Which TV to choose in the kitchen: selection criteria, model reviews

Choose a TV the kitchen is not as simple as it might seem. So, in addition to calculating a suitable screen diagonal, it is necessary to take into account a number of other parameters, including the viewing angle, functionality, matrix and even design. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with technological innovations, because the market is rapidly developing and replenished with more suitable screens for the kitchen.


  1. Key selection criteria
  2. TVs for installation in kitchen furniture
  3. Popular models
  4. Video reviews

Key selection criteria

To choose a good model specifically for your kitchen, you need to proceed from a set of key parameters, which can be found later.


It should be borne in mind that a TV with a diagonal of more than 20 inches must be watched from a distance of at least 2.5 m, so as not to harm your eyesight. Screens with a diagonal of 15-20 inches can be viewed from a distance of 1.5-2 m.

TV to the kitchen

Based on this rule, choose TV diagonal needed by room area:

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  • Small kitchen (6-9 sq. M. m). A suitable diagonal size is from 18 to 22 inches. Televisions of this size are convenient for watching news or movies during meals and cooking. No matter how much you want to squeeze a large diagonal into the small kitchen, it is better not to do this. In addition to the load on vision and headache, nothing good will come of it.

The kitchen is fat, steam, splashes and high air temperature, so if it has a small area, you should choose a TV with a grease and moisture resistant screen. Such a device will not fog up from the steam, and the fat that has got from the pan will not harm him.

  • Middle kitchen (10-15 sq. M. m). This is a fairly spacious kitchen where you can equip a larger TV - with a diagonal from 25 to 32 inches. In this case, the TV will be within 3 m to the eye level of the beholder.
  • Large kitchen (from 18 sq. M. m). This is a kitchen-living room or kitchen-dining room, which is often found in private homes. Here you can equip a TV with a diagonal of 32 inches. So, you can choose a large plasma screen.

In general, the best choice for many kitchens are screens in 19-25 inches. Two formats are available for them - HD Ready (1280 × 720 pixels) and Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels). The first of them allows you to comfortably watch digital or analog television broadcasts, and the second is suitable for lovers of high-quality video from external sources.

Viewing angle

In the kitchen, a person often watches programs not stationary from one place, but moving around during cooking and other kitchen activities. In such cases, the viewing angle is very important, on which the contrast and color rendering of the image from different viewing points depends. So, to watch TV without any distortion, it must have a normal viewing angle, which is considered 175 degrees and above. With this view value, the images on the screen will be reproduced without any distortion, regardless of which side the viewer is watching TV.


It is of several types:

  1. LCD. This technology is based on the use of liquid crystals. They are susceptible to electric fields, move and reproduce the image on the screen. In turn, LCD TVs There are such types:
  • TN + Film is a low-cost matrix that consumes little power, but has drawbacks in the form of poor color reproduction, contrast and viewing angle;
  • IPS - a matrix with a large angle and the best transmission of shades, but with low contrast.
  1. Plasma. The technology is based on cells filled with an inert gas and coated with a phosphor. They add a picture of a certain color under the influence of ultraviolet rays. This is an excellent choice regarding the ratio of price and quality, but keep in mind that it can only be integrated into a spacious kitchen with an area of ​​16 square meters. m. The fact is that the diagonal of such screens starts at only 32 inches, and this is not the right option for a small kitchenette.
  2. OLED. Such a matrix is ​​based on organic LEDs made from carbon. They reflect light under the influence of electric current. These are the most expensive models, but guarantee the best image quality.
TV in the kitchen
To visually see the differences between different matrices, when buying in a store, you should arrange a small “test drive” and evaluate various models.

Location and Mount

The TV sets come with stands for easy placement on any surface. In some models, they can be transformed into a suspension device. But it is worth noting that for the kitchen you often have to purchase special brackets, depending on how you plan to position the screen:

  • On the wall. A swivel bracket is purchased. So, profiles are mounted on the wall, and the bracket is fixed with bolts. The TV is mounted on the profiles.
  • Near the work area. Just select the bracket for the kitchen module. It is ideal for small diagonals. The bracket is fixed in the space between the cabinets or shelves.


