How to choose an antenna for giving: parameters and which is better?

Ending the day in front of the blue screen has become a tradition among our people. Therefore, every owner in the country has a TV. Since the house is located outside the city, in order to view at least several channels, you need an antenna to give. In order not to waste money and choose the right model, you need to know the main types of antennas and their purpose.


  1. Types of antennas
  2. Choose a model for a summer residence
  3. Rating of the best models

Types of antennas

Before choosing an antenna for a summer residence, you need to know what they generally exist. It is on the basis of the correspondence of their functionality to your needs that the choice of this design for a TV to the country will be based on. Antennas are of the following types:

  1. Satellite. Today's popular "dishes" are independent of the TV tower and receive the signal directly from the satellite. The power of their signal is constant and does not depend on the terrain. Even the simplest direct-focus or offset satellite “dish” will provide you with high quality pictures, an assortment of your favorite channels and viewing pleasure.

But behind the comfort there is also a good price: you need to buy the "plate" itself (the worse the terrain - the more it should be diameter), receiver, you may need a convector (to amplify the signal) and, of course, for broadcasting - a good television.

  1. "Polish" - This is the most common antenna for a TV in the country. With it, you can watch a dozen local TV channels on the screen of a country TV. They have an antenna in the house itself, often near the window, pointing towards the TV tower. It will catch the signal provided that the tower is within a radius of 30 km and nothing prevents this signal (forests, mounds, heaps, high-rise buildings, etc.). The amplifier can remove small noise and make the broadcast stable.
  2. Improved models of "Polish" antennas with built-in amplifier. This is an active antenna for good reception of many channels. Its design consists of several separate parts arranged in a special way. The amplifier inside picks up waves already at a greater distance (up to 80 km) and recognizes even weak signals, amplifying them. Install an active antenna on the street, at the highest point.
  3. Traveling wave class antennas equipped with high receiving characteristics. Such a street antenna for installation in a summer cottage is a good choice, it is compact, it picks up a signal well on several ranges, all its components are fixed to a common boom.
  4. Double Square - This is a directional type device. The simple design combines a high gain of the signal wave and ease of operation without any burdensome settings. This is the best television antenna for gardening, if you want to catch also a Wi-Fi signal.
  5. Digital antenna for a country house is practically no different from the usual broadcast model.

The design of the digital version for giving is as simple as possible, because part of the responsibility for receiving the signal lies with a special tuner. In addition, the digital broadcasting format is anti-interference, so a digital antenna is even inexpensive for these purposes, the main thing is that it works in the decimeter range.

Choose a model for a summer residence

Guided by the above views, you can understand which antenna to buy specifically for your cottage. The main questions that you should find for yourself the answer before purchasing:

  • How far is your hacienda from the city?
  • How far is the nearest TV tower from your summer house?
  • How many channels do you want to watch on your country TV?
  • What is the area in your country house (is there a forest nearby, how thick is it, are there hills, ravines, etc.)?
  • How much money are you willing to allocate for an antenna for a country cottage?

It is better to choose outdoor antennas for a summer residence, since indoor options are only effective if the radio tower is close.

You can try to do this: if at least some signal is caught on an ordinary wire, then a room antenna will suit you. In other cases, buy an outdoor antenna.

Which antenna to choose for a long service: active or passive?

Which antenna to choose for a long service: active or passive? Definitely, the passive antenna will last longer, the amplifier of which is a separate device located nearby (for example, the antenna on the roof of the house, and the amplifier in the attic).

The life of active antennas is a little over a year, due to weather and corrosion, the built-in amplifier gradually fails. You can continue to use such an antenna with ordinary silicone. Before putting it on the roof, seal the board. The time will come, and still have to change it, but with less loss.

Even the best antenna for broadcasting needs a high-quality cable, and sometimes a good amplifier. Therefore, do not save and buy an imported cable, preferably Italian. But do not overdo it with the amplifier - heavy-duty, it can pick up “unnecessary” signals, on the contrary, worsening the viewing quality.

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Antenna model that is better to buy for a summer residence:

  • traveling wave class model (Uda Yagi) - if your hacienda is within the city limits. Because in such a terrain, industrial interference predominates, and they strongly influence the signal reception by the built-in amplifier. Such antennas receive only the main signal, ignoring all reflected interference.
  • "Polish" with a built-in amplifier - if the cottage is located far from the big city. She will be able to catch a weak signal and, amplifying it, transmit it to your screen.

Rating of the best models

There are a large number of different models, with each adapted to the specific conditions of the signal. Therefore, it is impossible to advise which antenna to put in the cottage of your area. But to make a rating of the best manufacturers is quite realistic.

Antennas of the Delta company. They occupy the first place, their assortment is diverse: both narrow-directional (which accept only meter or decimeter waves), and broadband devices. Most of them catch a digital signal. The connection is easy - just insert the wire into a special connector with an F-connector. Receives a signal even at considerable distances.

Antennas of the Delta company.

AntennasLokus». Represented by active and passive models. Attract low prices for these designs and good quality. Antennas work mainly on 2-3 TVs, their design is simple and easy, and installation does not require special training.

Antennas "Lokus"

Manufacturer "Harpoon". Another market leader in antennas. It conducts an average pricing policy, while positioning itself as a manufacturer of devices for areas with uncertain signal reception. He copes with the task successfully.

Manufacturer "Harpoon"

Company "Goldmaster». This antenna is the last included in the ranking of popular manufacturers. According to consumer reviews, even in places with a very bad signal, the picture on the screen does not slow down, does not “snow” and is not clogged by other signals. Bad weather also does not affect signal reception. At the same time, prices for such antennas are just a “summer residence” option.

GoldMaster Company

If the TV tower from your summer house is within sight, then you can try to make the antenna yourself. The author of the video tells how to catch a digital signal at home. This recipe is so simple that even “housewives” can handle it.

It should be noted that digital television is becoming more and more popular every year. It is likely that in five years, everyone will put a digital tuner or satellite dish on their cottage.

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