Cookware for induction cookers: how to choose and use?

The emergence of a new type of stove with an innovative cooking induction mechanism aroused increased interest among housewives, especially since they are economical in terms of energy consumption. Among the many questions related to features induction cookers, one of the most important - which cookware is suitable for cooking?


  1. The main characteristics of the dishes
  2. The principle of operation of the induction panel
  3. Requirements for the state of the bottom of the dishes
  4. Is enameled utensil suitable?
  5. Kitchen items made of ceramics, glass, aluminum and stainless steel
  6. Is cast iron suitable?
  7. Care Tips
  8. Which manufacturers have the best cookware?
  9. Is it possible to do without special utensils?

The main characteristics of the dishes

The main thing that you need to consider when using the new stove is to understand what characteristic qualities should be inherent in the dishes that will be used on it.

The paramount requirement is the presence of ferromagnetic properties in the raw material from which the bottom of the dishes is made. To determine the suitability of the dishes, it is worth considering the following


  1. Take note of the main points of the instructions for the use of dishes on stoves with an induction heating mechanism.
  2. Using a magnet, which should be attracted to the bottom of the dishes, we can conclude that such dishes are suitable for use.
  3. On the wall of the dishes may be marked - "induktion", allowing you to use it on the plates of this type. Sometimes manufacturers leave a special icon in the form of a twisted spiral on the dishes.
Induction cooker icon

The cookware must have the correct bottom diameter so that it covers the burner by at least 70%. The stove may not respond to dishes whose bottom diameter is less than 12 cm.

This video, presented to your attention, describes practical tips on how to choose dishes suitable for induction cooker - what properties and characteristics it should possess.

The principle of operation of the induction panel

The mechanism of action of the device has unique features, which consist in heating only the dishes and the food contained in it, and the surface of the stove remains cold. This fact allows you to cook in safe conditions.

Heating is due to exposure to electromagnetic waves. The heating element, unlike gas burners or an electric spiral, is a coil that is a source of a high frequency magnetic field. Induction current in contact with a ferromagnetic field drives electrons. And thus, heating occurs.

A new type of heating device has a number of obvious advantages: minimal energy consumption, a significant reduction in cooking time. However, many housewives are in no hurry to switch to the induction stove, fearing problems associated with the requirements for utensils.

Indeed, it is recommended to use only one that matches the parameters specified in the instructions. But do not think about problems, because they are all easily solved, you just need to take a closer look at the wise advice of professionals.

Compliance with the requirements for raw materials used in the manufacture of dishes, the presence of ferromagnetic components, the thickness and diameter of the bottom will solve the problem with the choice of dishes.

Requirements for the state of the bottom of the dishes

The primary condition is a thickened bottom. This condition is due to the fact that under the influence of increased heat transfer of the plate, thin material can undergo deformation. The bottom will become uneven, which will cause instability on the surface of the plate, as well as uneven distribution of heat. An uneven bottom will also cause unpleasant sounds that will come from the stove during cooking.

Material, which was used in the manufacture of the bottom, may be as follows:

  • enamel;
  • steel;
  • cast iron;
  • high-quality metals with ferromagnetic properties.

Often manufacturers use aluminum as a material for the manufacture of induction cookware, but such kitchen utensils necessarily have an induction bottom.

Induction cookware

The thickness of the bottom of the cookware for the induction cooker must be at least 5 mm.

Is enameled utensil suitable?

Many housewives have chosen enameled dishes. It is outwardly attractive and easy to handle; it is easy to wash and clean. In this regard, the question of whether it is possible to cook in it on an induction panel is quite justified.

The answer is comforting. As it turned out, enameled pans can be used, but provided that the enamel is applied to a layer of iron that can be magnetized.

Kitchen items made of ceramics, glass, aluminum and stainless steel

Manufacturers are trying hard to meet the needs of modern housewives, creating unique samples of kitchen utensils. It can be ceramicpots, stewpots or pans with a magnetized bottom. The combination of different materials, firstly, makes the dishes stylish, it can be a great addition to the interior of the kitchen. Secondly, it is easy to keep clean. And the food cooked in it remains warm and tasty for a long time.

There is also glassware with a metal bottom. Most often, teapots or braziers are made of glass, and less commonly, pots. Aesthetic appearance is one of the important advantages. For example, a glass teapot goes well with a plexiglass tea set.

