How to use the epilator in the bikini area, armpits and how to do it right

A home epilator is a popular thing that helps get rid of unwanted hairs for up to 6 weeks. However, when purchasing the device for the first time, a reasonable question arises how to use the epilator to reduce pain, make the depilation procedure more effective. There are a number of mandatory rules to consider.


  1. Depilation pain: how to reduce discomfort
  2. Preparatory phase and basic instructions
  3. Additional tips

Depilation pain: how to reduce discomfort

All models of electroepilators can be divided into two categories: disk devices and devices combating unwanted body hair with tweezers. Tweezers of the genus are produced by Rowenta, Braun, and disk-type epilators are especially popular with Filips. But the essence of the work of any kind of device is the same - the epilator pulls out the hairs along with the bulb, which prevents the process of rapid hair growth.

Depilation pain

Introducing the general principle of the device’s operation, a reasonable question arises: is it painful to use the epilator, how strong can the sensations be? It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer to such a question. Discomfort and pain during epilation will depend on the individual pain threshold of each person, on the process of anesthesia and the place on the body where the vegetation is removed.

The most vulnerable places are:

  • arms;
  • bikini zone;
  • skin under the knees;
  • armpits.

How to use the epilator painlessly on any part of the body? To do this, resort to some tips.

  1. Water helps to reduce pain. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct home hair removal in the bath. But this is possible only if the device can be used with “wet” depilation. Epilator Braun Silk-epil, as well as some models of devices from Rowenta, Panasonic are waterproof devices. Permissible use in water is usually indicated by the inscription "wetanddry».
  2. To use the device painlessly, you can pre-cool the skin. For this, ice cubes are suitable, which rub the desired area, gels with the effect of anesthesia. And also use a cooling gauntlet, which is available commercially separately or comes with Braun epilators.
  3. Before the procedure, the skin can be greased with alcohol. Thus, a disinfecting effect is achieved, as well as discomfort when using an epilator is reduced.
  4. In some cases, the soreness becomes lower when the removal of hairs is performed in the first period of the menstrual cycle. However, this moment is purely individual. But for this reason, the question arises whether it is possible to use the epilator during the “critical days”. You can, but watch for the reaction of the body.
  5. Helps reduce pain when using hair balm, shower gel, shaving foam during depilation, especially in combination with water and steamed skin.

To avoid severe pain at the time of pulling out the hairs, you should choose either the 1st or 2nd speed of the epilator. And also do not try to process very large areas on the body very quickly. Using the device for the first time, some girls drink painkillers, which help to transfer the initial "execution".

If it is difficult to endure even mild pain, the skin on the body is sensitive, and you want to use the epilator, then you should purchase models that come with special nozzles. There are such nozzles, both for delicate skin (they are smaller in size than a standard nozzle, fewer tweezers or discs), and special for certain areas on the body.

Start using the device gradually, allowing the skin to get used to. Therefore, when applying the epilator for the first time, it is worth choosing the most insensitive zone and confine yourself to depilation only on it.

Preparatory phase and basic instructions

Regardless of the brand of the manufacturer, the number of nozzles in the set or the functions of the device, the application principle will be the same. But it’s worth understanding not only how to make hair removal at home with an epilator, but also what preparatory points should be taken into account.

Preparatory moments in terms of instrument features

  • Before using a Philips epilator equipped with a special nozzle with cooling compartments, it must be removed. Then fill with water and put in the freezer. This will reduce pain during depilation.
  • When a cooling gauntlet is used, it must also be pre-filled with water and frozen, after being applied to the right place.
  • If you intend to use the epilator without connecting to the mains, you need to recharge it well. Typically, Braun or Philips epilators are able to work on their own for 35-45 minutes.
Preparatory moments

