How to clean the remote control from the TV: tools, step-by-step instructions, video

The TV remote control is subject to dust and dirt, which eventually leads to sticky buttons and other malfunctions of the remote control. But if you know how to clean the TV remote control, these problems can be avoided, not to mention the fact that the life of the device will increase significantly.


  1. How to clean the remote?
  2. Method for deep cleaning the TV remote
  3. Quickly clean your TV remote
  4. Video: How to clean the TV remote?

How to clean the remote?

In addition to the cotton pad and alcohol, the following tools are suitable for reading the remote control:

  • wet wipes, sticks;
  • microfiber rags;
  • soap solution.

Method for deep cleaning the TV remote

In addition to dust, particles of fat, dust, and other dirt settle on the device, which penetrates even inside the device. It is in such situations that complete cleaning is needed, affecting not only the external surface of the console, but also its internal parts.

Step-by-step instructions on how to clean the remote control:

  1. Remove the batteries from the device.
  2. If there are screws on the remote control, then they need to be untwisted using a screwdriver.
  3. Put the cogs on a plate or in a box so as not to get lost.
  4. To get “inside” the remote control from the TV, take a thin screwdriver and put it in a crack between the upper part of the device and the lower part, walk around the entire perimeter of the remote control so that the mount goes away. The result will be two halves of the remote control, disconnected from each other, as well as a rubber gasket with buttons and a board with a light bulb.
  5. Soak two remote control covers and a rubber pad with buttons in soapy water for half an hour, so that the dirt “corrodes” and comes off on its own.
  6. In addition, go through the details with a toothbrush, not forgetting about the areas around the buttons, since the greatest amount of dirt accumulates there.
  7. After the procedure, wash the parts with plain water to wash off the soap particles.
  8. It is undesirable to soak the remote control board in water, just walk on it with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol. When cleaning the board, you can not rub the part.

After all the parts have been washed, they should be dried well. You can put them on a towel and wait about 1-2 hours.

Cleaning and drying the control panel

After that, you should assemble the remote control back.

After such a thorough cleaning, the buttons on the remote control will be pressed lighter and smoother, the case will become clean and pleasant to the touch, and even the germs from the remote control will be washed off.

Quickly clean your TV remote

There is also a quick option, how to clean the remote control from the TV, which allows you to eliminate pollution on the outer surface of the device.

Step-by-step instructions for quick cleaning the remote control:

  1. Using a cotton pad or stick soaked in alcohol, clean the area around the buttons.
  2. You can use a pin, toothpick, or any other thin object that can penetrate thin slots to remove dirt from the sockets, as well as dirt from the buttons.
  3. Wipe the entire remote control, including the battery blade (they must be removed before cleaning). This should be done with a lint-free cloth, which can be moistened with alcohol or with an electronic cleaner.
Remote Control Cleaning

When the battery blade dries, you can reinsert the batteries into the remote control and use the device as intended.

Video: How to clean the TV remote?

The video instruction will help you to properly clean the remote control, after disassembling the device, so that not to damage important details, and also to avoid the most common mistakes during this manipulation.

If after cleaning the remote control has failed, then this article help solve the problem.

So that the remote control does not stop working properly over time, as from the time of purchase, it is important to ensure that it remains clean. A full cleaning of the device is recommended once a month, and quick cleaning is best done once a week, because it does not take much time.

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