Lightweight, practical, cheaper than the types listed above, aluminum cookware with a steel bottom are also successfully used on modern stoves with an induction heating mechanism.

Copper cookware also no exception, it should also be equipped with a ferromagnetic bottom.

Buying a pan from of stainless steel, it must be taken into account that this material does not always possess ferromagnetic qualities. It is necessary to consider the presence of marking, ask the seller or check it yourself with a piece of magnet.

Steel cookware different antioxidant properties, allowing you to keep food fresh for a long time. It is lightweight, comfortable, practical and durable. In addition, it has an aesthetic appearance.

Steel cookware for induction cooker

It is necessary to choose a pot made of steel very carefully so that nickel is not in the alloy. Food prepared in it may contain allergens.

You can choose any of these types of dishes, but in order for it to last as long as possible, you should strictly follow the recommendations for caring for it.

Is cast iron suitable?

As for the dishes made of cast iron, it is quite suitable for cooking food on the induction panel, it is only advisable to select a perfectly smooth bottom. Otherwise, irregularities can damage the ceramic-coated plate. Due to the fact that cast iron cookware has an impressive weight and not always perfectly smooth surface, handle it with extreme care so as not to damage the glass-ceramic layer of induction panels.

Despite the precautions you should not give up cast iron cookware. After all, it is in such dishes that the most delicious dishes are obtained. In addition, they remain warm for a long time and retain their useful and palatability as much as possible.

It is worth giving preference to cast iron cookware with an enamel layer, without which cast iron is not immune to corrosion, which can ruin its appearance.

Care Tips

It should be agreed that special utensils for induction panels require particularly delicate handling and compliance with useful recommendations:

  1. Use only gentle detergents that do not contain abrasive components.
  2. After washing, wipe with a dry cloth to remove stains.
  3. It is undesirable to keep the frying pan without food for a long time on the burner, this can ruin the integrity of the non-stick coating.
  4. To prevent cracking of the surface layer, do not start cleaning dishes until it has completely cooled.
  5. It is better to wash the dishes immediately after cooking (as soon as it cools down), then you will not have to show additional forces that destroy the surface.
Care for induction cookware

Do not think that in dealing with special kitchen utensils you will have to spend too much time. This is impossible, because on such stoves the food practically does not burn.

Special dishes are allowed to be washed in the dishwasher, after which it is necessary to wipe dry. Compliance with this rule will allow you to keep it in its proper form for a long period.

Which manufacturers have the best cookware?

Italian manufacturer Risoli creates low-cost samples of aluminum cookware costing from 3,000 rubles.

Company Tefal produces all types of cookware for induction cookers (from 3,000 rubles).

German company Fissler produces expensive but high-quality products (from 6,000 rubles). The range includes:

  • pans
  • pans
  • braziers;
  • stewpan;
  • teapots.

Firm Woll (Germany) also produces expensive dishes. We use high-quality starting materials with a non-stick coating of titanium-ceramic (from 6,500 rubles).

Finnish company Hackman produces cast iron kitchen utensils for use on induction panels (from 6,500 rubles).

Ceramic and dishes made of quality steel are produced by the company Cristel (France), which costs from 7,300 rubles.

Aluminum utensils manufactured by the manufacturing company Swiss diamond. It is covered with a reliable non-stick crystalline layer (from 8,000 rubles).

Induction Cookware Swiss Diamond

Special cookware is also suitable for cooking on electric and gas stoves. The ferromagnetic layer will remain unharmed.

Is it possible to do without special utensils?

There is a way out that will allow you not to worry about purchasing special dishes. However, you still have to bear the cost of buying a special device - an adapter. It is a stand, playing the role of an adapter. It allows you to use the dishes without special ferromagnetic properties.

There are several convincing arguments for deciding in favor of the induction cooker. First of all, convenience, safety and economy. Secondly, if the house does not have suitable dishes, it is not necessary to say goodbye to the old and purchase a new one, you can get an adapter. Thirdly, do not worry if a pan or pan without a ferromagnetic property is accidentally placed on the stove. The mechanism of the plate simply does not work, it “does not see” such dishes.

Based on this, it is not difficult to draw the correct conclusion: the induction cooker is a modern invention designed to facilitate the fate of the hostess and help save the family budget.

The complexity of choosing dishes for this appliance lies in the rich assortment, but this is more likely not a problem, but a blessing. One has only to remember a few basic recommendations and buy such dishes that would suit the stove, and correspond to the financial capabilities of the hostess.

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