Many modern TVs not only support cable television (DVB-S2, DVB-T2 and DVB-C DVB-C), but also satellite digital (DVB-S2, DVB-T2). More expensive models have the following features:

  • USB port available. With it, you can connect hard drives and flash drives to the screen, which allows you to watch content from removable devices on your TV. This can be audio files, photos, videos, slide shows, etc.
  • Smart tv with wifi support. This platform turns the TV into a real multimedia center with the ability to wirelessly access the Internet. So, doing kitchen affairs, you can turn on the network movies, radio, video recipes, etc.

When buying a TV with additional functionality, you should choose a model in which all the connectors are not on the back, but on the side of the panel. This greatly simplifies the use of the screen.

TVs for installation in kitchen furniture

There are two types of built-in appliances:

  • The TV is fixed (built in) on the piece of furniture. It is good to use this method with a small amount of space in the kitchen. The screen is secured to the door of any suitable cabinet with screws. It is advisable that you open the door with the TV infrequently in order to avoid damage to the screen. As a rule, such a TV has large buttons on the frame for switching channels. A moisture-proof remote control is often included with it, as well as special wipes and sprays for screen care.
  • The TV is sold with kitchen furniture / appliances (already built-in). So, you can get a refrigerator, cupboard, kitchen "apron" and even a hood, which is already equipped with a small screen. Such an innovation may also be suitable for owners of small kitchens, but it makes little sense for spacious kitchens due to the small diameter of the screen. The disadvantage of such devices is that in this case, furniture or appliances with a display becomes very expensive, and there are few additional functions in the TV itself.

The TV on the refrigerator, hood and even the cabinet door is not only affected aggressive environment, but also vibration that comes from working household appliances (for example, refrigerator).

An example of an embedded TV for a kitchen can be found in the following video:

Popular models

There are many TV models, but there are a number of especially popular, which means more reliable models. Consider some suitable for the kitchen:

Model Advantages disadvantages
Samsung T24D391EX The diagonal of the monitor is 24 inches. It has a viewing angle of 178 degrees, good quality, contrast and brightness. There is a stand in the kit, it is possible to hang on the wall. It involves a detailed, understandable menu, a built-in player, the presence of connectors and headphone outputs. The connectors are on the back side. There is only one control joystick on the screen, which is located at the back, so it is inconvenient to use. There are many buttons on the remote control, and the functions are often repeated, which makes it difficult to use.
Philips 22PFT4000 22-inch monitor with glossy finish. It has good sound quality and image reproduction. The viewing angle is sufficient - 178 degrees. Columns on the bottom panel. When connected to the Internet, it quickly finds updates. Sockets for the antenna and power on the rear panel, and connectors on the side (for the Internet and headphones). Few Russian-language applications. Users note that the player often does not work on sites. A very unpleasant feature - it can turn itself on during a power surge.
MYSTERY MTV-1922LW This is a 19-inch LED TV. It has 2 speakers with a power of 3 watts, convenient controls, a good player and high-quality picture. It is a budget model. Few connectors and USB ports, and the speakers are not very high quality. The inconvenience is also provided by the viewing angle - up to 170 degrees.
LG 24MT57V-P This is a 24-inch wide-angle LCD screen that supports DVB-T2 and 5W speakers. It is possible to hang on the wall. Users note not too convenient management. HDMI inputs are located only at the back, so if it is mounted on a wall, it is difficult to connect a wire and a flash drive.

Video reviews

Advanced viewers can purchase the Samsung UE22H5600AK 22-inch Smart-TV kitchen with Full HD extension. An overview of this model is provided in the following video:

The budget option for a kitchen TV with Smart-TV is the Liberton 22HE1FHDTA model, which can be found below:

There are many TVs for the kitchen on the market, and if you want to choose the screen that suits you best, then take your time and thoroughly study all the characteristics of various models, and then go to score. With this knowledge you will make the right choice.

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