What utensils are suitable for glass-ceramic plates: what can and cannot be used

After the glass-ceramic appeared in your kitchen plate, an audit of the dishes is required. Most likely, your old one will no longer be needed.


  1. Why should dishes be “special”?
  2. Cookware Options
  3. Video clip on what utensils to use on a ceramic glass stove
Glass-ceramic cookware

In order for the pan to be used on this surface, it must have other properties than the one you have now. What you need to know to determine which cookware is suitable for a ceramic glass stove It's time to figure it out.

Why should dishes be “special”?

After acquiring new technology with the ignorance of the need for special cookware for a glass ceramic plate, an awkward situation often arises. Many are sure that you can use the existing one, especially if it is in good condition.

  • Flat bottom. This parameter must be observed to reduce energy costs and extend the life of the stove. If there is even a slight bend at the bottom, it creates an air gap between the hob and the cookware, which reduces the absorption of heat from the stove and can lead to its overheating.
  • The presence of a special icon. In order not to guess how the dishes for the new stove meet all of the listed requirements and whether it is possible to use, make sure that there is an icon on the cookware or at the bottom of it with a glass ceramic hob designation surface.
Glass ceramic hob icon
  • Ferromagnetic properties. Glass ceramic plates only recognize such dishes. The hob does not heat up completely, remaining cold, while it is precisely the burners and pots or pans that heat up.
Ferromagnetic cookware
  • The diameter of the dishes and the size of the burner must match. This is necessary to prevent overheating of the surface, and as a result, rapid failure.

If one burner fails, you will have to change the entire cooking surface, so be careful.

Cookware Options

In the manufacture of containers that will be used on such hobs, manufacturers focus on excellent parameters from other types of cookware. Therefore, how to choose dishes for cooking and what to look for when choosing, find out from the following information:


A set of dishes for glass-ceramic plates should include products from a certain material with the following characteristics:

  • Stainless steel. It is the most optimal material for containers used in cooking on such cooking surfaces. It has a high degree of thermal conductivity and allows the most efficient use of the features of glass ceramics. Stainless steel cookware is easy to clean, has excellent external data. Shining chrome combined with the dark surface of the stove complements the stylish look of the kitchen.
Stainless steel cookware
  • Aluminum. A fairly popular metal having good thermal conductivity. But he also has its drawbacks. It is required to keep a perfectly flat bottom of pots and pans as long as possible without scratches that will adversely affect the operation of the stove. Due to its softness, aluminum most often acts as a base, so choose a special cookware for glass-ceramic plates with a steel bottom. This will increase its service life.
  • Enamelled steel. Allows you to choose the appearance that suits the style of the design of the kitchen. But also the main criterion when choosing such dishes becomes a flat bottom, and enameled dishes are chipped. This should not be allowed, so choose carefully.
  • Ceramic and Teflon coated aluminum. It may also be suitable for glass-ceramic plates, given the good thermal conductivity of the material. To be sure that aluminum cookware can be used for cooking on the stove, check for a special badge at the bottom of the cookware.
  • Cast iron. It can be used for cooking on such hobs due to the thick walls. Make sure that the bottom of the cast-iron cookware is as even as possible. The same applies to enameled dishes.


Only perfectly smooth, without scratches and chips on the surface of pots and pans. Moreover, it should be thick enough (at least 7 mm) to:

First of all, exclude deformation during heating,

Secondly, the bottom should be a “sandwich” type. Those. above and below there will be a layer of stainless steel, and in the middle there will be a layer of aluminum or copper. There are 3 and 5-layer bottom options.

The thick and multi-layered bottom in the cookware allows it to heat up faster and this is one of the most important criteria when determining which cookware is needed for a glass-ceramic plate. The fact is that stainless steel has low thermal conductivity and therefore it needs “neighbors”. Pay attention to the seam connecting the bottom and the main part of the pan - it must be even, otherwise the dishes may rust in this place.

Wall thickness

It is recommended to choose pots with thick walls, they should be at least 0.5 mm. Understanding which utensils to use for cooking, you probably will not choose the option with small thickness because You may be unpleasantly surprised by the noise coming from the pan during heating up. Therefore, choose options with thicker walls.


Close the pan or pan with a lid and look at the tightness of the walls. The lid should not cover the dishes too freely. It is also desirable to have an opening through which excess steam will escape during cooking.

Not recommended for purchase

In order not to purchase a pot, which will still turn out to be unsuitable for use, you need to know which dishes cannot be used on a ceramic glass stove:

  • with open copper or aluminum bottom; in this case, traces will remain on the surface of the plate;
  • prone to deformation from high temperatures;
  • with a raised or uneven bottom;
  • dishes with a round bottom due to the small area of ​​contact with the surface.

Glassware made of tempered heat-resistant glass, despite its attractive appearance, is not suitable for purchase - it has a small thermal conductivity and takes a very long time to heat up. Of course, you can use it, but it will increase energy consumption.

Video clip on what utensils to use on a ceramic glass stove

The video talks about the nuances that it is desirable to pay attention to in the store and how to choose a quality pan for a long service life.

Pots and pans for induction cookers can be successfully applied for cooking on glass-ceramic.

In order not to select the required diameter each time for a particular burner, it is better to immediately purchase a set of dishes for glass-ceramic plates. This will be a more profitable acquisition than if you buy pots and pans separately. In such assemblies there are both the smallest pots and ladles for porridge and milk heating, as well as large pots with pans.

The variety of cookware for vitroceramic hob allows you to choose the option that is most suitable for cooking your family and fit into the design of the kitchen. The advices given by us will help to orient and get a quality thing.

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