How to set up Tricolor TV yourself: adjust channels and satellite dish

Self-tuning "Tricolor TV" on a satellite dish

Tricolor TV as a modern satellite television can be configured without the help of a specialist, saving a decent amount of money on this. The front of work is very laborious, but not difficult, if you know the sequence of actions. Below will be described in detail how to set up Tricolor TV.


  1. What will be needed in the work
  2. Choosing an antenna installation location
  3. Assembling the Tricolor TV antenna and installing its main elements
  4. TV connector mounting
  5. Tricolor TV antenna adjustment
  6. Setting the Tricolor TV Signal
  7. Setup video tutorial

What will be needed in the work

Before answering the main question, how to set up a satellite dish, you will need to prepare the following working tools:

  • wrenches of different sizes;
  • hammer drill;
  • screwdrivers of different sizes;
  • elements for fasteners;
  • insulating tape;
  • working level;
  • drawing pencil or pen.

Choosing an antenna installation location

Tuning of the Tricolor TV antenna begins from the place of choice of its future installation. The main factor that you should rely on when choosing is the free access of the device towards the satellite, that is, the signal source. In other words, if you visually draw a straight line between the satellite and the antenna, then you should not detect an obstacle in it in the form of trees and structures on roofs or buildings. This will be the first step towards how to configure the Tricolor satellite dish yourself.

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Please note that the closer the plate will be installed in relation to your TV, the better signal quality you can be guaranteed. In addition, this way you can set up the plate much easier and faster.

Places unfavorable for installation of the antenna:

  • glazed loggias;
  • areas that may be subject to rain or snow;
  • roofs with a gable, four-gable or asymmetrical roof;
  • places near the spillway.

Assembling the Tricolor TV antenna and installing its main elements

Contrary to popular belief, assembling and setting up the antenna and dish is not so difficult. To do this, you need to follow the established algorithm of actions and rely on the proposed scheme.

Tricolor TV antenna circuit
  1. The massive bracket that comes with the Tricolor package must be securely fixed to the wall. The particularity of the installation and the choice of fixing tools will depend on the wall (supporting or main).
  2. When fixing the bracket, be aware that the converter in the holder must be installed downward. So, you protect your plate Tricolor from rainfall.
  3. Connect the cable and the converter securely with the F-connector. To do this, you will need to free the cable from the upper insulation by no more than 10 mm. Then, tightly wrap the cable with a shielding braid and foil. The inner insulating layer also needs to be removed by 10 mm and tighten the connector as much as possible.
  4. Prepare the stitches and insulation tape in advance in order to install the cable in the arc of the converter holder.
  5. Sealing is a necessary procedure, which should apply to the entire length of the cable. In some cases, you may need silicone sealant.
  6. Next, fix the antenna to the bracket. Install it so that at any time it is possible to rotate it in different directions.
  7. At the last stage of the assembly, you will again need electrical tape and couplers, since the cable must also be fixed on the bracket, in addition to the antenna. If you fix the cable with a small margin, it will subsequently make it easier for you to install and repair the device, if necessary.

If you are still wondering how to set up the Tricolor TV antenna without the help of a specialist, then keep in mind that you have already completed the first and most difficult stage. And as you can see, this was not so difficult to do. In addition, the procedure for assembling the antenna is universal and does not depend on what you are using and what image format will be displayed on the screen, in particular, the Ultra HD format.

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TV connector mounting

TV connector diagram

Based on the presented scheme, act progressively:

  • fearing damage to the shielding braid, remove the cable from the top insulation by 15 mm;
  • shielding braid, and then, and foil should be located along the entire length of the cable;
  • also remove the cable from 10 mm of the inner layer of insulation;
  • screw the connector as far as possible and disconnect the wire cutter with pliers, which should not protrude beyond the edges by no more than 3 mm.

The video transmitted to the TV using the installed Tricolor plate will directly depend on the quality of your work. Therefore, carefully follow the order of the instructions and make every effort to the process. Setting up Tricolor TV requires progressive action.

Tricolor TV antenna adjustment

The more precisely the antenna is adjusted from a geographical point of view, the better the channels on Tricolor TV will be shown. The peculiarity of these manipulations also depends on two factors: elevation and azimuth. Both quantities are measured in degrees.

The difficulty is that for each individual settlement and region, the indicators can vary significantly. For example, for Bryansk, the elevation angle will be 29 degrees, and the azimuth - 178 degrees. Keep this in mind when adjusting the antenna.

If you have lost channels for one reason or another, then perhaps the reason for the failure lies in the incorrect adjustment of the plate.

You can also determine the azimuth yourself if you know how to use the compass and determine its exact performance.

Rely on the tips that a satellite TV provider with a high-quality image of Ultra HD format applies, lead the cable from the converter to the signal receiver. It will be very simple to do this, since you have already completed the installation of the television connector. After that, connect the receiver to the TV and check the presence of the signal and its quality.

Setting the Tricolor TV Signal

In order to configure the free Tricolor TV channels and their signal, you will need to go to the “Antenna Settings” menu. Next, move the antenna cursor in the plane to such an extent until you get a signal that will satisfy you.

Tricolor TV signal setting

There should be no interference, ripples and small dots, in addition, the sound should be high-quality and perfect.

Please note that if during operation you have lost channels, then as one of the options for troubleshooting, you can go to the above menu.

The next step is to open the “Received Signal Strength” tab.

  1. Pick up the receiver remote control and press the "MENU" button.
  2. Use the arrow buttons, find the “Settings” tab, then confirm the command by pressing “OK”.
  3. For further installation, a password is provided. At the first stage, the provider provides for the introduction of four zeros. Subsequently, you can change it yourself.
  4. Next, get to the “System Preferences” tab and confirm the command again by clicking “OK”.
  5. Go to the “Antenna Settings” menu and confirm the request.

After you select the antenna installation mode and the list of channels, determine the satellite that matches your region: Eutelsat 36A or Eutelsat 36B. Find in the tab of the antenna installation menu two scales that characterize the signal level and its transmission to the satellite. If both of them are filled up to the 70% mark, then all your work has been done correctly and the channels on Tricolor TV will be shown with high quality.

Antenna Setup Menu

In the case when the indicators are below the desired level, it makes sense to turn to the cable connection. Perhaps it transmits a weak signal to a satellite, which simply does not pick it up.

Do not forget that your plate is still on the street, the impact of weather conditions on it cannot be ruled out. Thunderstorms, lightning, heavy rain or any other precipitation can affect the signal level. But he will return to normal immediately after the weather conditions improve.

Setup video tutorial

The video clearly shows all the stages of assembly and installation of the Tricolor TV antenna. A visual demonstration allows you to more easily imagine how the work process will look externally.

Now you know how to set up Tricolor TV yourself, how to assemble an antenna, how to check the signal level and what to do if the channels are lost. This will allow you to save money that could be spent on the services of a customizer.

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