Additional features can greatly facilitate and diversify the entire process, they include the following functions:

  • Additional cooking mode. As mentioned above, modern models can not only bake bread, but also perform other interesting tasks. The function of kneading dough without baking allows you to make dough for ravioli, pizza, pasta, pancakes. In some models, you can cook jams, it is recommended to use powdered sugar so as not to scratch the Teflon coating of the bowl.
  • Choose the color of the bread crust. Someone loves a light soft crust, like a loaf, while others prefer crispy and dark, while others choose something average. In models with this function, you can create the ideal, in your opinion, loaf of bread.
  • Heated finished bread. If you baked fresh bread at the arrival of your husband, but he is delayed, and you do not want the bread to cool, then you will come in handy the function of maintaining the temperature of the finished loaf, so you can please your beloved husband for dinner, hot fresh bread. Different models maintain temperatures from one hour to three.
  • Start Delay Timer very useful feature. Since the entire cooking process with a batch, dipping and baking can take from three to six hours, then if you want to make bread for breakfast, you have to get up three or even six hours earlier than usually. Agree, not everyone is ready for such sacrifices. But if your model can delay the start of baking, then you can independently set the time when the whole process starts.
  • The presence of a dispenser can make the cooking process even more automated. Dispenser is a separate tray for dried fruits, nuts or seeds, the breadmaker herself will add these ingredients to the dough, when it will be necessary according to the recipe. If there is no dispenser, then you will need to manually fill in the additives by the sound of the oven.

Video tip

By what parameters to choose a bread machine, you will learn from the video:

Popular models

Bread machine Scarlett SC-400

This model is characterized by relatively small dimensions and weighs 4.6 kg, but the maximum weight of the loaf is only 750 g. The power of this baby is 600 watts. 16 baking programs are stored in the memory of the bread maker; you can also cook jams, muffins, and cereals in it. You can postpone the start of cooking for 13 hours. The bread maker saves all settings in memory for 10 minutes. It has a relatively low cost on average 4,500 rubles.

Bread Scarlett SC-400

Bread machine Moulinex Ow 3101

If you strictly follow the instructions, this model will delight you with excellent baking weighing up to 1 kg. You can choose the color of the crust and delay the start by 14 hours. Fifteen cooking programs will let your imagination run wild. A viewing window will allow you to monitor the process. Power model 650 watts. The cost is an average of 7900 rubles.

Bread Moulinex OW 3101

Bread machine Redmond RBM-1906

This model has a small power of 500 watts, but this does not stop her from winning more and more fans. All finished products can be adjusted, maximum weight 1 kg. Fourteen programs, including cooking, not only allow you to bake bread, but also make jam, yoghurts and soups. The start of cooking can be rescheduled for 13 hours using a timer. The baker can maintain the temperature for an hour, and save the settings for 10 minutes. The average price is 6399 rubles.

Breadmaker Redmond RBM-1906

A bread maker can become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen, many completely refuse store bread after buying such a mini-bakery. You can cook bread, taking into account your tastes and preferences, choosing the recipe and choosing the perfect crust color. Surprise your family and guests with unusual bakery products at least every day.

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