How to connect sound from a computer to a TV via HDMI, DVI, VGA, Wi-Fi, etc.

Connecting sound from a computer to a TV expands its capabilities, improving the sound quality of music or movies. There are several ways to do this, they all have their pros and cons, so it is necessary to give preference to a particular method, taking into account the characteristics of the technique and its capabilities. Before you connect the sound from the computer to the TV, you must make sure that the devices have one of these connectors.


  1. The main types of connectors
  2. Ways to connect sound from a computer

The main types of connectors

Almost all modern technology is equipped with one of these types of connectors. They are designed to connect external storage media, video and DVD-players, as well as other digital technology, which includes a computer.

The most used types of connectors are:

  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • VGA
  • Wi-Fi
  • RJ45;
  • RCA cable.

Ways to connect sound from a computer


The sound output through this connector is the most popular, since it rarely causes problems and malfunctions, and the sound quality remains good. This cord can be supplied as a kit with some digital devices, or sold separately.

HDMI connector


There is no need to purchase too expensive a cord, because regardless of the price, the same materials are used in its manufacture that do not change the sound quality.

To connect the TV to the computer, first you need to disconnect both devices from the power, and then connect them using the cord. This connection method does not require any additional settings, just specify the HDMI output as a sound source on the TV.

HDMI output

Possible problems connecting devices

  • If the sound does not play, then you need to use the computer to set the TV as the sound source. To do this, by right-clicking on the sound icon in the lower left part of the taskbar, select “Playback devices” from the pop-up menu. From the list you need to select your device, right-click on it and put a checkmark in front of the menu item "Use by default".


At the time of settings, the devices must be connected to each other. If the computer does not see television, with the HDMI cable turned on, you must reboot it and repeat the setup procedure again.

  • You also need to make sure that the video card supports audio playback through the HDMI output. Often, all modern devices are equipped with such a function. However, some of them include a special jumper that helps create a connector for connecting SPDIF out on the system board with the SPDIF in connector on the video card.
  • You can solve the problem by reinstalling or updating the drivers on the video card.
Problems connecting devices

How to connect sound from a computer to a TV through a Dvi cable?

The second most popular method, which is used when it is impossible to connect via HDMI output. Connectors of this type are divided into three types: digital, analog and combined. However, the sound transmission through this connector is not so simple as with the previous one, since everything depends on the video card used in the computer, because not all of them support audio playback via DVI output.

Dvi cable

In case of transferring not only audio but also video signal to the TV, it is necessary to use a DVI-HDMI cable or connect devices using DVI-D-HDMI adapters and then an HDMI-HDMI cable. Such a complex connection system is explained by the fact that the video signal does not always pass through the DVI cable.

The disadvantage of this method is also the complex setup process compared to the previous option. First, in the TV menu, you need to select the DVI connector as the signal source, while the computer and the TV must be connected to each other.

DVI Connector

Connection via VGA cable

This is an outdated method that loses the first two in terms of ease of connection and playback quality. Therefore, it is often used in obsolete devices where it is impossible to connect using other cables.

VGA cable

What problems can arise when connecting?

Very often, the VGA output is already taken by a computer monitor, so in order to connect another device, you need to purchase a special adapter, and then a cord for playing sound.

Main disadvantages

VGA is not intended for sound transmission, it can be used only as an additional element, to which it is necessary to connect a special cord. This option is not only costly, but also more complex and less quality in comparison with other methods.

VGA output

How to transfer sound from a computer to a TV via WIFI

This method puts forward additional requirements for the TV - support for DLNA technology and the presence of a media player. Modern plasma models are equipped with such a function, so this connection method can be considered as an alternative to HDMI.


Connection setup

After making sure that the TV is equipped with a built-in WI-FI module, you can start the setup.

  1. First you need to configure the router so that it can work in DHCP mode.


When setting up, it is necessary to assign a password that protects the local network from unauthorized entry.

  1. In the TV menu you need to find the item "Wireless Connection", and then find your network and enter it using a password.
  2. To transfer sound to the TV, it is necessary to install a special program on the computer - a media server. Then using this program you can access files and folders containing music or movies.
  3. To switch the sound from the computer, you need to open the media server, and select Ethernet as the playback source on the TV.

What is the disadvantage of connecting via a WIFI router?

When playing sound on a TV, a large load on the local network is created, which can lead to a decrease in speed.

Connection via RJ45

When connecting this method, a special network cable is used, which can be found in stores under the name “twisted pair”. As in the previous method, the TV must support DLNA data technology.

A router is also used here, which is configured in the same way as through a WI-FI connection. However, the use of this device may result in reduced speed. Therefore, it is better to give preference to an additional network card.

Setup is carried out on the same principle as through WI-FI, and you need to connect via a media server.

RJ45 network cable

How to output sound from a computer through an RCA cable

This method allows you to connect even the oldest models of computers and televisions. Such a cable is called a “tulip”. It can have two or three sockets, each of which is responsible for transmitting a separate signal. Yellow is a video, white is the left channel of the stereo audio signal, red is the right stereo audio signal.

Before connecting devices must be disconnected from the power. Then, in the corresponding holes (often they are indicated by color), you need to connect the connectors of the "tulip". After that, in the computer settings you need to expand the desktop to fit the size of the TV screen, and put the TV in the "Video" mode.

RCA cable

The most preferred methods among all those described above are connecting via an HDMI cable and using a twisted pair cable or WIFI router. It is these options that can ensure sound quality, reliable connection at the proper level.

The video shows in detail how to connect a TV to a desktop computer via HDMI and MPF. First you need to pick up the cable without adapters and make sure that you have the necessary connectors on the devices. Then the connectors are connected, and the TV and computer are set up.

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