How to connect a TV to a Wi-Fi router?

To fully answer the question of how to connect the TV to Wi-Fi, you need to find out if the TV has the ability to connect to the network. There are many types of connections, it can be an RJ-45 socket, an integrated Wi-Fi module or an adapter. There are models that are able to support external wireless modules.


  1. Support Type Wi-Fi Connection
  2. Connect your TV to Wi-Fi
  3. Connect your TV to Wi-Fi using a laptop
  4. Setting up Android Mini PC TV
  5. Connectivity issues

Support Type Wi-Fi Connection

TV can be divided by type of connection into four categories:

  1. Built-in wifi. In this case, everything is simple - the wireless module is integrated into the TV. No secondary technologies for connecting TV to the global network are needed;
  2. Wi-Fi adapter support. Immediately connect a similar device to the Internet is impossible. To do this, you need a usb adapter;
  3. Availabilitynetwork Lan-socket type RJ-45. In this case, the outlet is connected by cable to the second connector in the router operating in client mode, or to the Lan module - a technology that can receive an Internet connection from Wi-Fi and transfer it through cable. However, for this you need to configure a local network between the computer and the TV;
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  4. Without the additions described above, but with an HDMI connector. To connect such TVs to the Internet, you need to buy a prefix AndroidMiniPCBox. You can find it in any hardware store, along with the device there is an instruction for connecting TV to the global network.

Connect your TV to Wi-Fi

A prerequisite for this type of connection is a connected Wi-Fi router, which will provide access to the global network.

The connection algorithm is as follows (an example is given on Samsung TVs, however, it is suitable for other models of release higher than 2008):

  • Using the remote, go to the network settings (section "Network"). Next, go to the subsection of the wireless network;
  • A list of found Wi-Fi networks appears. If you do not know the full name of your network, then you can see it on the modem from the back.
Connect your TV to Wi-Fi

If a password is set on Wi-Fi, a window appears with the alphabet and the ability to enter from the remote control. Management takes place using the arrows, and is selected with the OK button. For more convenient operation, you can connect a USB keyboard.

After that, a standalone connection should start. If this fails, you must go to the IP settings and re-confirm the item to automatically obtain an IP address on the TV. To do this, go to the TV settings -> go to the network section and select "Wireless. ” Then a window pops up with the parameters of the wireless connection. In the first line, select "Receive automatically " (usually in the standard settings) and confirm.

If there is no DCHP (automatic reception) function on the router, you must assign your own IP address in the settings for the TV. For this:

  1. According to the same scheme, go to the parameters of the wireless connection on the TV;
  2. Turn off the automatic assignment of an IP address (set in the properties "Manual setting", as in the screenshot below);
  3. Enter the values ​​below:

IP Address - (you can specify any local value).

Subnet mask has a standard view -

Gateway –

DNS Server -

Network configuration

Many televisions have a “WPS” item in their network settings. Its task is to automatically configure the connection. However, to use the function, it is necessary that the router supports it (the router should have a WPS button):

WPS item

For automatic tuning, the “WSP” item in the TV menu is selected and the button on the router is held. After 20-30 seconds, offline configuration should complete.

If the owner has a TV and a router of the same Samsung company, then One Foot Connection is designed to facilitate the connection between devices. To do this, you just need to go to this section of the menu and wait for an autonomous connection.

In the absence of a built-in module to support wireless networks and external devices, to gain access to the global network, you can Buy a player that supports Smart TV and Wi-Fi. Its task is to receive data from a device connected to the global the network. The TV connects to the player with a regular cable and acts like a screen.

Connect your TV to Wi-Fi using a laptop

The entire method described above is based on the owner having wireless access to the global network. But the lack of a Wi-Fi router in the apartment is not uncommon, in this case it will come to the rescue direct connection of the TV to the laptop. It's no secret that all laptops have an integrated Wi-Fi router, which is capable of not only receiving a signal, but also distributing it. To do this, you need the correct setup.

Important. To distribute the signal, the laptop must be wired to the router.

To create a distribution, you can use both third-party programs and firmware. The latter is characterized by more stable operation and does not pose a potential danger to the laptop, so only the method associated with the embedded software will be discussed in the article.

A private Wi-Fi network is created as follows:

  1. We load the command line. You can do this by going to the menu Start and in the utility programs subsection. Alternative method: combining keys WIN + R, call the "Run" window and enter cmd;
  2. In the line that opens, enter the following value:

Netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = My_virtual_WiFi key = Cleep keyUsage = persistent

Keypassword for the created Wi-Fi network

Keyusagethe parameter responsible for saving the password (if you reconnect to the global network, you will not need to enter a password).

When entering, it is extremely important to observe all the gaps and use only Latin characters. The team will not only create a Wi-Fi signal distribution, but also install the necessary driver for the network to function. For distribution start must be prescribed:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Setting up Android Mini PC TV

If the TV does not have an internal and external Wi-Fi router, but there is an HDMI type connector, then you can implement a wireless connection only using the Android console. In fact, this is the newest and most perfect way to connect TV to the Internet.

The essence of the method: The set-top box, connected by cable to the TV, receives a Wi-Fi signal and transmits it to the TV. The main advantage of the method is simplicity. The prefix only needs to be turned on, all other settings (they are similar to the settings described above) are performed on the TV.

Setting up Android Mini PC TV

Android Mini PC TV is a small PC with USB modem connectors. After connecting, in the TV settings, select the device as the signal source (similar to Wi-Fi). After that, a large number of icons with standard Android applications will appear on the screen.

Connectivity issues

When using the connection, unexpected problems and errors may occur. It is all easy to fix!

Restart Disconnect the TV from the network and reconnect.

If the previous step did not help, then you must reset smart service settingsHub. Algorithm:

  1. We go to the application section;
  2. On the PU, click Tools;
  3. In the settings, go to the reset section;
  4. Enter the updated pin code - 0000;
  5. We are waiting for the end of the reset and agree with all the windows that appear (license agreement).
  6. Next, the program is reinstalled with the parameters reset.

If these two steps did not help, then you should update the TV software. We go to the menu, then to the support and to the subsection “Software Update” => update the software over the network. We are waiting for the update to download and use it.

If access to the network is completely impossible, then you can use an external medium (for example, a USB flash drive or a removable hard disk) for updating. To do this, you need to download the latest firmware to the USB flash drive specifically for your TV model.

Another common problem is lack of speed. This is due to the fact that the router and the TV are in different rooms (for example, behind two walls). Because of this, stability and communication speed are seriously affected. In such situations, it is recommended to place the router and TV closer to each other.

Video instruction:

The video presents all possible types of connection, more details about Wi-Fi adapters for the TV. And most importantly, all the ways to connect the TV to a wireless network are clearly shown.

Fortunately, all modern TVs support Wi-Fi internet connectivity. Setting up a wireless connection takes much less time. Possible disadvantages are the relative instability of the connection and a small, compared to cable, connection speed, however, modern Wi-Fi routers have almost solved such problems.

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