The dish does not spin in the microwave: why and what to do?

In pallet device microwave ovenresponsible for the uniform cooking and warming of food malfunctions occur. Moreover, the oven itself continues to work, but the plate stops rotating. There may be several reasons, as well as repair methods. This we will analyze in our article.


  1. Reasons for lack of pan rotation
  2. Malfunctions with the engine and its replacement
  3. How to identify engine malfunction?
  4. Bulb replacement
  5. Incorrect pallet installation
  6. Warranty and DIY Repair

Reasons for lack of pan rotation

Faults in which the microwave does not spin are only a few. Moreover, they can easily be fixed with their own hands, since the rotation device has a simple structure. The causes of failure can be the following:

  • the plate is not installed correctly;
  • a malfunction of the gearbox drive gear;
  • failed engine;
  • poor quality of contacts;
  • light bulb burnout.

Broken engine

It is worth noting that the most common reasons why the pallet does not rotate is its incorrect position or engine failure. In the motor, the winding may burn out due to sudden surges in voltage or drops of detergents and water can get into the motor.

Gearbox failure

The malfunction of this part of the microwave oven is much less common. More gears suffer here, which eventually eat up and begin to wedge and slip. This phenomenon is especially common in modern models. Since in earlier versions metal gears were used, and modern manufacturers often install plastic gears. This affected the price, but in the end the quality became much worse.

In the event of a motor or gearbox malfunction, you will have to change the part completely, as it is no longer suitable for continued operation or for any kind of repair.

Have to buy a motor. You should not buy cheap, which cost about 150-300 rubles. As a rule, their service life is limited to a year. It is better to spend money and buy an engine at a higher price, but with high-quality components.

Lack of power

In this case, you will have to look for a solution to the problem in the microwave control unit. It is quite difficult to make the replacement of this part on your own, as knowledge in the field of electronics is necessary so as not to increase the number of breakdowns. In this case, it is recommended to return the furnace to a repair service.

Light bulb failure

This is a separate story. In some microwave ovens (especially in older models) one can often encounter this phenomenon: there is a serial circuit in which a light bulb is included. If it burns out, then the motor, accordingly, stops working. Such a design is very harsh. But the solution to the problem is the simplest - replacing the light bulb.

Malfunctions with the engine and its replacement

An engine breakdown is a common reason why the microwave works, but the plate does not spin. In this case, it does not matter what the problem is: in the gearbox or in the winding, you will have to change the motor in any case.


This is how the engine that rotates looks from the outside. It is worth briefly telling about the design:

  • power terminals. They are attached to a power source and it is thanks to them that energy is supplied to the motor for operation;
  • motor shaft. Directly rotates the pan;
  • gear cover and motor housing. Protect internal elements of the engine from external influences. In particular, from liquid or pieces of food.

For a better idea of ​​what needs to be done, we recommend that you read the following video:

For full-fledged operation of the engine in the microwave, it is necessary that it has low revs and high torque. In addition, it should not be costly to manufacture.

An ideal solution for microwaves was a synchronous motor with a small power (only 4 W). Such motors make from 3 to 7 revolutions in one minute and are capable of turning a plate loaded with several kilograms.

Now about the replacement. Absolutely everyone, even those far from technology, can do it. Just follow the instructions in the picture and be able to use the tools:


It is strictly forbidden to rotate the shaft on the gearbox when the motor is in your hands and you touch the terminal. This will lead not only to complete damage to the gearbox, but also to a very strong electric shock of 220 V.

How to identify engine malfunction?

  • Gearbox. The whole problem is gears. Disassemble the engine and look at it from the inside.
    This is how the new gearbox looks. The gears of the failed device are either erased or broken.
  • Folding the motor shaft. Such a breakdown is most often associated with human negligence. Since it occurs during severe overload or manual braking of the shaft. Therefore, always read the instructions for the correct use of the device. If the maximum load is indicated there, then do not exceed it. Make sure that the plate does not touch the inside edges of the microwave, creating artificial braking.
  • Motor winding shorted. A malfunction of this kind is difficult to determine without a special device - an ohmmeter. When measuring resistance, the norm will be an indicator from 12-16 Ohms, if the engine is designed for a voltage of 220V. It can be lower (for example, 30V or 21V), then the standard resistance has a range from 100 to 200 Ohms. If the measurements leave these values ​​or “infinity” is displayed, then this indicates a dangling winding.
    In the absence of an ohmmeter, it is possible to determine the malfunction, but it will be more difficult. The main thing to remember is that the winding closure is accompanied by strong heating of the motor. This is determined by an ordinary inspection of the details.

Poor motor contact quality

Very often, this aspect is simply not paid attention to. But this is very important, since the current passing through the terminal is approximately 16 amperes. And even an increase in resistance by one ampere can affect the decrease in motor power. To avoid such a problem, it is necessary to tightly press the contacts to the power source with pliers.

Bulb replacement

Sometimes the rotation of the shaft is directly related to the operation of the light bulb in the microwave. Fortunately, solving the problem is easy enough. It is only necessary to replace the failed part. It is done like this:

  • The casing is removed. In most cases, it has the shape of P and is attached to the rear panel using self-tapping screws. A lamp that illuminates the microwave will be visible in the hole;

It looks like a microwave with a cover removed

  • Pull the bulb holder out of the duct and unscrew it. Replace the old lamp and assemble the casing back. After that, the operability of both the lamp and the microwave motor is checked.
  • If the lamp and motor are still faulty, then the problem lies in other details, for example, in electronics or in a circuit. In this case, contacting a service center is the best solution. In the case of a valid guarantee, it is better to immediately return the furnace for repair, as independent intervention can make the microwave oven unrepairable.

The vast majority of modern microwaves use light bulbs with a power of 20V and with a base of the type E-14. Sometimes it turns out that the design does not provide for threads, so it is not possible to unscrew the lamps. You can buy them in technical stores.

Incorrect pallet installation

Among other serious damage, the lack of rotation of the pallet may be due to its improper installation. See if the wheels on the plate match the rails in the microwave.

This point should be paid special attention if your model has a cage with rollers. Since they very often slide off the rails and the plate stops rotating.

Warranty and DIY Repair

It should also be noted that with independent intervention in the integrity of the case, the guarantee is completely void.

Therefore, before trying to fix the microwave yourself, make sure that the warranty period has either expired or you are 100% confident in your abilities regarding the repair. Otherwise, you will have to pay for it from your pocket. Sometimes for repairs in the service they give 2/3 of the price of the microwave oven itself.

All warranty conditions are specified in the instructions or contract upon purchase. It is advisable to always carefully read this item so that in the future you do not get into difficult situations.

If the dish in the microwave does not rotate, then fixing it is simple. You just need to make a little effort and be able to use tools. Of course, if you have a guarantee, then the best option would be to give the stove to a service in which it will be repaired for free.

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