Poor TV shows from a common, home or satellite dish

Contrary to the forecasts of many experts, the Internet could not supplant television. Recently, technology has taken a significant step forward, but it still hasn’t been able to completely get rid of image problems, and often viewers don’t understand why the TV shows poorly.


  1. Maintenance work
  2. Antenna problems
  3. Signal Interference
  4. Loose mounts or wire malfunction
  5. Incorrect settings
  6. Technical malfunction

The following can affect the image:

  1. weather;
  2. proximity of signal sources;
  3. technical capabilities of the TV;
  4. Features of the device settings.

The article discusses the main causes of malfunctions.

Not working tv

Maintenance work

Sometimes the channel stops broadcasting for a while (usually several hours) for maintenance. If the other channels work fine, then most likely you should wait a bit and the broadcast will automatically resume. During prevention, a special screen saver may be displayed on the screen.

Special screen saver

Also, the lack of an image may indicate a malfunction of the operator who provides television broadcasting services. It is worth learning about the quality of the image from neighbors who receive a signal from a network that is shared with you. However, if the problem persists, you should call the operator’s office and clarify the details, but do not forget to check the status of your personal account, because the service could be turned off for non-payment.

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Antenna problems

Most televisions use radio receivers. Most often, the TV does not show well from the antenna due to adverse weather conditions, for example, high clouds and precipitation significantly disperse the signal. In this case, the problem can only be solved by installing a better antenna.


Also, a bad image may be due to damage to the antenna. This happens due to strong winds that can bend the receiver, or hail. Also, a large amount of snow can be a hazard; antennas with a large surface area may not to withstand the mass of precipitation and deform, this is one of the main reasons why the TV does not accept well signal.

Even if there is no mechanical damage, under the influence of air currents the antenna could change its location and turn in the opposite direction. This happens due to poor installation, but this option should not be excluded. Sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments to the parameters of a satellite dish, this is due to the fact that the path of the transmitter may vary slightly.

Signal Interference

Actually, this is more likely for residents of suburban homes than urban apartments. Many people are faced with the fact that at the dacha poorly shows TV. This is due to the fact that the radio signal has the property of being scattered in the atmosphere, and its source can be at a considerable distance, usually the transmitters are located in large cities. It is necessary to replace the signal receiver with a more sensitive one or place it as high as possible. Of course, you should not use the antenna model, which is mounted on the TV case, it cannot provide a high-quality signal.

Signal reception

Residents of an apartment building may have difficulty watching TV due to an unauthorized change in communications. Installing new devices often leads to poor TV performance from the antenna. Installation of equipment should be carried out only after the permission of the supervisory authorities, if this was not done, then it can be dismantled in court. One of the situations with interference and a way to eliminate it are shown in the news story:

Loose mounts or wire malfunction

Often the reason why the TV shows poorly is the lack of tight contact between the conductors and the input of the device. The connection may disappear from time to time, as a result of which the image completely disappears or wide black or gray stripes appear on the screen. It is necessary to remove and reinsert the contact part of the wire into the connector, making sure that it is firmly fixed there. It is necessary to examine the connection points and adapters if several devices are functioning from the common antenna.

The wire

Further, it is worth paying attention to the cable, it should not have any damage, in particular, pets can disable it. It is not recommended to install heavy objects on the conductor or install it at a large bend angle, this can lead to rupture. Communications are not always located in the entrance, for wires that are partially located on the street, there is a significant risk of damage, especially if they are long. It is necessary to ensure reliable fastening, otherwise the influence of the wind will lead to significant cable oscillation, which is fraught with rupture after some time.

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Incorrect settings

To watch a channel, the TV is tuned to a specific frequency of signal reception. Anyone who is trying to find the reason why the TV does not show analog channels well should pay attention to this. More than half of the frequency range is free, therefore, with incorrect channel information, the TV can not detect the necessary signal. Resetting of settings can occur for various reasons: from an independent attempt to change them, to a malfunction of the equipment, as a result of which it accidentally returns to the factory settings.

Incorrect settings

Symptoms of this problem are the inoperative state of most television programs, as well as the spontaneous change in the number of some channels. Only a specialist should be engaged in reconfiguration, since this process is too complicated for the average user. If broadcasting services are provided by the operator, then you should contact the support service.

Also, excessive signal amplification can sometimes lead to interference. Use this function only if there are problems with reception, in other cases, it can only do harm.

Technical malfunction

It is worth paying attention to this point if the TV began to show poorly suddenly, and when changing the channel, no improvement occurs. This is especially common on age models of home appliances, but new devices may start to work incorrectly after some time. The reason for this may be a breakdown of the converter, which converts the signal to a low-frequency, or the receiver, which is responsible for receiving. It is unlikely that they can be repaired, so the best option would be to replace parts with new ones, if the device is under warranty, then this can be done for free.

Technical malfunction

There may also be problems with the picture tube, in which case the colors may be significantly distorted, for example, green or red colors prevail. In the case of a plasma TV, some of the pixels may fail, which leads to the appearance of dark spots on the screen, and unusual sounds may also indicate this when the device is operating.

Other reasons may be due to incorrect selection of parameters or erroneous connection, but only this is relevant when installing a new TV. If the device worked normally, then it is worth remembering who used it for the last time, perhaps he noticed something unusual.

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