How to do epilator hair removal: preparation in advance

  1. If the shaving machine cuts hairs even of the smallest length, then electroepilators are not intended for this. Regardless of whether a disk or a tweezers device, the length of hair should be at least 2-4 millimeters. Otherwise, grab and remove hairs will not work. Therefore, you should refuse depilation a few days before using the device.
  2. Too long hair, for example, in the armpits, also negatively affects the ability of the epilator to fight vegetation.
  3. A couple of days before the home procedure, the skin should be steamed using a scrub cleanser and a hard washcloth, even if bikini hair removal is planned. This will remove the keratinized layer of the epithelium, release the ingrown hairs and the process will be easier.
  4. The day before hair removal and within 24 hours after which it is necessary to abandon the use of fatty creams and body oils. How will this affect the hair removal process? If you do not resort to such measures, the hairline will be unstable, it will be difficult to remove. Even using Rowenta epilators, which have tweezers extended to the ends, grabbing the hair bundle will cause difficulties.
  5. If the device does not support “wet” hair removal, it should be dry after taking a bath in order to steam the pores. This makes the hair follicles weaker. Epilation in the shower should not be done, the skin needs to be thoroughly dried after water procedures. Preliminary application of the lotion is acceptable, but it should be well absorbed.

Basic instructions: how to do epilation with an epilator

  1. Choose a nozzle depending on the area of ​​the body. Do not be lazy to change these same nozzles, this allows you to cause a minimum of unpleasant sensations.
  2. Position the device either vertically or at an angle of 90 degrees. In a situation where the hairs on the legs and arms are removed, you should move against their growth. Axillaries are processed either up-down movements, or, if there is a floating head at the epilator (Braun, Philips, Rowenta), then movements are made in a circular.
  3. In the process of using the device, do not apply strong pressure on the skin. This will cause irritation, affect the effectiveness of depilation. And it can lead to the problem of ingrown hairs. In the area of ​​armpits and under the knees, it is better to stretch the skin slightly with your fingers, such tension will reduce pain.
  4. Hard and thick hair should be removed especially carefully, at the minimum speed of the tweezers, so that they do not break off.
  5. In case of severe pain, it is worthwhile to turn on the cold airflow available in Filips devices, or use Braun massage nozzles.

Deserves special attention bikini zonewhere the skin is especially sensitive. Is it possible to remove hair in this area with an epilator? Experts do not recommend resorting to such a home procedure on their own, especially when using an electroepilator for the first time. You can severely injure the skin, as a result of which abscesses and spot hemorrhages will appear.

However, if you want to understand how to use the epilator in the bikini area, then you should consider the following nuances:

  • it is better to do either “wet” hair removal, or use anesthetic ointments;
  • you need to choose epilators with nozzles "for beginners", which are available in the Philips arsenal, or devices with special heads for the bikini zone;
  • deciding to make a deep bikini on their own, it is better to purchase the latest generation of Silk-epil epilators from Braun or to epilate with ceramic tweezers;
  • the whole procedure should take place slowly, it is better to stretch the skin if a device with a nozzle in the form of “fingers” is not used;
  • After using the electroepilator, the skin must be reassured by applying either a special ointment, lotion, or using a baby cream.

To visually see how to use the epilator, it is worth watching the video below:

Additional tips

Having figured out how to do epilation with an epilator, it is important to know how to finish this home procedure. It is also advisable to consider some tips.

  1. After epilation, any part of the body should be smeared with a moisturizing, soothing cream.
  2. When removing hairs in a “wet” way on legs, it is better to alternate legs, depilating small areas. At the same time, the “free” leg should be kept in water so that the skin is steamed all the time.
  3. In order to avoid ingrown hairs, the nozzles of the device must be thoroughly washed, therefore, devices with removable heads should be preferred.
  4. When deciding to use an epilator during pregnancy, you need to be prepared for excessively strong pain. Specialists recommend that women in an “interesting position” refuse to use electrical appliances of this kind so as not to harm their well-being.
  5. Perform the home procedure in the evening (after 18-19 hours). Redness and microtrauma from the device will occur on any skin, but this negative effect will disappear during the night.
  6. For epilation of armpits, it is not out of place to purchase a nozzle with a point impact.
  7. If it is necessary to do hair removal on the face, then the “destruction” of hair should begin first between the eyebrows and along their line, only then moving to the area above the upper lip or chin.

When purchasing an epilator for yourself, choosing the latest models, it is worth considering all the nuances of carrying out a home procedure to remove unwanted body hair. The skin gradually gets used to the effect, because from time to time the pain and redness will become less, and the result is also pleasing to the eye.

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