Smart TVs: features, how to choose, a review of the best, reviews

If you are concerned TV selection, today on store shelves you will see only “smart” equipment of a new generation. A wide range is represented in this series and Smart TV.


  1. What is a smart tv?
  2. Smart TV Features
  3. Disadvantages of TVs
  4. Criterias of choice
  5. Prefix or TV
  6. TOP 3 best smart TVs of 2018
  7. What brand and model to choose?
  8. Smart TV reviews and comments

What is a smart tv?

Smart TV is the integration of interactive digital services and various Internet resources into televisions, as well as a kind of symbiosis between a computer and a TV. Smart systems can to some extent replace a home computer.

Smart TV Features

A TV using Smart TV is nothing more than a smartphone with a giant display and a significant range of functions. The main feature of this technique is the connection to the Internet, which determines the capabilities of these systems:

  • installation of various games and applications;
  • recording on the internal memory or removable media of any programs for later viewing at a convenient time on this device;
  • access to Internet resources and the ability to work with various applications;
  • with a built-in webcam, full use of Skype for video chatting with friends;
  • Using the device to listen to audio files, view photos and videos from other media.
Smart tv

The technology also provides a set of additional features:

  • unlimited access to multimedia Internet resources;
  • the ability to download games;
  • the choice and time of viewing programs does not depend on the broadcast grid;
  • TVs can be controlled by voice and gestures.

Disadvantages of TVs

Despite the diverse capabilities of this technique, you need to pay attention to the following disadvantages:

  • Cost. The price of a Smart TV is 25-30% higher than a conventional LCD TV.
  • Cursor control. The remote control cannot provide the cursor mobility necessary for games, for this purpose it is better to use special manipulators. Gesture and voice control in most models is not yet used.
  • The format of the stored information. In the future, the files will be recognized only by the Smart TV. Other devices, including computers, currently do not perceive this format for displaying information.
  • Limited access to sites. Due to the programs installed in the basic configuration, there are restrictions on access to some sites.

Buying Smart TV is advisable in the case when it is planned to actively use Internet resources.

Criterias of choice

When purchasing a Smart TV, you should clearly determine the necessary parameters.

Of paramount importance is the distance from the screen to the viewer. The table below summarizes the recommended distances:

Screen size in inches

Full HD screen resolution (1920 × 1080), m Screen Resolution UHD (3840 × 2160), m
40” 1,7



2,1 1,0
55” 2,3


You should also optimally select the following important indicators:

  1. Screen
  • Screen resolution. The detail and image quality depend on this indicator. There are three options: 720p, 1080p, 2160p. With a screen size of 40 ”visually this difference is weakly felt, but with an increase in the diagonal it becomes more noticeable, since with an increase in the size of the image, graininess inevitably increases.
  • Type of matrix. The three most common types of panels are the most common and reliable: liquid crystal, plasma, or panels using LED backlight technology.
  • Viewing angle. This parameter shows at what maximum angle in relation to the plane of the screen you can watch TV without losing image quality. When evaluating this item, you should choose the maximum value, ideally this is 1800.
  • Sweep frequency. This is the frame rate per unit time. A good indicator can be considered 200-400 Hz.
Smart tv screen
  1. Interface

A Russian-language interface is required - this increases its accessibility and intuitive perception.

When buying, pay attention to the reliability, functionality and convenience of the remote control, as the main way to control a smart system. Voice and gesture control functions are present only in the technology of the highest price category.

  1. Internet connection

For the full-fledged operation of the TV, you need a stable Internet connection, which can be carried out using either a cable or WiFi. A wireless connection allows for the mobility of the device, and also does not require laying an Internet cable, which adversely affects the interior apartments.

Currently, both the functional and quality parameters of the stationary connection and WiFi practically do not differ, so using the latter looks preferable.

  1. USB ports available

The TV has special USB ports for connecting external devices: hard drive, flash card, computer mouse, keyboard. In this case, their recognition should occur immediately, delay / ignoring indicates the presence of malfunctions.

