The TV does not turn on, the indicator does not light or the red light blinks: what should I do?

Like any equipment, the TV tends to malfunction, and regardless of the period of its operation. For example, in some cases, the TV does not turn on, and the indicator blinks, and the relay clicks. However, many other symptoms are possible. So, let's look at why the TV does not want to work, and what to do in certain cases?


  1. Common causes of failure
  2. Indicator flashes
  3. LED is steady
  4. The indicator is off, the TV does not turn on
  5. Extraneous sounds when the TV is not working and there is no indication
  6. TV does not turn on, protection works (video)

Common causes of failure

The problem can manifest itself in several ways and is indicated by the following possible symptoms:

  • The LED flashes, but the TV does not turn on.
  • The indicator lights up in red, and the device is not controlled from the remote control and does not turn on at all.
  • The indicator does not light, and the TV from the remote control does not turn on.
  • The TV clicks, buzzes, makes strange sounds, but does not turn on.
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TVs in their type can be divided into the main three types: CRT, plasma and liquid crystal. Despite the noticeable differences in size, appearance and method of displaying the image on the screen, the reasons that do not allow the device to turn on are absolutely identical. They do not depend on the type of television receiver.

Indicator flashes

If the indicator blinks, it means that the TV itself diagnoses the type of problem. Usually the red light flashes a certain number of times. In this case, you need to open the instruction manual of the device and find the section where the types of malfunctions and their indication are indicated. And, already proceeding from this, take the necessary actions.

Another option that can cause a similar symptom is that the TV is connected to the computer as a monitor. If the connected computer goes into sleep mode or is turned off, the device will blink for several seconds when turned on from the remote control. As an option, the TV is connected to a second monitor, but not as the main one.

Connecting a TV to a second monitor

You need to bring the computer out of Stand By mode (move the mouse or press a button on the keyboard) or start it by pressing the power button. In fact, the TV works. It just doesn’t receive an image.

LED is steady

If the LED is lit, this indicates that power is being supplied to the control unit. If the TV does not react to signals from the remote control in any way, the first thing to do is try turning it on directly using the panel buttons. Perhaps the malfunction lies precisely in the incorrect operation of the remote control, and not the TV itself. If this is true, the following actions must be taken:

  • Check batteries and contacts for oxidation.
  • Make sure the integrity of the emitter and the absence of sticking buttons on the remote control.
  • If possible, disassemble and clean the remote control inside of dust.
  • If the remote control was filled with liquid and stopped working, return it for repair or purchase a new one (preferably the original one - it will last longer).

If the TV failed to start from the panel, there are two possible scenarios.

Protection worked

At the same time, the TV may try to start, but after a few seconds the screen goes blank, or does not turn on at all. The main reason for this malfunction in most cases is a power outage in the home network. These can be power surges or power cuts and turns on when the TV is in “sleep mode”.

The most effective way to solve the problem is to completely disconnect the device from the network for a while, and not with the remote control, but unplug the power cord. This will be enough to restore performance if the TV does not turn on after turning off the light. If the voltage problem is constant, you will have to use a stabilizer, an uninterruptible power supply, or at least a surge protector. And leaving home, it is better to completely turn off the TV.


CPU or control malfunction

According to the scheme, the LED indicators are controlled by the Stand By wire and Q211 transistor. When a short circuit occurs, the TV stops turning on.

TV circuit

In this case, it will not do without contacting service specialists. Attempts to carry out complex repairs yourself can completely disable the TV.

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The indicator is off, the TV does not turn on

Such symptoms most often suggest that the cause of the malfunction is a lack of nutrition. If the bulb just “burned out”, the TV would work as usual, but without an indication. Do not worry ahead of time and call the master. Initially, it is necessary to exclude all variants of the problem that are available for self-correction. Moreover, in a large number of cases, the problem is caused by rather trivial reasons, among which:

  • Lack of power in an electrical outlet. The circuit breaker in the dashboard may turn off, and perhaps the outlet is faulty. It is checked using a conventional indicator screwdriver or tester. If there is no power, the machine is inspected. Even if it is turned on, it is better to “click” it several times. Did not help? You need to look for a problem in the socket or wiring yourself or with the help of an electrician.
  • Extension cord malfunction (if connecting through it). When a direct connection to the outlet ensures the normal operation of the TV, and there is no power through the extension cord, that’s the problem. If it is a surge protector, you need to check the power key and fuse. In any case, a correct device is required to fix the problem.
  • The Network button on the TV is turned off. Almost on all models of modern TVs with the “Network” button turned off (may located below, on the side or on the back of the TV) with the remote control becomes device impossible. You must activate the On / Off button on the control panel.
  • Wrong mode selected. The TV in this case works absolutely fine, but if one of the modes is not used, for example, AV, PC or Receiver, the screen is darkened and can enter “sleep mode”. You need to select the TV function again, and the image will return.
  • Part malfunction. It can be a microcircuit or a capacitor, or perhaps a power supply or a control system (for example, a button has broken). Testing the performance of various components of the TV and the implementation of the necessary repairs is best entrusted to specialists of the corresponding service center.
  • Blown fuse. For CRT TVs, this is a topical reason for the lack of power. If it is placed in an accessible place, it is quite possible to replace it yourself.

Extraneous sounds when the TV is not working and there is no indication

Sometimes owners of TVs may experience clicks or other sounds inside. Symptoms may vary:

  • The TV did not turn on, the indicator blinks, the relay clicks.
  • The light is off, the TV clicks.
  • The TV beeps and does not turn on.

The most common causes of clicks on TVs are:

  • Interlock system triggered. If some types of malfunctions occur (power supply or other units), the protective function is activated. It is designed to prevent a more serious breakdown in the event of a malfunction. Just the lock and emits characteristic clicks when the TV tries to turn on.
  • Heating and cooling the plastic parts of the housing. So, even a working TV can click.
  • Signaling of activated (long unused) operation mode for the selected source. At the same time, TVs can beep or whistle.
  • Excessive load on the power supply. The reason may be a transformer, microcircuit, or transistors. In this case, the TV does not turn on at all. One cannot do without a qualified master.

TV does not turn on, protection works (video)

In this video, you will clearly see how protection works when the TV does not turn on. In this case, the wizard tells how to fix the problem.

If the TV does not turn on, this does not mean that it is faulty. First, it is worthwhile to conduct a diagnosis to establish the cause. If a difficult problem is established, for example, a breakdown in the power supply, it is worth contacting a qualified, or better, authorized assistance service.

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