How to use a microwave: instructions on whether it is harmful;

Nowadays microwave almost every person in the house has it. With it, it is convenient to heat food, defrost, you can cook interesting dishes and even make meat on the grill. However, not everyone knows how to use a microwave so that it lasts as long as possible, and the food is of high quality.


  1. Instruction for use
  2. How many years can I use?
  3. Is there any harm from the microwave?
  4. Grill function - what is it?
  5. Video instruction

Instruction for use

When purchasing your first or new microwave, first of all, you should read the instructions. In it you can learn about the purpose of the buttons and about all its capabilities, for example, about the grill function in the device. Only then can you start operation.

How to turn on the microwave?

This is the first thing people think about. Brief instructions for activating the device:

  1. First you need to put it on a flat surface, for example, on a table.
  2. Then insert into the socket, as the device cannot work without electric current.
  3. After that, you may need to click on the “Start” or “Cook” button. On some devices, you can do without buttons. It is enough to turn the cooking time timer. After all these actions, the stove should work.
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As for the timer, this is an important element, since it is it that controls the cooking time. Now you can meet different types of timers, which one is better - it's hard to say. The most common is the dial, which must be turned clockwise until the desired time is displayed on the screen. There is also a numeric keypad on which you want to enter seconds and minutes.

You need to know exactly how much you need to heat or cook specific products so that they do not deteriorate. Information is often found on product packaging.

What kind of dishes do you need?

Having figured out how to turn on the microwave and set the time, you need to decide on the dishes that can be placed in the microwave. It is not recommended to load metal bowls and objects that may melt into the oven. It is also undesirable to put plates that can become very hot. Ideal dishes designed specifically for the microwave. It meets all the requirements and will not bring harm to the microwave.

Dishes for microwave

If you want to heat up foods that tend to splatter or burst, then they should be covered with a special plastic cap. It can be tomatoes, apples, sausages, pea soup, etc.

Defrost function

Each microwave has a defrost mode that is designed for frozen foods. It should be used before preparing ice meat. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes to fully defrost.

Having learned how to use the microwave, you need to take care of caring for it.

Care Rules:

  • It needs to be cleaned regularly, having previously been unplugged.
  • To achieve a better result, pull out the grilles, turntable and other similar items.
  • They need to be washed in warm water with liquid soap, and then allowed to dry on their own.
  • The microwave itself needs to be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, removing all the crumbs and stains of fat that are present on the surface.
  • It is important not to use water, as it can lead to malfunction of the device. About how to properly care for the technique, the article will tell - How to clean the microwave?
  • When the microwave becomes clean, then you can return the grilles, turntable and other objects in place.

Now you can use the microwave again.

Using a microwave

How many years can I use?

When wondering how many years you can use a microwave, you need to remember about the quality of the device.

Expensive microwave ovens can last 5-8 years without failures, but cheap ones can break even after 3 years.

Also, the duration of operation depends on how many times a week a person uses a microwave and how well it cares. There are times when the microwave is working fine and after 11 years. Although experts do not recommend using such old devices. They can be hazardous to health, since the protective layer on the screen is depleted, and harmful radiation begins to affect a person. In addition, the device becomes obsolete and begins to work worse. For him to last longer, you need to know how to use the device correctly.

Microwave oven

From this it can be understood that the question of how much you can use microwave is purely individual. Usually the owner himself understands when it is time to replace the device, since the device after a certain period of time becomes inconvenient to use.

Is there any harm from the microwave?

Almost everyone could hear or read that microwaves are dangerous to health. However, despite such statements, appliances continue to be sold, and many people do not stop cooking in them. Is it harmful to use a microwave? That's what every owner of such a device should know.

Anyone who cooks in the microwave, you can immediately reassure. Microwaves are not dangerous to humans and do not poison products.

Yes, microwave radiation itself is harmful, but it protects the device body from them. If he is intact, then there is nothing to worry about. But if the glass of the door is broken or there is another malfunction, then the device should be returned to repairs or throw it away. In this case, they can not be used, since it becomes really dangerous.

Microwave damage

In studies designed to answer the question of whether it is possible to use a microwave, there was no negative effect on food. On the contrary, products that were prepared in a microwave oven retain about 90% of vitamins, and those for which traditional cooking methods were used leave only 40-60% of vitamins. From this we can conclude that if you know how to use the microwave, then it will be only useful.

Grill function - what is it?

A microwave grill is a very common feature that many appliances support. However, not all people know whether it is possible to cook delicious food with it or not. Of course, this is possible, especially if the model of the microwave oven is high-quality and expensive. In it you can make delicious vegetables, chicken, meat and other products.

Microwave grill

Understanding how to use the grill in the microwave is not always easy. From the first time, it is rarely possible to prepare a product, since it is still not clear what temperature and time to set. In addition, the grill is heating and quartz, and their functions are very different.

To cook, for example, chicken, you will need:

  1. Put it on a wire rack or string it on a skewer, if any.
  2. Turn on the grill function and set the time for about 30-40 minutes. It is good if there is a quartz heater, as it prepares food better.
  3. Wait for a given amount of time.

As a result, the chicken should be completely fried and with a crispy crust in the device with a grill. If it does not cook in 40 minutes, then the time should be increased by 15-20 minutes. The same can be done with other products, as the grill function in the device is really universal and useful.

Video instruction

Modern microwave ovens may often seem incomprehensible to use, so it is recommended to look video, in which, as an example, one of them talks about turning on, setting a timer, and about all functions instrument.

Have a nice cooking!

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