The microwave does not warm but works: what to do, what is the reason?

Use problem microwave ovens in the fact that each of them may stop working over time. The main problem is the following - the microwave stopped heating, but it works, it turns the plate. And it seems that everyone did the right thing: the oven turns on, the microwave tray twists, the light is on, but the food remained cold! This article will discuss the causes and solutions to this problem. We will commit.


  1. Causes of breakdowns and repairs
  2. DIY repair video
  3. Useful Tips

Causes of breakdowns and repairs

We outline the possible causes of malfunctioning microwave ovens. To understand why the microwave works, but does not warm, it is important to determine exactly which of the reasons suits your case, as this will greatly simplify the process of eliminating it.

Microwave details

To independently determine why the microwave does not heat up, you need to do the following:

Check wiring. Use a bright light source. All wires and contacts must be clean, without any signs of burning. If the wire winding is blackened or melted, they should be replaced. In addition, you need to clean all the terminals and contacts with a fine sandpaper or wire brush. Due to oxidation of the contacts, the furnace may not work properly.

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Check voltage. It is necessary to find out whether it complies with the norm. This can be done with a voltmeter. Attention! Even a small voltage deviation can cause a malfunction of the microwave oven. Not the fact that the microwave broke. If the voltage is really less than the required 220 Volts, you need to purchase an uninterruptible power supply unit and only through it connect the furnace to the network.

Check door switch. To check the operation of the miniature switch, which is located on the door, you need an ohmmeter. It is necessary to remove the back cover of the device and find out if the switch works with an ohmmeter. Do not forget to turn off the microwave!

Check high voltage fuse. Without putting the ohmmeter aside, we do a fuse resistance test. The problem is not critical if the resistance is small. Take a closer look - if there is no visible damage (the fuse is blackened, there is an unpleasant smell or a blown wire) use the tester for complete confidence.

Check doublers. Again, we do not part with an ohmmeter, with it we will find out whether the capacitor is working. The arrow on the device remains stationary - the device is faulty. In this case, it must be replaced. The same method can be used to correct deviations of the arrow by several units, since the part is broken.

Check electromagnetic lamp operation. In addition to the ohmmeter, we take an electrical screwdriver with a protective handle. The following happens - with a screwdriver we discharge the lamp capacitors. An ohmmeter measures resistance. The norm is considered a little resistance. The part must be replaced if there is no resistance or jumps. An acceptable figure is approximately 0.1 ohms.

Check transformer primary winding. Here it is worth using a tester. The voltage should be 220 volts. One way to check is a simple glass of water. Put it in the oven, and then check if it has become warm. If the water temperature has not changed, the primary winding should be replaced.

Check magnetron. This is not about movies. All the more serious. This is the part responsible for creating the high-frequency electric field with which you can heat food. The first step is to check the integrity and reliability of the magnetron's connection with the feed-through capacitor, filter induction coils and power terminals. The malfunction is completely subject to liquidation independently. Also check the filament of the lamp. Get to the point thoroughly - take a tester. The magnetron filament should be within 2 - 3 Ohms. If all of the above procedures did not help to reveal the essence of the matter, then the problem may be in the lamp itself, namely, the magnetron does not turn on. You should be careful with her.

Tip: In a microwave oven, there are many parts that may be malfunctioning. When you have determined which of the elements of the furnace is faulty, it should be replaced or a professional should be entrusted with its repair. Repair of oven parts at home it will be almost impossible if you do not have experience. In order to save time for yourself and the seller or the master, you can record the technical parameters of the defective parts and feel free to go to the store.

Microwave Oven Parts

DIY repair video

For clarity, you can watch this video, which talks about some problems in the operation of the microwave oven. In it, they will tell you what to do if the microwave turns on, but it buzzes and does not warm or does not warm the food well:

The video describes replacing the fuse in the microwave:

The video describes the process of measuring faulty parts with a tester.

Why did the microwave stop heating? A common cause is a fuse. But you can fix it quickly. Pull out the fuse. If the wire inside it is broken, it means that it is burnt out. Buy the same fuse and replace it with the old one.

It is most suspicious if the microwave oven does not work soon after purchase. Do not rush to open and try to repair such a technique yourself. Most likely, it is faulty due to defective components. Do not damage the seals, in this case the product warranty may be lost. Contact the store and replace the damaged purchase.

Useful Tips

Lastly, a few simple microwave oven tips to keep you safe:

  • everyone knows that the surface of the microwave oven is flat, but this is not a reason to use it as a stand;
  • Do not use extension cords when connecting the oven to the mains;
  • do not turn on the device if the door is not closed;
  • leave some space between the wall and the microwave for better ventilation;
  • use dishes without a metal pattern;
  • it is not advisable to microwave products containing alcohol;
  • make holes (for example, with a fork) in peeled products.

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