  1. Number of HDMI Ports

The HDMI port is used to connect peripheral equipment. The possibility of simultaneous integration of a game console, an external speaker system and other equipment is determined by the number of free HDMI ports. When choosing, consider the version of HDMI, the latest version is 2.0.

  1. Supported Formats

The most commonly used formats at present: MP4, WMV, MKV, WMA, DivX. There are other, less common. If the TV does not support any format, this means that you will not be able to view or listen to the file located on external media.

  1. The most common device work platforms

Now the following operating platforms for Smart TV are especially popular:

  • Tizen platform Used by Samsung since the beginning of 2015, it is built on the Linux kernel. The Tizen interface uses large buttons at the bottom of the screen, where you can easily select the desired Internet resource or signal source. As a pointer, a remote control is used, which is responsible for the implementation of basic functions and cursor control. Also, a special microphone is built into the remote control, allowing you to give voice commands.

Tizen is an open source platform, so users can not only improve existing ones, but also create their own applications. It is also possible to use wireless protocols for connecting peripherals. The most successfully Tizen platform is implemented in the Samsung UE55K6500BUXUA model.

  • Web OS platform. The Web OS operating system is mainly used by LG. The visiting card of this platform is the display of possible options in the form of a map layout. As in Tizen, the main control element is a remote control, which has the ability to support gesture control mode.
Web os platform

Recent system improvements have improved not only the look of the search engine. Now the result of the search engine will be only a search selected by the search engine.

Very well, the Web OS platform is integrated into the LG OLED55C6V model.

  • Platform Android TV easy to use and user-friendly interface. The start page looks like a series of columns, each of which has a certain strictly regulated purpose:
  • list of recently viewed resources;
  • available applications;
  • list of games;
  • settings menu.

The only serious drawback is that the appearance of the start screen completely covers the image.

The Philips 55PUS6401 model combines all the advantages of the Android TV platform:

  • voice control using the built-in microphone;
  • the ability to install games from the licensed online store of Google applications;
  • Chromecast technology is supported, with which you can transfer information from smartphones, tablets and other external media.
  1. Basic and additional applications

Regardless of the platform used, there is a certain basic set of applications. They are necessary to ensure the correct operation of the system and cannot be deleted. You can only remove extensions and additions that are installed independently during the operation of the device. Since the platforms are based on open source, you can create and install applications yourself. Competition between leading manufacturers of smart technology, such as Samsung, LG and Phillips has led to the fact that applications for various systems are not universal.

  1. 3D technology

One of the additional features of the Smart TV is 3D technology. However, at present, there is no technical possibility of providing a full spatial perception. In addition, given the small amount of high-quality Russian-language 3D video, this function is somewhat losing its attractiveness.

  1. The ability to control from a smartphone

Of great importance is the ability to control the TV using various devices that are not provided for in the basic configuration.

Cursor control is one of the most vulnerable areas of smart TVs. Using a standard remote control is not always convenient, and a multimedia remote control is not provided on all models. Then using a tablet or phone as a control allows you to simplify the process of moving the cursor. This may be possible if the manufacturer of the smartphone and TV is the same, then the devices will be compatible.

About the necessary and unused functions, about the advantages and disadvantages of the Smart TV in a detailed review of a real user:

Prefix or TV

In some cases, buying a Smart TV can be unprofitable, because there is an excellent LCD TV. A special set-top box will help turn such a TV into “smart”. Each console has an individual set of functions, which you can choose according to your needs.

The average cost of the console is about 3000 rubles.

A comparative overview of the benefits of a TV and set-top box on Android will be useful to those who are looking for cheaper options:

TOP 3 best smart TVs of 2018

To get a more complete picture of the Smart TV market, we’ll take a look at the three leaders:

  • Third place confidently takes Philips 55PUS6401. This model is based on the Android 6.0 platform (Marshmallow). The basic configuration provides for the installation of Google services, the presence of a convenient browser and game service. The disadvantages include high cost.
Philips 55PUS6401
  • Second place owned by LG OLED55C6V. The upgraded Web OS 3.0 operating system has an intuitive interface that provides easy access to all media resources. A multi-function remote with gesture control allows you to move the cursor around the screen. The sound and image settings are top notch. With an average cost of 120,000 rubles. Value for money - not optimal.
  • First place occupies the Samsung UE49MU6100U, due to its low price and the following set of functions: simple operation via the Smart Hub interface, a special panel provides quick access to frequently used resources and functions, the ability to use a smartphone as remote control.
Samsung UE49MU6100U

What brand and model to choose?

In addition to the three models that have been reviewed, there are many other Smart TVs. Here are some of them:

Category A place Name Rating,

out of 10

Estimated cost, rub.
Best Smart TVs Based on Android TV 1 Sony KD-55XE9005 9.9 96 000
2 Philips 55PUS6412 / 12 9.5 65 000
Best Smart TVs on Web OS (LG) 1 LG55SJ810V 9.9 75 000
2 LG49UJ740V 9.7 50 000
Best Smart TVs on the Tizen Platform 1 Samsung UE55MU9000U 9.8 95 000
2 Samsung UE49MU6400U 9.6 50 000
Best Smart TVs Running Alternative OSes 1 Panasonic TX-50EXR700 9.8 75 000
2 Sony KD-49XE7096 9,7 55 000

When choosing a TV model Smart, you should pay attention:

  • on the convenience and information content of the remote control;
  • evaluate how accessible and intuitive the platform interface is;
  • make sure that the set of basic applications meets your wishes;
  • Do not buy a product with functions that you will not use in the future;
  • special attention should be paid to the number of ports for connecting peripheral devices.

Smart TV reviews and comments

As for the opinions of owners of Smart TVs, they are very mixed. Perhaps negative reviews are due to the fact that the need for such a purchase was not fully appreciated.

Smart TV

Victoria, 27 years old, St. Petersburg.

“Since the acquisition, and this was a year ago, I used the smart function 3, or 4 times. Not that I was disappointed in the purchase, but I think that for the second time in a similar situation I would buy a regular TV. In short, I don’t think a smart function is so necessary. ”.

Oleg, 42 years old, Novosibirsk.

"A month ago I bought smart TV Sony KD-49XE7096 and very satisfied! I look at what I want, at the right time for free applications. Sometimes, of course, there are some glitches related to the Internet connection, but not critical. ”

Maxim, 35 years old, Rostov-on-Don.

“I do not understand all this hype about smart TV. There is a computer at home, there is enough Internet there, and as for fashionable lotions, I uploaded just about anything to a 1TB disk, connected it to a TV set via a USB port, and that’s all smart. ”

Tatyana 30 years old, Rostov.

“After buying a smart TV, it became much more interesting to watch it! Finally, there is no advertising and other nonsense, and the choice of programs struck me. I was afraid that most applications with films are paid, it turned out to be far from it, you can always find something and for free. We have a computer, but I see no reason to run with a flash drive, if everything is provided in the TV set. We have had TV for six months, but we are very satisfied! ”

Dmitry, 42 years old, Chelyabinsk.

“I bought a smart TV and a little upset. The fact is that, as it turned out, for a full viewing of films and programs online, you need quite high high-speed and other parameters of the Internet, and if it comes to downloading from a resource, I can do this on my computer download. So I don’t see much point in a smart TV if there is a computer. ”


  1. If you have a high-quality LCD TV, you should not buy a Smart TV, just use a smart set-top box.
  2. If the purchase of a new TV is necessary, it is better to purchase a Smart TV, nevertheless, since it will allow you to get qualitatively new opportunities.
  3. Due to constant technological progress, a TV without smart technology will become irrelevant in the foreseeable future.

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